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Symmetry and group theory


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Symmetry and group theory

  1. 1. Symmetry and group theory
  2. 2. The symmetry of molecules and solids is a verypowerful tool for developing an understanding ofbonding and physical properties– Used to predict the nature of molecular orbitals– Used to predict if electronic and vibrationspectroscopic transitions can be ObservedWe will cover the following material: Identification/classification of symmetryelements and symmetry operations Assignment of point groups Identifying polarity and chirality using pointgroups
  3. 3. Polar MoleculesA molecule cannot be polar if it has1. a center of inversion –any group with i2. an electric dipole momentperpendicular to any mirror planes –any of the groups D and theirderivatives3. an electric dipole momentperpendicular to any axis of rotation –the cubic groups T, O, theicosahedral I, and their modifications
  4. 4. Chiral MoleculesA molecule is not chiral if1. it posses an improper rotation axis Sn (this includes mirror planes aninversion centers)2. it belongs to the group Dnh orDnd3. it belongs to Td or Oh