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  1. 1. Whitepaper Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) The New Paradigm Solutions www.softwebsolutions.com SOA Service Oriented Architecture The New Paradigm SOA or Services-Oriented Architecture promises to deliver exceptional flexibility and cost savings to IT, by defining a methodology for the use and re-use of software components and business processes. SOA is focused on bridging the gap between business processes & IT through well defined, business-aligned services developed along established design principles, frameworks, patterns & methods. However, SOA is still new, and organizations are still in the process of learning how to implement it so that it fulfils its potential for accomplishing desired business goals. Consulting Technology Outsourcing
  2. 2. SOA Application Service Service bus Service fronted repository Contract Implementation Interface Business logic Data SOA Defined: Why SOA? SOA is a design for linking business Traditionally, IT works with business and computational resources owners who are influenced by (principally organizations, application vendors. This results in IT applications and data) on demand to strategies that are application or achieve the desired results for integration-focused. This results in customers. OASIS (Organization for many “one-off” applications that The new vision for the the Advancement of Structured may or may not be integrated into possibilities of Information Standards) defines SOA the existing architecture. Problems as: surface when mergers and application outsourcing acquisitions introduce new software is broader and more “A paradigm for organizing and platforms and methodology to an utilizing distributed capabilities that already fragmented architecture, but comprehensive. may be under the control of IT rarely has sufficient resources to different ownership domains. It complete business systems provides a uniform means to offer, integration. As a result, IT often ends discover, interact with and use up deploying multiple systems that capabilities to produce desired perform the same tasks within an effects consistent with measurable enterprise or business unit. preconditions and expectations”. Redundant infrastructure solutions Overall, SOA is an evolutionary as well as applications such as sales concept, not some risky, new force automation (SFA), quoting, and technology. SOA is simply a natural order management compound the evolution of the way in which the complexity and cost for IT. It enlightened have been delivering IT becomes nearly impossible to modify for many years. It is an architectural this portfolio to reflect a change in a style whose goal is to achieve loose business process or accommodate an coupling amongst interacting acquisition. software agents. The main drivers for SOA adoption are that it links computational resources and promotes their reuse. Enterprise architects believe that
  3. 3. SOA can help businesses respond Identify “quick wins” to Web Services Description more quickly and cost-effectively to demonstrate that, with SOA, IT Language (WSDL) - XML-based changing market conditions. This can improve on its current service description that describes style of architecture promotes reuse average of 15-18 months to the public interface, protocol at the macro(service) level rather deliver new capabilities. bindings and message formats than micro(objects) level. It can also required to interact with a web simplify interconnection to - and Once these steps are taken, IT service usage of - existing IT assets. organizations need to identify the infrastructure services required to Universal Description, Discovery, In some respects, SOA can be deliver business solutions. Designing and Integration (UDDI) - An XML- considered an architectural and building infrastructure services based registry to publish service evolution rather than a revolution to support coarse-grained, loosely descriptions (WSDL) and allow and one that captures many of the coupled, and standards-based their discovery. best practices of previous software services enables IT to be transform architectures. In communications itself, as the business requires. IT can SOA Principles: systems, for example, there has been then proactively or responsively little development of solutions that deliver global solutions, with The following guiding principles use truly static bindings to talk to reduced application and define the ground rules for other equipment in the network. By infrastructure complexity, increased development, maintenance, and formally embracing a SOA approach, reuse of business services, and usage of the SOA such systems are better positioned service orchestration capabilities. to stress the importance of well- Reuse, granularity, modularity, defined, highly inter-operable SOA may be built on Web services composability, componentization, interfaces. standards (e.g., using SOAP) that and interoperability have gained broad industry SOA promotes the goal of separating acceptance. These standards (also Compliance to standards (both users (consumers) from the service referred to as web service common and industry-specific) implementations. Services can specifications) also provide greater therefore be run on various interoperability and some protection Services identification and distributed platforms and be from lock-in to proprietary vendor categorization, provisioning and accessed across networks. This can software. One can, however, delivery, and monitoring and also maximize reuse of services. implement SOA using any service- tracking based technology, such as Jini. The Approach: The following specific architectural Service-oriented architecture is principles for design and service Experienced SOA practitioners often defined as services exposed definition focus on specific themes recommend the following approach using the Web Services Protocol that influence the intrinsic behavior for developing a roadmap to resolve Stack. The base level of web services of a system and the style of its the perceived conflict between the standards relevant to SOA includes design: aims of the business and IT: the following: Service Encapsulation Understand the business services: XML - a markup language for this is the critical first step describing data in message Service loose coupling - Services towards successful adoption of payloads in a document format maintain a relationship that SOA minimizes dependencies and only HTTP (or HTTPS) - requires that they maintain an Develop an information strategy request/response protocol awareness of each other that identifies key performance between clients and servers used metrics such as “reduce product to transfer or convey information Service contract - Services adhere defects by x percentage,” or to a communications agreement, “respond to all mortgage requests SOAP - a protocol for exchanging as defined collectively by one or within 24 hours” XML-based messages over a more service description computer network, normally using documents Develop an SOA blueprint that HTTP articulates the business benefits Service abstraction - Beyond what and includes business principles, XACML - a markup language for is described in the service reference architecture, roadmap, expressing access control rules contract, services hide logic from and governance and organization and policies. the outside world guidelines
  4. 4. Service reusability - Logic is Conclusion: Softweb Advantages: divided into services with the intention of promoting reuse A Services-Oriented Architecture Unmatched experience in Business (SOA) delivers the data needed for Process Outsourcing Services Service composability - business process activities as an Collections of services can be integrated service. Users no longer ISO 9001:2000 Certified coordinated and assembled to have to log into multiple systems, form composite services search for relevant data, and Results-Driven Infrastructure, integrate the results manually. The 100% customer satisfaction Service autonomy - Services have information appears as a single control over the logic they application, delivered on a single Onshore and Offshore Presence, encapsulate screen, all with a single login. As Cost Optimization complexity grows, researchers find Service optimization - All else more innovative ways to answer the Technical excellence equal, high-quality services are call. SOA, in combination with web generally considered preferable to services, is the latest answer. 6+ years of experience 300+ low-quality ones Application integration is one of the successful projects completed major issues companies face today; Service discoverability - Services SOA can solve that. System 24x7 Development Cycle are designed to be outwardly availability, reliability, and scalability descriptive so that they can be continue to bite companies today; 50+ Certified & Qualified found and assessed via available SOA addresses these issues. Given Professionals discovery mechanisms today's requirements, SOA is the best scalable solution for application XP Development Methodology SOA Advantages: architecture. World Class Technology By adopting an SOA approach, Softweb SOA Solutions: Infrastructure companies can: Softweb Solutions is a Chicago Streamline Mergers & Acquisitions based software development services firm that helps customers harness Enhance visibility & control of the latest advances in IT & use them their business operations innovatively to remain at the forefront of their industries. Reduce IT costs Softweb Solutions leverages Industries that are using & software technology with a benefiting from SOA are the ones methodology to help organizations that are heavily dependent on IT to deal with the challenges of update their core business processes identifying, creating and reusing & refine their business models. These enterprise services that help include: organizations realize the benefits of SOA. Our drive to help clients Internet firms such as eTrade, unleash the power of service- eBay, Amazon, Google, Yahoo etc. oriented architecture (SOA) to achieve high performance is greatly Financial services, strengthened by alliances with telecommunications, market-leading and emerging transportation, media and other vendors in this field. industries are finding that their business strategies are Softweb Solutions will work with increasingly dependent on your team to finalize your business leveraging technological requirements, understand your advances. integration needs, architect a solution and implement the solution. Banks We also offer support and maintenance for the solution.
  5. 5. About Softweb Solutions Softweb Solutions is a Chicago, Illinois based leading IT service provider of high-end software outsourcing development services for SMEs, specializing in custom application development, website development, system integration and software testing and quality assurance, with industry-specific software expertise in Technology, Financial, Healthcare media sectors. What's next? To learn how Softweb can help you outperform, reach us at E-mail: info@softwebsolutions.com Call US: 1-866-345-7638 Solutions www.softwebsolutions.com Disclaimer : The advice, views, experiences, opinions and other information shared in the Softweb Solutions Articles are researched to the best of our ability. At the time of publication, we believe them to be correct. Softweb Solutions can not and will not guarantee that any of the information here is accurate, and results will vary. Use this information at your own risk. All information herein is offered "as is" and without warranty of any kind. Softweb Solutions and its contributing authors, are not responsible for any loss, injury, or damage, direct or consequential, resulting from your use of any of the information and/or advice presented here.