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Enterprise Services Center
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About Enterprise Services Center
       Delphi-PRISM Added Value                     In the 1980’s the US Department of Tr...
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PRISM-Delphi Integration (with SOA)


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PRISM-Delphi Integration (with SOA)

  1. 1. Enterprise Services Center 6500 South MacArthur Blvd. P.O. Box 25082 Oklahoma City, OK 73125 Phone 405-954-8888 For inquiries, please contact Tim Jeffcoat at 405.954.3421 or by email at PRISM-Delphi Integration (with SOA) FOR GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ESC, the division of the Department of Transportation that For example, when a PRISM requisition is created, a commitment is developed Delphi, now helps you simplify federal acquisition. We created in Delphi. The entry of a PRISM contract will also create an have teamed with Compusearch Corporation to implement a SOA- obligation in Delphi. based (Service Oriented Architecture) integration to their leading federal acquisition solution, PRISM. Standard Features SOA is the leading technology for robust, dynamic integration of business processes. Compusearch’s PRISM has over 75 federal  Full procurement life-cycle support from agencies as customers, with over 31,000 users in total, making advanced acquisition planning through closeout it the widest used acquisition system in Federal Government.  21 award types prescribed by the FAR This marriage has resulted in an optimized Federal Acquisition including IDIQ contracts and multi-vendor system with additional benefits for procurement professionals, awards requisitioners, and accounting personnel.  Web-based, 508 compliant  Supports annual, multi-year, no-year From requisitioning to closeout, ESC’s PRISM system guides appropriations procurement professionals through the acquisition process,  Inter-Agency Agreements Module minimizing data entry and maximizing efficiency through electronic  Central Contractor Registry (CCR) Module routing, workflow and workload management. In addition,  Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS)- the integration between Delphi and PRISM enhances Spend supported Management and allows real-time data look-up between the  Different types of contracts, BPAs applications, including real-time checking of funds availability.  Complete support for FedConnect ESC’s integration of Delphi and PRISM simplifies your work by  Spend Management eliminating duel data entry and the possibility of keying errors.
  2. 2. About Enterprise Services Center Delphi-PRISM Added Value In the 1980’s the US Department of Transportation dedicated the resources to create an unparalleled team  Shared Look-Up Tables of professionals dedicated to supporting the diverse  Locations  Vendors business needs of its agencies. Today, called the  Requisitions Enterprise Services Center, this group assists numerous  Purchase orders and contracts agencies with a wide range of business needs.  Receiving  Invoices  Shared Data ESC has become a provider of choice because we take  Accounting code segments the time to learn our customer’s business processes and  Projects/tasks  Expenditure type requirements. We establish expectations and service  Expenditure organization levels and use the information we gather to develop an  USSGL transaction account code appropriate support strategy for each customer.  Payment terms  SOA Integration  Economies of Scale – cost benefits for all ESC has extensive experience cross servicing other federal users organizations, to include the Government Accountability  Complete Help Desk Support 24/7 Office, Department of Education, US Air Force, Coast Guard, Social Security Administration, Transportation Security Administration, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, General Services Administration, Indian Health Service, Institute Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) of Museum and Library Services and all of US Department High Level Flows Between Delphi and PRISM of Transportation. In February 2005, the Enterprise Services Center at the Federal Aviation Administration Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center was named one of OMB’s Financial Management Centers of Excellence/Shared Service Providers.