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ServiceNet for SOA Governance


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ServiceNet for SOA Governance

  1. 1. ServiceNet for SOA Governance Sonoa Systems provides an appliance for policy enforcement, monitoring, and mediation within SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) governance solutions. Challenges with governing SOA ServiceNet enforces SOA governance with a policy-driven Service-based applications are composed of disparate components approach for security and access control, traffic management on heterogeneous platforms that evolve and change independently. (e.g., client-specific rate limiting), service mediations (e.g., protocol They are often owned and managed by different development and credential mapping), and performance and uptime. With teams. This highly distributed model for SOA (Service-oriented ServiceNet, development and operations teams can: Architecture) presents unique management and governance challenges. How can teams provide: • Create, provision, and enforce a broad array of policies. • Store and manage policies in a repository such as HP Systinet™. • Security and performance without control over service • Monitor, log, and publish statistics for services and policies. consumers or providers? • Priority service to business-critical transactions among A purpose-built appliance and complete solution competing interests? ServiceNet is a network device using a hardware-proxy approach • Change management without ripples that cripple the business? optimized for XML stream processing for non-intrusive policy • Consistent security policy enforcement, controls, and enforcement. The appliance can handle up to ten times more compliance across shared services? message volume and throughput than software-based solutions, • Performance, latency, and scalability when one business with extremely low latency. ServiceNet uses a flexible, powerful transaction results in dozens of service messages? policy model for implementing both crosscutting and client-specific policies with configuration, not code. SOA governance solutions SOA governance is the creation and administration of policies ServiceNet offers all the functionality for securing, controlling, that align with business objectives to ensure security, reliability, monitoring, and managing SOA-based application deployments, and service quality. Policy authoring, consistent enforcement, including a browser-based administration and monitoring tool, an and lifecycle management are critical to ensure compliance with Eclipse-based development tool for custom policy development, governance requirements. A successful SOA governance solution and an optional management server for clustered deployments. must enforce policies at wire-speed with extremely low latency. It must be flexible and non-intrusive, and simple and cost-effective Integration with leading solutions to deploy, operate, and manage. ServiceNet seamlessly integrates with best-of-breed solutions for service modeling, repository/registry, operations monitoring, Sonoa ServiceNet for SOA governance and security. As a certified member of the HP Governance Sonoa provides a simple, adaptable, and cost-effective solution for and Interoperability Framework (GIF), the Sonoa ServiceNet service policy enforcement, mediation and monitoring. ServiceNet appliance complements HP Systinet and HP Business Availability integrates seamlessly with leading SOA governance solutions and Center, providing policy management, network proxy-style policy interoperates with leading registry/repository, identity management, enforcement, mediation, and monitoring as an integrated part of the and network/service management tools. HP SOA Governance Solution. Sonoa is also expanding partnerships with other management and security vendors, and has recently completedoffers integration with AmberPoint—a leading SOA Applications Network, System, Service Management management solution. Security & Identity Management caching Registry & Repository Application Infrastructure Policy Management Benefits for Enterprise IT Sonoa Sonoa ServiceNet enables the enterprise to address governance ServiceNet issues within a SOA environment, including: • Complete visibility and control with minimal impact on latency IP Network or throughput
  2. 2. ServiceNet for SOA Governance • Reduced processing and management overhead with • Policies are configured, not coded, for faster time to deployment security, mediation, monitoring and policy enforcement on • Both browser and console based operations and a single platform administration tools • Consistently applied policies across heterogeneous services • Eclipse-based developer tools for custom policy creation. with non-invasive approach using a network platform–based • Delegated administration and flexible user access model intermediary • Eliminates the complexity of multiple servers, agents and Performance and Scalability middleware technologies with simple, high availability, • Network appliance architecture enforces policies ‘on the wire’ appliance deployment • Fault and traffic management and load balancing • Credential and response caching ServiceNet capabilities • High availability and clustering ServiceNet provides SOA governance solutions with: The benefits of an appliance Visibility and Control. The ServiceNet appliance provides a single, Use of an appliance eliminates the cost and complexity of building, policy enforcement point for SOA and service environments, deploying, and maintaining software hosted on multiple servers, including: thereby saving development resources and lowering the total cost of ownership. And with simple network plug-and-play installation and • Consistent, non-invasive policy enforcement using network policy-based management, the ServiceNet appliance speeds the appliance approach deployment of applications, accelerating time to value. Organizations • Flexible policy model for fine-grained control of diverse services, enjoy the following benefits: clients, and traffic • Powerful policies for service security, audit, mediation, monitoring • Complete functional and operational management capabilities and traffic management via a single appliance. • Seamless integration with leading SOA governance solutions • Policy-based management that is flexible and scalable. including HP and AmberPoint • Secure control for development and operations alike through a central management console. Improved Manageability • Single enforcement point eliminates needs for software deployment Driving increased revenue through creativity and control Challenge: An international communications company needed Solution: The communications company selected Sonoa ServiceNet to reduce the operational cost of operating their service oriented as a high-performance policy enforcement point (PEP) in the architecture (SOA) while maintaining customer service levels in a network, seamlessly integrated with their leading SOA governance highly competitive environment. As services traffic increased, IT solution. Because policies are enforced at a single point during struggled to maintain control over governance and consistency runtime, policies are consistently enforced and the need to in policy enforcement. An existing SOA management solution deploy policy changes on each application server is eliminated. provided policy definition and monitoring but used a software-agent Performance and scalability are greatly improved as policies are approach to enforcement, requiring deployment for each new enforced in the network in real time ‘on the wire’ server, application, or policy change. A more manageable and high- performance approach to policy enforcement was needed to reduce In summary, Sonoa ServiceNet enabled IT to reduce the complexity operational complexity and ensure consistent compliance. of operating their SOA environment, and ensures the business of consistent compliance and an improved customer service. For more information or sales inquiries, contact About Sonoa Systems Sonoa Systems is a leading provider of enterprise appliance solutions that offer security, scalability, and interoperability for Web services via real-time policy enforcement for SOA, Sonoa Systems Web 2.0, and SaaS. The company has in-depth software, networking, and Internet expertise 3255-7 Scott Blvd., Suite 101 with a proven track record for delivering business value through technical innovation. Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA +1 (408) 343 7300 Copyright © 2008 Sonoa Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. (866) 99 SONOA