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ICT Syllabus Y6ear 1


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Published in: Technology, Education
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ICT Syllabus Y6ear 1

  1. 1. ICT Syllabus Primary 1 Basic Computing Areas Contents Computer Parts i. Knowing basic parts of computer and their functions.  System Unit  Keyboard  Monitor  Mouse ii. Mouse How to operate a computer.  Switching on and off the computer  Windows Interface iii. Using keyboard and mouse Communication Areas Contents Word Processing i. Use Words application program to:  Type 1 to 100  Type letter A to Z (Lower and Upper case)  Type few words  Type short sentences Graphics i. Use simple graphics application program for:  Drawing basic shapes  Colouring basic shapes  Producing simple drawing with texts Sound i. Use application program to compose children’s music tunes.
  2. 2. Data processing Areas Contents Data & Information i. Combining the syllables ii. Creating sentences iii. Arranging words to form short sentences iv. Exploring information from CD-ROM Invention and control Areas Contents Simulation i. Use Simulation application program