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IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for SOA


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IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for SOA

  1. 1. Monitor, manage and control your service-based infrastructure effectively to deliver high availability and performance IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for SOA Integrate application and SOA infrastructure typically cannot solve composite Highlights management to achieve high availability application performance and availability and performance problems. Instead, Web services need  Promote management throughout the service oriented architecture Organizations have moved from tradi- to be incorporated into the end-to-end (SOA) development life cycle, tional environments — in which an management domain over composite enabling development and other application was housed on a single applications and resources that support preproduction users to obtain a deep server — to relying on composite appli- an SOA environment. Because many understanding of service use, flows and relationships cations, which use business logic and Web services are used to make main- data that span Web servers, Java™ 2 frame applications and middleware  Provide an integrated, easy-to-use console that can include service, Enterprise Edition (J2EE™) applica- available at the front end, it is not application and resource views tion servers, integration middleware adequate to monitor and manage only  Automate SOA management and and mainframe systems including IBM at the Web services level. Instead, help meet established service levels CICS® and IBM IMS™. And now, busi- businesses need to view Web services through built-in alerts, message nesses increasingly turn to SOAs to as part of their end-to-end infrastruc- mediations, situations and workflows build, deploy and integrate services tures. Otherwise, operations and  Speed and simplify identification independent of applications and the development teams waste countless and resolution of SOA problems computing platforms on which they hours trying to identify, isolate and fix by drilling down to application components or IT resources run. An SOA makes your business problems — all while poorly performing processes more flexible, so that you composite applications negatively  Support heterogeneous SOA platforms, including the IBM can respond with speed to customer affect the top- and bottom-line results WebSphere family, Microsoft .NET demands, market opportunities and of the business. and BEA WebLogic external threats.  Leverage smooth integration with IBM Tivoli® Composite Application other IBM Tivoli products to provide In this environment, traditional tools Manager (ITCAM) for SOA delivers a comprehensive application that monitor individual resources unparalleled, integrated management management solution for complex environments
  2. 2. tools for your Web and enterprise infrastructure that help maintain availability and performance of your on demand business. With ITCAM for SOA, you can monitor, manage and control the service layer of your IT architecture. When you use the software in conjunction with other members of the ITCAM family, you can drill down to the application, resource and messaging layers to identify the source of bottlenecks or failures and pinpoint services that take the most time or use the most resources. Part of the Tivoli family of application management solutions, ITCAM for SOA helps you avoid critical performance Tivoli Enterprise Portal — Service Summary View problems by proactively recognizing using the same terms as those who use • Generate discrepancy reports between services and isolating problems early, before the services. You can resolve problems that are actually being used and those that are they impact customers and other end faster by improving communication registered in IBM WebSphere Service Registry users. So you can help keep your between development and operations and Repository to identify when alternative business running smoothly — to meet teams. ITCAM for SOA helps you: services should be used or when services are customer demands around the clock being underutilized. and around the world. • Confirm that key business applications are meeting agreed-upon service levels. Improve business flexibility through Unite business and IT goals as you • Determine which services are affected by slow- SOA management monitor and manage the complete downs or outages, and leverage this information With ITCAM for SOA, you can cohe- service environment to effectively prioritize support activities. sively manage your SOA through With ITCAM for SOA, you can treat • Import Business Process Execution Language discovery, inventory, monitoring, data services as first-class objects that can (BPEL) created by IBM WebSphere Business ® collection, automation and displays of be managed like any other resource. Modeler to IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Web services running across multiple The software includes tools that let you Management Database (CCMDB) to highlight environments in your enterprise monitor and report on service levels business process service dependencies.
  3. 3. service bus (ESB). Implement service level agreements (SLAs) by gener- ating events when service levels are exceeded. Then use the events to drive automated actions to dynamically alter Web services flows. Using ITCAM for SOA, you can process events within IBM Tivoli Enterprise™ Portal, or send them to a wide range of event manage- ment systems, such as IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console®. The software includes a customizable set of workspaces that allows IT opera- tions managers to view services, transactions, resources and events in a single console. It also includes an Eclipse-based viewer for deep-dive Tivoli Enterprise Portal topologies that correlate business processes with services and underlying artifacts help ITCAM for SOA analyze the business impact of incidents and problems. views into Web services relationships, flows, patterns and Extensible Markup • Sense deteriorating performance and determine • Provide service performance information to Language (XML) message introspection. 1 what actions need to be taken by using the WebSphere Service Registry and Repository You can use ITCAM for SOA to: software in conjunction with products such as to enable applications to dynamically select IBM Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator or IBM Tivoli service end points and thereby help optimize • Reject messages based on certain conditions, Provisioning Manager. application performance. reject those from a particular client or reject all • Reject service requests in particular situations, messages to a service. such as when the system is overloaded by Leverage an integrated console with • Log requests for and responses to messages. user requests. service, application and resource views • Automatically control how messages are routed • Detect Simple Object Access Protocol ITCAM for SOA includes Tivoli and transformed by using run-time informa- (SOAP) faults, excessive message sizes Enterprise Portal, an easy-to-use, Web- tion from ITCAM for SOA to reconfigure IBM and other service anomalies, then generate based interface that is shared among WebSphere Process Server and IBM WebSphere events to invoke automated incident other ITCAM, IBM Tivoli Monitoring and Enterprise Service Bus. management processes. IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON® products.
  4. 4. Using the portal’s content-rich views and Dynamic Workspace Linking, you can quickly achieve an end-to-end view of your SOA that tightly integrates data, events and views from multiple systems and subsystems, including IBM WebSphere DataPower® SOA Appliances and IBM CICS Transaction Server. With the integrated console, you can drill down from the services layer of your SOA to application component and resource layers to speed diag- nosis. You can also use the portal to check configuration, performance, message and fault summary views. For example, you can: Web Services Navigator showing service topology, sequence flows and XML content. • Specify thresholds, such as size of messages Manage your SOA across the full • Service architects, integration specialists and or number of messages received within a application life cycle testers can view service topologies, service certain timeframe. ITCAM for SOA gives large and small patterns and service flows by importing data • Customize your workspaces and provide enterprises a management solution from IBM Tivoli Data Warehouse into the detailed service views that are appropriate for across the entire Web services appli- Eclipse-based Web Services Navigator. various classes of users. cation life cycle for service architects, • Operators can monitor and manage the • Understand and track the relationships administrators, subject-matter experts, overall SOA at various levels of detail, from of Web services to each other and to operators, consultants and others the service layer to more detailed application underlying IT components using topologies involved in the development, testing, and resource components. that visually correlate abstract processes with deployment and ongoing management • Subject-matter experts can drill down from real system artifacts. of service-based systems. Different service views into application and resource • Check availability, throughput and performance stakeholders can see their own monitoring views. metrics for your Web services. perspectives while sharing common • Service level managers can generate • Monitor services in real time or use historical information with others involved in service level reports using IBM Tivoli data to inspect the XML messages, observe different areas of the application life Service Level Advisor. relationships and determine usage patterns. cycle. For example:
  5. 5. Leverage Tivoli software to keep business- designed to help deliver consistent, to deliver more efficient and effective critical applications running repeatable and measurable IT services services to your business. Meeting The Tivoli composite application based on a best-practices framework. the needs of any size business, Tivoli management solution can optimize For example, ITCAM for SOA integrates software enables you to deliver service performance for J2EE, portal, SOA with Tivoli CCMDB and WebSphere excellence in support of your business and mainframe applications. It brings Services Registry and Repository to objectives through integration and application problem diagnosis and enable you to use its service and appli- automation of processes, workflows performance optimization capabilities cation performance data throughout and tasks. The security-rich, open like capacity planning, configura- your organization. standards–based Tivoli service tion management and performance management platform is complemented tuning to a complex, heterogeneous For more information by proactive operational management computing environment. Its integration To learn more about ITCAM for SOA solutions that provide end-to-end with IBM Rational® tools helps busi- and other integrated solutions from visibility and control. It is also backed nesses successfully monitor, diagnose IBM, contact your IBM representative by world-class IBM Services, IBM and resolve problems through the IT life or IBM Business Partner, or visit Support and an active ecosystem of cycle by enabling operations, support IBM Business Partners. Tivoli customers and development to manage applica- and partners can also leverage each tion performance together as one team. About Tivoli software from IBM other’s best practices by participating Tivoli software provides a comprehen- in independently run IBM Tivoli User Tivoli composite application manage- sive set of offerings and capabilities in Groups around the world — visit ment is also an integral part of IBM support of IBM Service Management, Service Management solutions that are a scalable, modular approach used
  6. 6. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2006 ITCAM for SOA at a glance IBM Corporation Software Group Monitored environment Route 100 ITCAM for SOA offers a cross-platform, single-console application management solution designed Somers, NY 10589 to monitor applications running on the following SOA application platforms: U.S.A. • IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.1 and 6.0 Produced in the United States of America • IBM WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation 5.1 11-06 All Rights Reserved • WebSphere Process Server 6.0.1 • WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus 6.0.1 AIX, CICS, DataPower, IBM, the IBM logo, IMS, • CICS Transaction Server 3.1 or later OMEGAMON, Rational, System z, Tivoli, Tivoli Enterprise, Tivoli Enterprise Console, WebSphere • IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition and z/OS are trademarks of International Business • WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances — XA35, XS40 and X150 Machines Corporation in the United States, other • BEA WebLogic 8.1.4 countries or both. • Microsoft® .NET Framework 1.1 (with the required service pack) and 2 Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds in the • SAP NetWeaver 6.40 United States, other countries or both. • JBoss 4.0.3 Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft ITCAM for SOA monitors SOA application platforms running in the following operating system Corporation in the United States, other countries environments: or both. • IBM AIX® Java and all Java-based trademarks are • IBM z/OS® trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States, other countries or both. • Sun Solaris • Linux® — Red Hat and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) Other company, product and service names may • Linux on IBM System z™ — Red Hat and SLES be trademarks or service marks of others. • Microsoft Windows® 1Eclipse is an award-winning, open source platform for the construction of powerful Management environment software development tools and rich desktop Management servers are supported on the following operating system environments2: applications. Leveraging the Eclipse plug-in • AIX framework to integrate technology on the desktop saves technology providers time and money by • z/OS enabling them to focus their efforts on delivering • Solaris differentiation and value for their offerings. The • Linux — Red Hat and SLES Eclipse environment supports multiple languages, • Linux on System z — Red Hat and SLES platforms and vendors, is built by an open source • Windows community of developers and is provided royalty- free by the Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse is written ITCAM for SOA supports all databases that are supported by Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server in the Java language, includes extensive plug-in and Tivoli Data Warehouse. construction toolkits and examples, and can be Tivoli Enterprise Portal requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. extended and deployed on a range of desktop operating systems including Windows, Linux, QNX and Macintosh OS X. Full details on Eclipse and the Eclipse Foundation are available at 2 See product announcement letter for release and availability details. TID10273-USEN-00