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Funny Signs


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Funny Signs

  1. 1. Strange and funny signs As you drive past this sign remember to take them all in because you will be tested later. Researched for your amusement by Will and Guy
  2. 2. Now that is really helpful
  3. 3. Don’t sit on..............what? Where on earth would one find a lightening bolt?
  4. 4. Don’t drop litter Rather a long winded way of requesting that you do not drop your litter. Sign found in France
  5. 5. Lose a finger? In that case I will not feed him
  6. 6. Mind your head At first this doesn’t appear funny, but, when travelling up the escalator you are distracted by the sign and........................bump your head.
  7. 7. Which way now?
  8. 8. Take no notice of this sign Why is this sign there at all?
  9. 9. No parking or at least, limited parking Think I’ll park elsewhere.
  10. 10. Most unfair
  11. 11. Be warned How do they do that?
  12. 12. Pay attention now Makes sense really
  13. 13. Mental Health Sign
  14. 14. Fishing I love clarity in a sign
  15. 15. Speed Limit 25mph Today I will drive slowly
  16. 16. Truck Abut Dexter What does this mean?
  17. 17. Museum Rules You will be tested on this during your visit
  18. 18. Rather a lot to take in
  19. 19. Modern Technology
  20. 20. Relocation sign in shop window But where have you gone?