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IBM SOA Integration Services— Web application server


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IBM SOA Integration Services— Web application server

  1. 1. Helping optimize, implement or migrate your Web application infrastructure IBM SOA Integration Services— Web application server Supporting dynamic business objectives cross-product solutions. IBM SOA Highlights As your organization strives to suc- Integration Services—Web application ceed in today’s constantly changing server can help you implement  Assists you in leveraging marketplace, it requires a strong Web IBM WebSphere Application Server Web applications to reach presence to reach new marketplaces, software, the foundation of this new marketplaces, customers customers and suppliers. But it’s not leading infrastructure. and suppliers just the marketplace that is changing. The continued influx of new, enabling Our Web application server team pro-  Supports increased flexibility vides project management, design and technologies has accelerated the to deploy applications and need for greater flexibility and better implementation services that can enable capture opportunities integration. This requires an IT infra- you to achieve significant benefits:  Modernizes your Web application structure that supports new business • Connect and integrate disparate infrastructure with version-to- requirements and dynamic business information sources and applica- version or platform migrations objectives. It means implementing and tions in an efficient, optimized that support new business deploying new Web-based applica- requirements Web environment tions, and upgrading old ones. But first • Identify performance issues, make you need a flexible infrastructure upon  Helps reduce cost, complexity recommendations to resolve those which to build — and an IT staff that and application downtime while issues and optimize use of avail- increasing manageability and has the skills and time to undertake able resources optimizing performance such a project. • Help reduce costs by modernizing IBM can help you realize the value of the IT environment; implementing  Builds new IT skills in-house or today’s Web-based technologies by Web, service-oriented architecture updates those you already have tapping in to the IBM WebSphere ® (SOA) or Java™ Platform, Enterprise integration platform. It includes the Edition (Java EE) capabilities; entire middleware infrastructure — consolidating both hardware servers, services and tools — needed and software; and enabling vir- to develop, manage and monitor 24x7 tualization of your application Web applications and cross-platform, infrastructure environment
  2. 2. • Help increase security capabilities Our Web application server team of • Design and implementation services and overall manageability by utiliz- deeply skilled architects and certified for multi-channel infrastructure s — for ing WebSphere Application Server professionals delivers leading-edge tech- deployment of infrastructures that software’s modular platform based on nologies to help ensure an optimized Web deliver applications across multiple industry-supported open standards application infrastructure that meets or channels (WiFi, cellular, wired and exceeds your business needs. By using satellite networks) to a wide range Furthermore, our team understands that proven methods and experience gained of devices and platforms, including IT is integrated throughout your business through thousands of Web application laptops, personal digital assistants and that, even during a platform migration, server implementations, we can help (PDAs) and mobile phones it is critical that IT systems run continu- lower the risks associated with implemen- ously. We help facilitate smooth migrations tations and platform migrations. Increasing flexibility to support new within budget and with reduced risk. We Web applications also know that your in-house IT resources Specific Web application server A more flexible infrastructure gives may already be stretched to the limits of services include the following: you an edge over the competition by their availability and skills. We provide enabling you to react more quickly to education and mentoring of your in-house • Design and implementation ser- rapid changes in the marketplace. The IT staff so they can implement, adminis- vices for WebSphere Application IBM Web application server team can ter and support WebSphere Application Server — for initial deployment of help to increase your business flexibil- Server software. Web application servers ity by working with you to engineer an • Migration services for WebSphere integrated, flexible and reusable infra- Reaching new marketplaces, customers Application Server — for version- structure that supports your Web, Java and suppliers via the Web to-version or platform upgrades of EE or SOA applications. IBM is a visionary Your ability to establish a strong Web existing deployments marketplace leader in Web application presence to reach new marketplaces, • Design and implementation services servers and SOA. Our deeply skilled customers and suppliers hinges on your for WebSphere Application Server architects and engineers are actively implementing and deploying new Web- on System z™ — for extending and involved in driving innovation in these based applications, and upgrading old deploying applications on main- areas. You can leverage this leadership ones. But first you need a solid infrastruc- frame systems and innovation to help integrate new and ture upon which to build — and that may • Healthcheck services for WebSphere existing Web capabilities throughout require migrating platforms in support of Application Server — for Web appli- your organization. new Web applications. cation server environment health evaluation Upgrading your Web application Whether your business is new to • QuickStart services for WebSphere infrastructure WebSphere Application Server tech- Application Server — onsite IBM In a modern IT environment, the Web nology or is migrating from a previous expertise for rapid deployment of infrastructure supports business require- release, IBM can help implement the Web-based infrastructures ments with streamlined and adaptive infrastructure quickly, cost-effectively business processes. But your infra- and with reduced risk. structure reality may be stove-piped, 2
  3. 3. incompatible and isolated systems. • Enabling teams of developers to Our specialists can help analyze your Even if your organization is typically cau- work independently and effectively IT environment to identify performance tious about adopting new technology, on systems that will interact, because issues, make recommendations to resolve you may be feeling increased pressure they are working toward a common those issues and optimize your available from customers, suppliers and employ- set of interfaces rather than having resources. We can help reduce costs by ees to deliver a Web infrastructure that to synchronize processing. modernizing your IT environment; imple- not only works but enhances the quality menting SOA, Web services or Java EE of experience for your end users. The flexibility that is inherent in Web capabilities; consolidating both hardware applications comes from the knowledge and software; and enabling virtualization of A security-rich, optimized Web application that they are not cast in concrete; you the application infrastructure environment. infrastructure is a critical component of an can add or substitute different services IT architectural evolution toward SOA and as a Web-based application is running — Because WebSphere Application Server can help you solve a number of pressing as long as you have the infrastructure to technology is a modular platform based and expensive problems, such as: support it. And that infrastructure goes on industry-supported open standards, it well beyond your server. An optimized, can increase security capabilities as well • Providing direct access to the follow- modern Web infrastructure doesn’t end as overall manageability. You can use it ing groups without requiring any of with a Web application server. You must to build and monitor an infrastructure that them to log on to your company Web consider the performance and availability adapts to spikes and lulls in your busi- site or intranet: of the entire Web application platform ness. Our Web application server team - Customers — direct access to and each of its components. can show you how to plug your existing the information, data and func- assets in to this WebSphere platform tions they need to interact with The IBM Web application server team using trusted and enduring interfaces your company offers version-to-version or platform and then build and extend your environ- - Distribution channel partners — migrations that help you modernize ment as your needs grow. direct access to the functionality your Web environment for optimized they need to serve your mutual performance and a positive end-user Helping you build new IT skills customers better experience. Platform migrations are complex. We - Suppliers — direct access to the understand that your in-house IT staff information and functionality they Lowering cost, complexity and application may not have the skills to undertake need to support just-in-time inven- downtime such a project. Or they may be highly tory replenishment A new Web application infrastructure can skilled but lack the time to perform the • Enabling affordable, easy-to- help you connect and integrate disparate migration themselves. The IBM Web implement, end-to-end application information sources and applications in application server team is committed to integration both within and across an efficient, optimized and manageable educating and mentoring your IT staff your enterprise boundaries Web environment. to undertake complex implementation or • Avoiding the overhead and confusion migration projects if they wish to learn. of having redundant and conflicting IT services embedded in different applications across your enterprise 3
  4. 4. Ours is a team of highly skilled pro- • A range of services and solutions— © Copyright IBM Corporation 2007 fessionals with broad architectural from assessment and design to IBM Global Services Route 100 knowledge, deep technical skills, best- implementation and tool support Somers, NY 10589 practices expertise and close ties with • Technologies (accelerators) that U.S.A. IBM research and development labs. speed application infrastructure Produced in the United States of America 12-07 Our services include skills transfer, development and integration All Rights Reserved customized workshops and education • Proven methodologies to help IBM, the IBM logo, System z and WebSphere are to fit your business needs. We are able ensure continuous operation trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, and willing to mentor your staff — to during migration other countries, or both. transfer our knowledge and skills Java and all Java-based trademarks are trademarks to them — so they can implement, run For more information of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States, other To learn more about IBM SOA countries, or both. and support WebSphere Application Integration Services—Web application Other company, product and service names may Server environments. be trademarks or service marks of others. server, contact your IBM representative References in this publication to IBM products or Why IBM? or IBM Business Partner, or visit: services do not imply that IBM intends to make them IBM can deliver high-quality Web available in all countries in which IBM operates. application services quickly and cost- effectively. For your Web application server needs, IBM offers virtually unmatched expertise: • Industry-leading methods and roadmaps that leverage combined business, industry, application and infrastructure knowledge • Professionals who are experienced, trained and certified in designing and implementing new Web services technologies GTD01741-USEN-01