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Press Release

  1. 1. Press Release Leading analyst firm bolsters E2E’s Model Driven Integration approach E2E Bridge simplifies SOA integration for SAP customers BASEL (Switzerland), March 8, 2007. E2E has received acclaim for its innovative approach to SOA integration from the leading advisory firm AMR Research. AMR Research notes (in a February 8, 2007 Research Alert by Derek Prior, "E2E: Simplifying SOA Integration for SAP Customers Now") that E2E might be interesting to companies "if you are looking for a highly innovative approach for rapidly building service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based integration between your enterprise applications". Moreover, the Alert emphasizes that "If you are also an SAP customer, you should definitely evaluate E2E". The Swiss software company offers the first solution for fully Model Driven Integration (MDI). Its flagship product, the E2E Bridge, allows companies to maximize automation of the end-to-end process for SOA integration, in order to facilitate cross-departmental and multi-enterprise business processes. Unique in E2E’s approach is the next generation Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) based on a high performance Virtual Machine for the Unified Modeling Language (UML). The E2E Bridge can directly execute UML design models of application interfaces, Web services, composites, workflows and processes, without the need for manual coding or code generation. According to AMR Research Director Derek Prior, "The execution of integration models is faster than one of Roger Federer's serves as it completely avoids an underlying Java application server". The special value of E2E's approach to deal with integration issues and SOA enablement of existing heterogeneous application environments has recently been recognized by several major market observers. E2E Bridge accelerates SOA integration for largest single SAP instance in the supply chain sector The AMR Research alert points out that the E2E Bridge has been successfully implemented at large companies, specifically organizations with major SAP installations, such as DKSH, the #1 services group in Asia, with a turnover of 6 billion US$. DKSH is currently deploying a global SAP template to harmonize all of its processes and uses the E2E Bridge to integrate thousands of interfaces from its IT operations in 35 countries into the central SAP system at the Corporate Shared Service Center (CSSC) in Malaysia.
  2. 2. DKSH selected the E2E Bridge based on E2E’s purely Model Driven Integration approach and implemented Singapore as a reference project in record time, with unparalleled quality and using minimal development resources. With regards to this first phase of the massive scale integration effort, AMR Research states: "The project was delivered on time and on budget. The E2E product enabled the original 78 interfaces to be reduced to just 30 core interfaces and 15 services, with an initial reusability of 60% for country rollouts". In the meantime, DKSH has successfully rolled out the E2E Bridge in several large countries, and is proceeding according to plan with the overall integration initiative. Dieter Schlosser, Vice President of Information Technology, explains: “Early on, we recognized the value of integrating our 2000 principals via Model Driven Integration into our central SAP instance. Today it is clear that choosing the E2E Bridge has a tremendous effect on our business integration capabilities, consistently reducing integration efforts from three months to less than 15 days average per company, a true competitive advantage”. Gonpo Tsering, DKSH’s Senior Executive VP for Operations and Business Support and member of the Group’s Executive Board, adds: "From the start, we wanted a more effective mechanism to implement and maintain connectivity to the thousands of companies we work with. By rapidly integrating our existing interfaces into our central SAP installation, with E2E we are now able to leverage economies of scale throughout the entire group network. The decision to deploy the E2E Bridge forcefully across the entire group has provided us with maximal technical flexibility and unprecedented business agility". A copy of the full AMR Research Alert “E2E: Simplifying SOA Integration for SAP Customers Now” can be downloaded free of charge from 2
  3. 3. About E2E: The Swiss software company E2E Technologies Ltd. is the world’s first company to offer software for fully Model Driven Integration (MDI). Its flagship product, the E2E Bridge, allows companies to maximize automation of the end- to-end process for Application Integration and SOA Development, in order to facilitate cross-departmental and multi- enterprise business processes. E2E's MDI approach requires no conventional programming. All integration services are directly executed as a model. To enable this unique approach, E2E provides the industry’s first Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) in the form of a UML virtual machine. By using the E2E Bridge, customers can implement integration projects economically, on time and on budget, transparently and in exceptionally high quality. System integrators, software manufacturers and providers of on-demand software use the E2E Bridge to offer products and services that can be more easily integrated into existing heterogeneous IT environments. The company was founded in 1996, is headquartered in Basel (Switzerland), and has offices in Boston, Dallas, London and Sydney. For more information about E2E, please visit . Press Contact E2E PR Agency E2E Technologies Ltd. smartcom ITC-authors GmbH Chris Henn Lukas Maag Lautengartenstrasse 12 Haberweidstrasse 36 CH-4052 Basel CH-8610 Uster Telefon: +41 61 270 97 10 Telefon: +41 44 941 73 69 Fax: +41 61 270 97 11 Fax: +41 44 941 73 83 Email: Email: 3