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Welcome and Introduction

  1. 1. Business Model Driven Development with SOA Standards Dr. Donald Ferguson Microsoft Technical Fellow, Office of the CTO Microsoft Corporation (donald.ferguson@microsoft.com, http://donald-ferguson.net/blog/)
  2. 2. Contents  Major Technology Trends  Impact on business and IT  Impact on Modeling  Modeling  Overview  Why model? Do companies model?  Service Oriented Architecture Standards  Overview  Role in modeling  Various Standards  Composite applications  Overview of the styles, uses and benefits  Modeling and composite applications  Summary and directions. 2007-Nov-09 2 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  3. 3. Megatrends Wireless, portable, Performance of Service-oriented Tablet PC, phone hardware architecture Digital workstyle, Digitization Software lifestyle of the economy breakthroughs 2007-Nov-09 3 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  4. 4. Megatrends Enables End-to-End SW Advances Services Enables Bus Wireless, portable, Performance of Service-oriented Tablet PC, phone hardware architecture Just-in-Time MDD, Rules and Situational and Solutions End User Prog. Digital workstyle, Digitization Software lifestyle of the economy breakthroughs 2007-Nov-09 4 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  5. 5. Complexity – An Example Mainframe PC/NT apps Depository Unix apps Vendor Setup Banks 3rd Party Interface Vendor Process Servers I17 Customer Perceived Budget Maintenance NEW Soundscan UAR - Universal Account (Imaging) Sterling VAN In-Stock Analysis Tool Mesa Data NPD Group Roadshow Reconciliation Printer AIG Warranty Guard Mailbox (Value) S20-Sales Maintenance Polling I13- Auto I15 Hand Scan I06 - Customer Replenishment Apps Printer PO Order Insertions S01 - Sales AIS Reports Orders AIS Calendar Corrections Due Dates Print Costing I06 Warehouse General Invoice App Management Stores & Mrkts Broadcast Maintenance E13 Filter E3 Interface Fringe PO Smart Plus Smart Plus M03 - Millennium 3.0 Launcher S04 - Sales Posting S07 - Cell P16 - Tally Sheet Phones I03 Return to M02 - Millennium D01 Post Load Vendor S06 - Credit App Billing Equifax Stock Options P15 EES Employee I12 Entertainment S09 - Digital Change Notice Software Satellite L02-Resource System • Reverse engineer A04 - Cust L01-Promo Scheduling Refund Chks E01-EDI 1 (Campbell) Analysis P14 On-line New Hire Entry AAS V02-Price Resumix P01- Marketing Employee Washington, Support Masterfile RGIS, • Explain Ntl Bus Systems P09 - P17 Cobra Frick S11 - ISP Cyborg Co CTO2.Bestbuy. Tracking CTS I10 Cycle Physical com I04 Home Inventory ACH Deliveries V04-Sign Prodigy System U18 - CTO I02 - • Define change Banks - ACH and Pos to POS Transfers X92-X96 Pay Host to AS400 Plan Administrators Communication (401K, PCS, Life, Spec Source B01 - Stock Unicare, Solomon SKU Tracking Status I11 Price Smith Barney) I09 Cycle Counts Testing Supplier • Start from “to be” model S08 - Vertex Intercept NPD, S02 - Compliance Sales E02-Employee SoundScan Layaways Tax Purchase Spec I01 PO Source SKU Scorecard - HR Receiving Performance V03- Mkt Reactions L60 MDF • Reverse engineer P09 S03-Polling I05 Coop V01-Price Management SKU Selection Bonus/HR Inventory Info System Tool I35 - CEI K02 ASIS Customer Repair Arthur Planning I35 Early Warning Tracking • Impact analysis I18 System Rebate SKU Rep Transfer I55 SKU I07 Purchase Store Information Order ELT Ad Expense Monitor PowerSuite G02 - General • Define change Ledger Store Scorecard Texlon 3.5 Sign System NARM I14 Count Corrections Store Budget Reporting Valley Media U16-Texlon B02 Merchandise CopyWriter's Analysis BMP - Bus Workspace performance Mngt EDI Coordinator Merch Mngr Approval Batch Forcasting AIMS Journal Entry Tool Kit Ad Measurement A05 - AP AIMS Admin Cellular INVENTORY CONTROL APPS - PC INVENTORY CONTROL APPS - PC ACCTS REC APPS - PC Code Alarm DPI/CPI 990COR AIMS Rollover OTHER APPS - PC Debit Receivings IC Batching Bad Debt Ad Reporting S05 - House AP - Collections/Credit Devo Sales Inventory Adj/Count Correct Beneficial Fees TM - Credit Card DB Display Inventory Inventory Control Reports Beneficial Reconcile Launcher Charges In Home Inventory Levels JEAXF Junkouts Inventory Roll JEBFA Optika US Bank Recon Merchandise Withdrawal Merchandise Withdrawal JEBKA PSP File Promo Credits Open Receivings JEDVA C02 - Capital RTV Accrual PI Count Results JESOA Shrink PI Time Results from Inv JEVSA Projects Connect 3 ICMS Credit AP Research - Inv Cntrl Price Protection JEVSF AP Research-Addl Rpts Sales Flash Reporting NSF SiteSeer In-Home Book to Perpetual Inventory Shrink Reporting TeleCredit Fees Data Warehouse Repair Close Out Reporting SKU Gross Margin Connect 3 Connect 3 Computer Intelligence Data SKU Shrink Level Detail (Interfaces to and from the Cash Receipts/Credit F06 - Fixed PDF Transfe Reports Count Corrections USM Data Warehouse are not Cross Ref for VCB Dnlds VCB Downloads displayed on this diagram) Warranty Assets Misc Accounting/Finance Apps - PC/NT Damage Write Off Billing COBA (Corp office Budget Assistant) Debit Receivings Star Repair Cash Over/ PCBS(Profit Center Budget System) DFI Vendor Database System Display Inventory Reconcile Short Merchandising Budget Display Inventory Reporting Prepared by Michelle Mills 2007-Nov-09 5 5 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  6. 6. Modeling Overview Complete Higher IT Development Application Fidelity Professionals Definition than PPT and Links and DOC Compose, Assemble, Data Center Business Professionals Develop Professionals Model Execute Monitor Higher Fidelity View at the than Excel, IT Delivery and Reports, etc. Solution Level Business Data Center Professionals Professionals 2007-Nov-09 6 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  7. 7. Do Companies Model?  “I do not want to do modeling!”  “It never worked for me!”  “it is to tedious, slow, … We need to be agile!”  Ask yourself  “Do you have meetings?”  “Do you have whiteboard?”  “Do you have markers?”  “Do you use them?”   You model  Extra-credit: “Have you ever taken a picture of the board?”  Think of the simplest modeling as  Clear, unambiguous clipart for PowerPoint  Predefined tags and tables for Word  The minimal benefits are:  Clear communication, especially for people not in the room.  Traceability: “What did you build or change based on this shape?” 2007-Nov-09 7 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  8. 8. Modeling: What Does This Mean? A B  A calls B  A transfers control to activity B  A sends a lot of data to B  A send events/messages to B  Fields in “tile A” are connected to fields in tile B.  …… 2007-Nov-09 8 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  9. 9. Standards Gap Business Arch Stds Some Proprietary BPMN Modeling Standards UML …… Enable with lower impedance SOA Standards XML WSDL Simplify by guiding WS-Policy through best practices …… Implementation Stds J2EE SQL XSL(T) BPEL 2007-Nov-09 9 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  10. 10. Documented Depencies SOA Standards • Services • No private interactions What the service does • Data • CreatePO • AddLineItem Discovery • .. .. Abstract Process Encapsulated • Valid interactions Impl. • Order • Messages • etc Policy Requirements for using • Must encrypt messages • Support long running transactions •…… 2007-Nov-09 10 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  11. 11. SOA and Web Service Standards Business Abstraction SOA Abstraction • Document • XML • Form • WS-* Message •Requirements •Policy •Security This is overwhelming •Reliable Messaging •Process • Profiles pre-integrate into•BPEL4WS groups coherent • Vendors deliver templates and patterns •WS-Coordination • Industry Standards emerge to define, evolving WS-BusinessAgreement • (customer, account) •XML, •Business artifactsFrom standards messages to XQuery • Services, Policies, Processes •“Yellow Pages” •Metadata Exchange •WS-Discovery •Workspaces •WS-RemotePortlet •Portal standards •Monitoring •WS-Management, WSDM •Business Events •WS-Eventing 2007-Nov-09 11 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  12. 12. SOA for Everyone – A tale. I want to automate the animal shelter site. What kind of EJB do you want to build? How about an ADO? Umm, I do not want to build and EJB. See, there’s this Web site. Clearly, you did not under stand the question. Your choices are Stateless Session Bean, Entity Bean … You’re not a nice man. Can I got to boarding school, join the Marines? 2007-Nov-09 12 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  13. 13. Service Components Business Business Business Human Interface SQL State Selector C+ Process Rule Task Map XQuery Machine Implementation “Kinds” for Services • More natural target of modeling constructs • Examples • Business Process for BPMN • Business State Machine for UML • XML Document Library • Excel document database 13 • More intuitive tools and lower impedance 2007-Nov-09 13 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  14. 14. Four Styles of Composite SOA Application Composite Workspace EDA Info. Integration Reservation Success Hotel New Reservation Success Hotel Cancel Transform New Filter Receive Service Car Transform Inform Feed Business Process 2007-Nov-09 14 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  15. 15. Historically Specialized Standards  Visual  Visual Basic, MFC, MVC  Portlets  Data  SQL  No standards for information integration or MDM  Enterprise Application Integration/EDA  JMS  MQ Series (de facto)  Business Process Modeling/Management  Many  Identity and User Access  LDAP  Various standards for  Systems Management  SNMP  CMIP 2007-Nov-09 15 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  16. 16. Specialized Tools 2007-Nov-09 16 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  17. 17. A Trend Evolving from product and technology specific protocols and adaptors to a single, Web service (native) model Unified (more unified) composite application model. Invoke Extract Approve Notify 2007-Nov-09 17 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  18. 18. Beginning to See Simpler, Integrated Model  Systems and Application Manager  WS-Management  WSDM  CIM  Workspaces  WS-RemotePortlet  AJAX, XHTML, Xforms  XML Document Formats  EDA  WS-Eventing  WS-Notification  XML, XSL(T)  Business Process – BPEL4WS  Information Integration – Emerging  Identity, Access and Security  WS-Security  WS-Federation 2007-Nov-09 18 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  19. 19. One Element: BizTalk Services Other identity Communication with providers other enterprises through the Connectivity Service Identity Connec- Workflow Services tivity Attached building block Web UI services Workflow uses the Connectivity Services 2007-Nov-09 19 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  20. 20. BizTalk Services Other identity Communication with providers other enterprises through the Motivation: Connectivity Service • Reduce complexity and time to Identity multi-org POC deliver Connec- Workflow Services tivity • Simplify multi-org security • Discover and use “cool network services” Attached • “Try and buy” software vendor apps building block •…… Web UI services Workflow uses the Connectivity Services labs.biztalk.net 2007-Nov-09 20 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson
  21. 21. Summary and Conclusions  SOA  Is a style that codifies best practices  Provides a lower impedance “catcher” for higher level model constructs like “document” and “process.”  Facilitates end-to-end modeling and traceability, and the promise of a single, layered, metamodel for business modeling and application modeling.  Web Services -- A set of standards that supports  Runtime interoperability of solution developed through different modeling tools and methods, and different organizations.  Enables business-to-business, business processing outsouring and multi-organization solutions.  Less fragile in the face of change (see http://donald-ferguson.net/blog  Set of technology trends that will drive need for SOA and modeling, and also enable SOA and modeling. 2007-Nov-09 21 © 2007 Donald F. Ferguson