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New User Interfaces and Channels for the Enterprise


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Also vide the German article "Herausforderungen beim Responsive Design":

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New User Interfaces and Channels for the Enterprise

  1. 1. New User Interfaces & Channels for the Enterprise
  2. 2. Covered Topics • Responsive Design for the Enterprise • Mobile Enterprise Apps • Zühlke Emerging Technology Centre
  3. 3. Responsive Design for the Enterprise
  4. 4. Why Responsive Design? Simple Answer • Get More – With Less Effort • Reduce • Answer Fragmentation of Technology Device & Platform Fragmentation for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Applications
  5. 5. Why Responsive Design? More Aspects of the Value Proposition • Less different technology stacks to maintain • More focused know-how provision in IT • More cost-efficiency and less complexity due to a common denominator for core business applications • Easier integration of new platforms, devices and channels • Great UX with interactive UI design contributes to the total customer experience with your business
  6. 6. Fundamentals of Responsive Design • Based on modern web technology: HTML5, CSS3 und JavaScript • Adaptive UI presentation dependent on the device and platform context • Responsive user experience for all channels
  7. 7. Adaptive User Interfaces & Experience • UI elements adjust their size, breadth and height • Flexible • Level layout of content and navigation elements of detail is adapted to available screen size
  8. 8. Project Reference Swisscom Responsive «Kundencenter» Desktop Mobile Tablet
  9. 9. Transformation to Responsive Enterprise Applications Business Case & Requirements Proof-ofConcept (PoC) Construction Kit & UX Design Iterative & Incremental Implementation
  10. 10. Multi- & Cross Channel Orchestration • Interact with your customers on several, physical and digital channels (multi) • Allow users to switch channels seamlessly (cross) • Be prepared to serve customers with new touchpoints and channels • Align your business processes and the organization to deliver great experiences
  11. 11. Innovation Infrastrcuture Mobile Cloud Big Data «Ubiquitous Cross-Channel Experience» «Infrastructure for Smooth UX Everywhere» «Intelligence to Deliver Smart Applications»
  12. 12. Responsive meets Mobile • Responsive design is a top strategic investment • But: don’t stop to deliver native UX for most relevant mobile use cases! • Thoughtfully consider where to plugin responsive content to your native App • Benefit both from native and responsive technology in your strategy
  13. 13. Properties of Enteprise Mobile Apps • Emotional • Great product display • Appealing design • Integrate smoothly with enterprise infrastructure • Automatic • Highly testing efficient UX • Reserve to scale and extend to user needs
  14. 14. App Lifecycle Model Ideation & Experience Design Application Management Agile User-centered Development
  15. 15. Ideation & Experience Design Bring Innovation «From Stars to Road» with Zühlke
  16. 16. Agile User-centered Development Mobile User Experience • Project Management with Scrum • User-centered • User Requirements Engineering Experience and Design Thinking Methodology • Prototyping • Usability for Rapid Feedback Testing • Corporate Style Guides
  17. 17. Project Reference Windows 8 Comparis App – Winner of «Best of Swiss App Award 2013»
  18. 18. Project Reference Swiss Life App (2013)
  19. 19. Application Management Continuous Delivery Regular Releases, Improvements & Maintenance, Consider New Devices & OS Updates
  20. 20. Elements of a Mobile Enterprise Strategy Mobile Business Goals Business Case Roadmap & Priorities Multi- und CrossChannel Management Use Cases, Scenarios & Hardware Platforms & Devices Mobile Application Development Plattform Mobile Style Guide & UX Design Expert Resources
  21. 21. Don’t Leave your Strategy to Chance Define your Strategy with Zühlke
  22. 22. Emerging Technologies Center
  23. 23. Multivariate control processes Facility Automation Connected Products Web 2.0 in Industrial Usage Semi-structured Data Microsystemtechnology Flexible Production Adaptable Hardware Flexible in Context Learning Systems Factory in the basement Heterogenous Multicores Distributed Data-Mining Multi-Media-Broadband Robotics-HMI Embedded Reality Infrastructure as Code 3D Telecommunication Continuous Delivery Deklarative Programming Lean DSL New Pogramming Cloud to Earth Grafical Programming 2.0 Haptical Interaction Multimodale HMI Augmented & Embedded Facial expression Displays Everywhere recognition Multimodal UX Programming for Endusers Usability of Programming languages
  24. 24. Zühlke Engineering. Empowering Innovation. Our Emerging Technologies Center is one step ahead – to make sure that future technology is ready for your business tomorrow.
  25. 25. ETC-Prototyp: Professionelle Anwendungssteuerung mit der Kinect New Ways of User Interaction Kinect Prototyping
  26. 26. New Ways of User Interaction Leap Motion Controller
  27. 27. New Ways of Communication NFC Showcase: Cinema Tickets • Buy a cinema ticket with Google Wallet • Check in to the movie using your NFCenabled phone
  28. 28. Zühlke. Empowering Ideas. Let’s talk about the Future User Interface of Your Enterprise!
  29. 29. Vernetzen Sie sich mit mir. Dr. Thomas Memmel Gefällt Ihnen meine Präsentation? Dann sagen Sie es bitte weiter.