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Process Management Audit Programs For Animal Welfare


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The humane treatment of animals is really important. Consumers consider it as a factor before they buy animal product from the grocery store. PMC conducts audit and certify to ensure that processors are abiding by the standards required at farm level, at the time of transportation and processing.Read more information here....

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Process Management Audit Programs For Animal Welfare

  1. 1. Humane treatment of animals is the motto behind Animal welfare audits. Another reason that this audit is promoted by the government is to certify the animal audit tools, equipment, and instruments. It matters to consumers how well are animals being treated. Therefore, at many livestock production houses, technology based animal care guidelines have been implemented to ensure consumers that their food is treated humanely. Processing Management consulting will help you by conducting Animal Welfare Audit. Also, it will let you know of the methods that will help you in improving health and reduce the stress of the animals during their transportation and slaughtering process. The equipment evaluation and overall audit will help you in enhancing your profit as consumers will be provided with a tender piece of meat.
  2. 2. PMC conducts following four types of audits under Animal welfare audits: - Poultry Broiler Live Producti on Audits In the area of broiler production, PMC will conduct third party audit for you. The audit will be conducted as per NCC animal welfare guidelines and audit will be conducted by PAACO certified auditors.
  3. 3. Same as above it will be a third party audit. The audit will be conducted within the Processing Plant facility as per NCC framework and will be undertaken by PAACO certified AW auditors. Few of the areas that are covered in Processing Plant Animal Welfare Audits are employee training, general animal welfare practices and shacking. Processing Plant Animal Welfare Audits
  4. 4. PMC can provide audit service to any farmers and growers. It does not matter if the audit has to be conducted at the entry level or at a more rigorous level. The PAACO auditors are well versed with the latest requirements and they will do the audit like a pro. Pullet Processing Farm Audits
  5. 5. Just like above three audits, PAACO AW auditors will conduct this audit in the areas such as animal welfare training, food & water, ventilation, management responsibility for animal welfare, emergency plans, chick services, hatchery, on farm best management practices, etc. In the case of Pullet & Breeder Processing Farm Audits, auditors do give special preference to bio security practices. Pullet & Breeder Processing Farm Audits
  6. 6. Get More information and food safety management system implementation visit