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The 2nd International SOA Symposium (October 22-23, 2009)


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The 2nd International SOA Symposium (October 22-23, 2009)

  1. 1. Conference Guide (v2.0)
  2. 2. The 2nd International SOA Symposium (October 22-23, 2009) The 1st International Cloud Symposium (co-located event) Welcome to the largest SOA event of the year dedicated to you, the SOA practitioner. The International SOA Symposium is a yearly event that features the top SOA experts and authors from around the world, providing a series of keynotes, talks, demonstrations, panels, and SOA training and certification workshops – all with an emphasis on realizing SOA in the real world. As a bonus this year, we are proud to announce the addition of the International Cloud Symposium event, which expands the symposium conference agenda by an additional 20 speaker sessions dedicated to Cloud Computing topics. The philosophy of the International Symposium series is "substance only," meaning that selected speaker submissions are judged primarily on the educational and information value of any presentations they propose to ensure that each session provides in-depth coverage and true value for the most important topics for SOA and Cloud Computing practitioners. Following the success of last year's International SOA Symposium in Amsterdam and the recently completed SOA Symposium held in Arlington, USA, this next edition will be held at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on October 22-23. The event will be further complemented with pre- conference and post-conference workshops that include courses applicable toward SOA Certified Professional certifications. "The 2008 SOA Symposium, held in Amsterdam, was jam- packed full of informative sessions and discussions. It was inspiring to see so many well-informed experts and practitioners come together to learn and teach one another about the latest thinking and techniques in service-oriented architecture." - Quote by Internationally Renowned SOA Journalist Joe McKendrick from his Post-Conference Report following the 1st International SOA Symposium in Amsterdam, 2008. To learn more about last year’s International Symposium you can visit the original conference site at: “Exploring Next Generation SOA” This year’s conference has an overarching theme of “Next Generation SOA,” representing a focus on modern service technologies, SOA technology innovation and trends, and the emergence of proven and field-tested industry practices and patterns. “Gartner's announcement that ‘SOA is emerging from the Trough of Disillusionment’ and is ‘climbing the Slope of Enlightenment’, coincides with several developments in the industry that have reaffirmed a level of maturity reached by service-oriented computing in general. This is echoed in Gartner's report that goes on to state that "enlightenment comes as mainstream organizations begin to experience the benefits of a technology and to establish the best practices necessary to effectively use a technology." Next Generation SOA represents how the evolution of service-oriented computing has reached a point where we have not just mature technology platforms and sophisticated modern service technology innovations at our disposal, but also proven practices, patterns, principles, and a clear vision of the target state represented by service-oriented computing.” - Excerpt from the April 2009 SOA Magazine Editorial by Thomas Erl, Opening Keynote Speaker for the 2nd International SOA Symposium.
  3. 3. "The Future of Cloud Computing" The International Cloud Computing Symposium complements the International SOA Symposium by highlighting many of the modern technology innovations that are being developed in support of Cloud-based services. As a co-located conference, this event further addresses the ever-widening convergence between SOA and Cloud Computing. Topics covered include modern and emerging Cloud-based service technologies, positioning Cloud Computing as an extension to SOA, security pitfalls and concerns of Cloud-based services, private clouds & enterprise cloud-based solutions, governing Cloud-based services, implementing SaaS, PaaS and IaaS individually and together, REST services in the Cloud, SOA design patterns for Cloud Computing, RIA for Cloud-based solutions, and Cloud-based service virtualization. Conference Speakers, Tracks & Panels The goal for this year’s conference agenda is to address the most important and topical issues pertaining to contemporary and next generation service-oriented computing, SOA and service engineering practices. Internationally recognized speakers such as Thomas Erl, Grady Booch, Sandy Carter, David Chappell, Dirk Krafzig, Jim Webber, Nicolai Josuttis, Paul Brown, Mark Little, Clemens Utschig, Toufic Boubez, Brian Loesgen and many others will provide new and exclusive coverage of the most relevant and critical topics in the SOA industry today. To learn more about the speakers, visit the Speaker & Keynote List and Speaker & Keynote Bios pages. In addition to the 6 keynotes delivered by SOA leaders and visionaries, the 80 speaker sessions will be organized into the following 14 tracks: • Next Generation SOA • SOA Architecture & Design • Service Modeling & BPM • The Business of Service-Orientation • SOA Project Delivery & Methodology • Service Programming • SOA Governance • SOA Design Patterns & Service Engineering • Modern ESB & SOA Middleware • Interactive Services & the Human Factor • Real World SOA Case Studies • SOA & Rest • SOA & Cloud Computing • Cloud Computing For complete descriptions of these tracks, visit the Conference Tracks page. This year’s symposium features twice the amount of panels than last year, including: • "SOA Trends: The Direction of the Next Generation" • "SOA in the Cloud: How Do Cloud-Based Services Change the Way We Build Service-Oriented Solutions?" • "Agile Development and Service-Orientation: Can They be Successfully Combined?" • "The Modern ESB: What's New? What's Old?" • "Today's SOA Governance Platforms: Are They Mature Enough?" • “Will the Open Cloud Become a Reality?” • "Modern Service Security: Do's, Don'ts and Never's" To learn more about these panels, visit the Expert Panels page. With 80 speaker sessions across 14 conference tracks, there will be 8 concurrent speaker sessions occurring at any given time during each conference day. This will offer constant variety for a range of IT professionals. By registering you will have complete freedom to move from one speaker session to another whenever you chose.
  4. 4. Pre-Conference and Post-Conference Workshops (October 19-21 & 26-30, 2009) The first two conference days are preceded by a three-day workshop dedicated to fundamental and advanced Cloud Computing topics and also including a hands-on lab for building Cloud- based solutions. The conference is then followed by three five-day workshops that are part of the SOA Certified Professional program from™. Registrants will have the opportunity to work toward the attainment of any one of a number of industry-recognized certifications. Note that when registering for both the conference and any one of the certification workshops, you are entitled to receive a 10% discount off both the conference and workshop registration fees. For details regarding the workshop calendars and for course descriptions, visit the Workshop Agendas page. For more information regarding the SOA Certified Professional (SOACP) program, visit Authors, Book Launches & Advance Content The 2nd International SOA Symposium will be have the privilege of hosting the book launch ceremonies of two upcoming titles: Next Generation SOA: A Real-World Guide to Modern Service-Oriented Computing and Modern ESB Architecture for SOA. Each ceremony is scheduled for the end of a conference day and will be attended by the respective authors who will be available to sign books and answer questions throughout the event. To learn more about the book launch ceremonies, visit the Books & Book Launches page. As an event dedicated to substance-only content, many of the experts who will be speaking at the symposium are published authors. It is estimated that among the speakers there are over 40 SOA books that have been published or are in development. In fact, one of the benefits to attending this conference is the opportunity to gain access to advance content from upcoming books, papers and vendor materials. Contests & Giveaways Over 300 books and pre-release galleys plus 100 SOACP Self-Study Kits will be given away at the symposium in association with the book launch ceremony and additional contests that will be held throughout the event. The books will be provided courtesy of Prentice Hall and Pearson Education. The Self-Study Kits are provided courtesy of™ ( and include pre-paid exam vouchers provided by Prometric ( Post-conference workshop participants are also enrolled in the Top Gun contest. The participant who attains the highest average score for a given certification is given the title of “Top Gun” and is awarded a $1,000 USD gift certificate and his name and affiliated company is published on the SOA Magazine homepage for one month, plus his name and company name will be broadcast to all conference attendees and over 10,000 SOA professionals and organizations world-wide as part of a special international announcement.
  5. 5. Conference Venue The 2nd International SOA Symposium and the International Cloud Symposium will be held at the World Trade Center, one Europe’s most modern and prestigious conference venues. Over a dozen different types of rooms have been booked in addition to the Main Hall that will host the keynote and plenary sessions that open and close each conference day. The Rotterdam World Trade Center will offer much more space than last year’s Amsterdam Arena, allowing for a significantly larger exhibition area and speaker rooms that are over twice the size. For example, there is no room with a capacity of less than 100 attendees that will be used for the speaker sessions on both conference dates. See You There! A city known for its international trade, stunning architecture, diverse shopping and tourism attractions, and rich history will be host to the largest event of the year for SOA practitioners. Meet the world's leading experts, get the latest insights on technologies, techniques, and trends, get formal training and certification, win prizes, and tour Rotterdam while you're in the neighborhood. See you at the symposium! Be sure to visit the Hotels & Visiting Rotterdam page for the latest details regarding hotel information and special travel packages and promotions that are being exclusively made available to conference registrants and sponsors. & The official Websites of the International SOA Symposium and International Cloud Symposium event series provide up-to-date coverage of the latest news and agenda updates, as well as complete archived sites for previous symposium events. The current conference sites offers a new Resources section that contains electronic copies of speaker presentations. Contact For general inquiries, contact For sponsor inquiries, contact Gert van de Donk at:+31-40- 2129499 or +31-6-22988953 or