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Internet Addiction Disorder


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Internet Addiction Disorder

  1. 1. ACHMAD ZULKARNAIN G 1 / 209110181 English Presentation Internet Addiction Disorder Maria Garcia Duran December 14, 2003Lecturer : Rusnizah Othman Internet Addiction Disorder
  2. 2. WHAT IS ADDICTION ?? Internet Addiction Disorder Activity where someone do the excessive activity
  3. 3. TYPE OF ADDICTION 1. Smoke 2. Alcohol Internet Addiction Disorder 3. Drugs (Narcotics and Drugs) 4. Gambling 5. Sex 6. Playing games (online and offline) 7. Internet 8. Junk food 9. Criminal 10. Shop Addiction 12. Activities or other hobbies that excessive
  4. 4. INTERNET ADDICTION DISORDER The people who spend, use internet too Internet Addiction Disorder much more than hobby.
  5. 5. WHY INTERNET WAS CREATED ?? Because the growth of a hardly satisfied Internet Addiction Disorder and very innotative population
  6. 6. Internet Addiction DisorderDIED BECAUSE GAMES ONLINE
  7. 7. DR. GROHOL Internet Addiction Disorder“These people who cross the line are said to be sufferingfrom a newfound diagnosis termed by researchers asInternet Addiction Disorder or (IAD).” New concept that has been brought to public attention
  8. 8. And now It’s still a very debatablequestion It exits or Not Internet Addiction Disorder • Internet is addictive if it controls one’s life • It isn’t the same as drunk
  9. 9. Dr. Grohol“those people do have problems from spending too muchtime on the computer” Internet Addiction Disorder Related they do not want to deal with the problems in their lives a person who watches a lot of TV the person who reads an abundant amount of books the person who goes out for a few drinks regularly
  10. 10. Dr. GroholALTERNATIVE THEORY  Newcomer Internet Addiction Disorder  Disillusionment  Balance
  11. 11. Most of people engage in while on the Internet : • Chat rooms • Discussion forums • E-mailing Internet Addiction Disorder • On-line gamblingThis action is therefore said to be nothing more thansocialization
  12. 12. Researches concur that Internet is Addictive Internet Addiction DisorderThey reject the real world and adopting the Internetas route
  13. 13. FerrisThe Rationale why people become Addicted : VAST Internet Addiction Disorder • Behavioral explanations • Psychodynamic and personality explanations • Sociocultural explanations • Biomedical explanations
  14. 14. BEHAVIORAL EXPLANATIONSIndividual the Internet would represent the means toexperience love, hate, satisfaction, and fulfillment without Internet Addiction Disorderinteracting face to face with another person
  15. 15. PSYCHODYNAMIC AND PERSONALITY EXPLANATIONS Internet Addiction Disorder Explanations to addiction deal with the individual and his/her experiences• Dependening on the childhood, they can develop an addictive behavior, or none
  16. 16. SOCIOCULTURAL EXPLANATIONS Internet Addiction Disorder Explanations illustrate addicts according to their race, sex, age, economic status, religion, and country
  17. 17. BIOMEDICAL EXPLANATIONS Internet Addiction Disorder  Explanations deal with hereditary and congenial factors, chemical imbalances in the brain and neurotransmitters
  18. 18. THE LARGEST SURVEY BY DAVID GREENFIELD IN 1998 WITH 18.000 PARTICIPANS 5.7 % for compulsive Internet usage Internet Addiction Disorder This straining on marriages and relationships • Use of pornography • Cybersex and • Cyberaffairs62 % login to pornsite n’ 37.5 % they masturbated whileonline
  19. 19. RESEARCH BY PSYCOLOGISTKIMBERLY S. YOUNG, PH.D Internet Addiction Disorder 496 heave Internet participants who were compared for Pathological gamblers The dependency of the internet on an individual can harshly “disrupt ones academic, social, financial and occupational life”
  20. 20. TREATMENT Finding a psychologist Internet Addiction DisorderAnalogous to the treatments of addictions
  21. 21. RajaFINDING A PSYCHOLOGIST Will see eye to eye, heart to heart Internet Addiction Disorder • Acknowledge that the disorder is real (not attributes to another disorder)
  22. 22. KingANALOGOUS TO THE TREATMENTS OF ADDICTIONS  12 steps group can be develop Internet Addiction Disorder • Resembles dieting • Computer Assisted
  23. 23. Finally, aRe U Addicted ??Let’s See this Video Internet Addiction Disorder