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TW 08 One Page Agenda.doc

  1. 1. TEST WEEK 2008 “Test & Evaluation for the Future: What Lies 10-15 Years Ahead? June 2-5, 2008 Monday, June 2 0700-1600 Registration Opens 0800-1700 Tutorials & DAU Course 0830 Golf Tournament, Canebrake Country Club 0930 Bike Ride, Hampton Cove Golf Course (picture @ 0915 hours) 1730 Welcome Reception, Embassy Suites Outdoor Courtyard Tuesday, June 3 0700-1600 Registration Desk Open 0800 Call to Order, Mr. Michael T. McFalls, Host Test Week 2008  Welcome Remarks, Mayor Loretta Spencer, City of Huntsville * o Dr. Foulkes & Col Sullivan Present Picture to Mayor Spencer  Welcome Remarks, MG James Myles, CG, AMCOM *  Senator Richard Shelby, State of Alabama * (Video)  Opening Speaker, Lt Gen Charles Croom, Jr., USAF, Dir, DISA & Cdr, JTF- Global Network Operations * 0915 Grand Opening of Exhibit Hall 1000 Guest Speaker, Mr. David C. Bond, Executive Dir, AF Flight Test Ctr * 1030 Plenary Panel, “T&E Requirements for the Future”, Chair: Mr. David C. Duma, Principal Deputy Dir, OT&E * o Mr. Michael Nowak, Anti-Tamper field Office PM, AFRL o Dr. Elizabeth D’Andrea, PM, Electromagnetic Railgun Innovative Naval Prototype, Office of Naval Research o Dr. Peter Plostins, Associate Dir for Science & Technology 1200 Buffet Lunch, Exhibit Hall 1330 Track 1: Hypersonics T&E, Chair: Dr. Edward Kraft, Principal Technical Advisor to Commander, AEDC * (Meeting Rooms 1-3) o High Speed/Hypersonic T&E Technology Roadmap, John Jordan o Variable Mach Number Nozzle o A Test Methodology for On Board Acquisition of Hypersonic Test Articles in a Ballistic Range, Brian Akins o Latest Advances in Pressure Sensing Technology, Anthony Kurtz, Alexander Ned, and Wolf Landmann o T&E/S&T High Speed/Hypersonic Test Focus Area T&E Technology Development 1330 Track 2: Net Centric T&E / Distributed Testing, Chair: Dr. Steven Hutchison, T&E Executive, DISA * (Meeting Room 4) o Should We Give Up the Ghost on SOA T&E, Dr. Lee Whitt o Functional Strategy for SOA Testing, Paul Gouchie o Distributed Net Centric Testing in a Focused Logistics Environment, Nicole Turner o Early Testing of Concepts & Architectures, Dr. Thomas Mastaglio o Conceptual Modeling of the End-to-End System Performance Modeling for the Planning & Execution of Testing & Experimentation, Kent White
  2. 2. o Quantitative Validation Methodologies for Net Centric Warfare Simulations, Dr. Wesley Colley o Leveraging Distributed Testing for Joint Interoperability Certification, Janet Forbes o JMETC, Chip Ferguson o Results, Conclusions & Recommendations, Col Eileen Bjorkman and Dr. Frank Gray o InterTec, Rob Heilman 1330 Track 3: Directed Energy T&E, Chair: Mr. Pat Cannon, Dir of Operations, Southwest Region The AEgis Technologies Group, Inc. * (Meeting Room 5) o DETEC & DET S&T Program Overview, Minh Vuong and Darrell Wright o DHS Counter-MANPADS Testing Lessons Learned, Alejandro Estorga o Update on French HPM Capabilities, Dominique Serafin o Advanced Sensors for Future HPM Weapons Test, Jeff Schleher o Temperature & Irradiance Sensor Matrix, David Thomas 1500-1530 TRACKS WILL BREAK DURING THIS TIMEFRAME 1630-1830 Meet & Greet Exhibitor Reception, Exhibit Hall 1900-2030 Test Week 2008 Hospitality Reception, Embassy Suites 2nd Floor Wednesday, June 4 0700-1600 Registration Desk Open 0800 Call to Order, Mr. Michael T. McFalls, Host Test Week 2008  Opening Speaker, Mr. David C. Duma, Principal Deputy Dir, OT&E *  Guest Speaker, Mr. Stuart A. Whitehead, Executive Director, Joint Capabilties Management, J8, US JFCOM * 0930 Exhibition Hall Opens 1000 Plenary Panel 2: “In Support of Acquisition: The Programs of the Future”, Chair: Mr. William Bray, Dir, Integrated Combat Systems, PEO IWS o Maj Gen David W. Eidsaune, USAF, AF PEO for Wpns & Cdr, AAC * o BG William N. Phillips, USA, CG, Picatinny Arsenal * o Colonel Suzanne Beers, USAF, Cdr, Det 4, AFOTEC * o Mr. Chester A. Decesaris, Principal Deputy for the Test, Fielding, and Integration, MDA 1130 Luncheon Speaker, Mr. John Wiley, Managing Director, Integrated Engineering Services (Operations Planning), Air Traffic Orgn, FAA Atlantic City Intl Arpt * 1330 Track 4: Chemical, Biological, Nuclear Weapons Effects T&E, Chair: Ms. Terri Kocher, Division Chief for T&E of Chem & Bio Defense Programs, TEMA * (Meeting Rooms 1-3) o Development & Demonstration of the Aerosol Research & Component Assessment Chamber, Matt Shaw o Prediction of Bioaerosol Cloud Properties when Generated with a Broadband Ultrasonic Aerosol Generator, Matt Shaw o Verification Testing of the Active Standoff Test Facility Dissemination Systems, Richard Byers o Independent T&E of Chemical Detectors with Chemical Warfare Agents & Toxic Industrial Compounds, Tom Malloy o A Sensor Stimulator/Data Collector for Operational Tests of Chem/Bio Detection Systems, Pete Carter 1330 Track 5: Urban Test Environments / IED Defeat T&E, Chair: Mr. Eddie Burroughs, Senior Strategic Planner, TRMC * (Meeting Room 4) o UE Test Requirements: Insights from Past Experiments, Demonstrations, and Studies, Paul Tennant
  3. 3. o Testing Autonomous Vehicles for Navigation in UE, Dr. Chris Urmson o The Urban Environment: A Scalable Solution, Adam Bellin o Replicating the Urban Environment for T&E of C3 Systems, Dwayne Hill o The Muscatatuck Urban Training Center: A Unique Approach to the Urban Test Environment, LTC Ken McCallister o Overview of the Joint IED Defeat Test Board, Bill Hughes o Development of a Challenging Tactically Realistic Environment to Counter the Threat of IEDs, MAJ Spence Guida o Requirements/Current Solutions for TSPI in GPS Denied Environment, Jim Buxton o Wideband Location Positioning System for TSPI in a GPS Denied Environment, Barry Sharp 1330 Track 6: Unmanned and Autonomous Systems T&E, Chair: Mr. Matthew T. Reynolds, Consultant * (Meeting Room 5) o UAS Sensor Payload T&E at AMRDEC, Caleb Waddle and Timothy Pitt o Developmental Test Techniques for Unmanned Systems Behavior, Dr. Jonn Kim and Daniel Bell o Challenges in Software Safety for Army UAS T&E, Frank Fratrik o The Emerging Role of Quality, John Strickland 1500-1530 TRACKS WILL BREAK DURING THIS TIMEFRAME 1800 “Taste of Huntsville’s” Evening Event, Old Gold Meadow Parking Lot (Tent Doors Open @ 1800; Food Lines @ 1830; Entertainment @ 1900) Guests/Spouses $20.00 – Pay at the Registration Desk Thursday, June 5 0700-1100 Registration Desk Opens 0800 Call to Order, Mr. Michael T. McFalls, Host Test Week 2008  Opening Speaker, Honorable Jack Krings, President, Krings Corporation *  Guest Speaker, Mr. Chris DiPetto, Deputy Director DT&E, OSD * 0915 Last Walk Thru of Exhibit Hall 0945 Plenary Panel 3: “Targets/Target Control and Threat Systems”, Chair, Mr. Dennis Mischel, Chief, Target Systems * o COL David Lockhart, PM Instrumentation Targets & Threat Systems * o Pat Burris, Senior Systems Analyst, Applied Resources, Inc. * o Dae Hong, Target Systems Division, NAWCWD * o Ken McCormick, Intelligent Analyst, TEDTRA, DOT&E *  Closing Remarks, Dr. John B. Foulkes, Director, TRMC 1300-1700 Space & Rocket Center Tour & IMAX Movie *Buses Depart Outside of South Hall Promptly @ 1300 hours **Driving Directions at Registration Desk; Meet at the Front Entrance * Confirmed