SOA Roadmap


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SOA Roadmap

  1. 1. Practice Area Development & Integration ® delivery excellence SOA Roadmap What is it? A Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) process candidates mapped to a high-level Roadmap is a customizable strategy for service layer. The output is a mapping of introducing and/or continuously expanding the business processes to services along with a use of SOA in a manner that balances short- Recommendations Report on what is the best term business value, technical risk, and long- way to leverage activities in the value chain as it term business advantage. It provides an relates to participants such as partners, incremental SOA adoption model that looks at suppliers, customers and other business units. SOA readiness factors, Vision and Strategy and Transition Planning. The next activity is to define the solution scope and sequence of events to build out a full SOA The RCG IT SOA Roadmap infrastructure. This includes the creation of business cases for selected SOA candidates, The SOA Roadmap has two phases. Phase I technical risk assessments, and high-level work consists of a brief pre-assessment to identify the plans with targeted delivery dates. current state of the business and IT functions. It creates a shared vision and strategy coupled The final step in the Roadmap is to perform SOA with a prioritized list of functionality to be Transition Planning. This activity evaluates the included or excluded in the Roadmap. The impact to the organization, as well as to the output is a Gap Analysis and a existing delivery model, and initiates the Recommendations Report that feeds the development of the SOA governance model. detailed Roadmap. The pre-assessment These activities result in a base reference mitigates the risk of creating a Roadmap that is architecture outline and an SOA architecture too broad or too narrow by defining areas of work plan. focus by time, schedule and impact to the business. In short, the Roadmap provides the direction for the future of the SOA, while factoring in the The second phase lays out the detail for each maturity of the organization and the immediate area selected. It documents the people, priorities of the business and IT. It focuses on process, procedures, architectures and solutions quick gains in short timeframes. necessary to promote the SOA architecture. It starts by completing an inventory of IT assets and categorizing them against a standard For more information on SOA, Web Services reference architecture model. This inventory or other RCG IT Development & Integration includes items such as skills, legacy code, solutions, contact us at 1-800-333-7816. frameworks and infrastructure. This phase is followed by a Value Chain Analysis that re-factors the business into components and arranges them by strategic importance to the business. Each component is then rated for SOA advantage, with the business