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  1. 1. ICS GOALS AND OBJECTIVIES 2003-2004 Fall 2003 Goal Desired Outcome Evaluation Follow-up Actions Improve the •Increase the use of • Unfortunately, no responsiveness and helpdesk software significant progress stability of the tools to track has been made toward College's problems and trends increased use of telecommunication related to helpdesk helpdesk software and computing calls. tools to track environment for •Develop and problems and trends students, faculty and enhance the virtual related to helpdesk staff using an help section of the calls. appropriate ICS Web site that •Additional material combination of contains instructions has been developed emerging and proven and tutorials on and posted on the technologies. basic computer and virtual help section of •Improve server and software use. the ICS Web site. network availability •Replace Microsoft More work is needed to users. Office XP with in this area. •Improve the stability Microsoft Office • Accomplished: and security of users' 2003 on college Replaced Microsoft desktop computers. desktop computers. Office XP with •Improve online self- •Upgrade Raiser’s Microsoft Office service Web based Edge software from 2003 on college help facilities for end Blackbaud to the desktop computers. users. most current • Accomplished: version. Upgraded Raiser’s Move academic Edge software from computing clusters Blackbaud to the into a separate most current version. security partition on • Accomplished: the College’s Moved academic network. computing clusters into a separate security partition on the College’s network.
  2. 2. Provide leadership •Coordinate the •The Information and support for the College’s migration Technology Services implementation of a to the next version (ITS) group in new Student of the SIS. Richmond failed to Information System •Encourage the meet milestone dates (SIS) providing development of in delivery of the next Internet based self- standard operating version of SIS. The service capabilities procedures and College did not have for College written guidelines in access to a working constituents. all areas database. • Increase implementing the •Limited progress has student access to new SIS been made on the college services by development of providing access to standard operating web-based class procedures and registration and written guidelines in payment services, all areas of the academic advising College that have tools, financial aid implemented the new award information, SIS. and academic records. tools, financial aid award information, and academic records. • Reengineer college business processes where appropriate to enable and empower students, faculty, and staff to effectively use the capabilities of the new SIS.
  3. 3. Provide leadership •Form an •The Information and support for the implementation Technology Services implementation of a group to begin the (ITS) group in new Administrative process of collecting Richmond failed to Information System information and meet milestone dates supporting general defining the scope in delivery of AIS. ledger, budgeting, and of the project at the The College did not other financial College. have access to a requirements of the working database. College. • Develop a coordinated approach to supporting the College’s AIS implementation efforts. •Begin the process of reengineer college business processes where appropriate to effectively use the capabilities of the new SIS. Provide leadership, •Identify projects •Institutional consulting services, during the Computing Services and support for the upcoming year and worked with faculty effective integration work with various to reengineer general of technology into all departments to computer lab space to areas of the College’s implement those offer new classes that operations. projects. allow students to •Working with install operating various departments systems, database and constituency management systems, groups within the etc. Staff also College, develop worded with nursing shared goals for faculty to select information Personal Digital technology related Assistants (PDAs) for projects. use in clinical practice classes.
  4. 4. Identify and promote •Deliver training to •The Information appropriate users on the new Technology Services professional version of the (ITS) group in development College’s Student Richmond failed to activities related to Information System. meet milestone dates the installation, •Deliver upgrade in delivery of AIS. support, and use of training to users of The College did not the College’s Microsoft Office have access to a information 2003. working database to technology resources. provide training. •Address work- •Microsoft Office related information 2003 was technology training successfully deployed needs of college on user desktops with employees related to appropriate training the introduction of delivered where new applications and needed. technologies. Provide leadership •Coordinate the •The College’s and support for the development of the Technology Plan was College’s information College’s submitted and technology planning Technology Plan. approved. processes. •Perform reviews of •All software and •Make available a software and hardware installation coordinated and hardware requests were systematic approach installation requests reviewed and to the procurement, on a semester basis. processed. installation and support of instructional software and hardware in the College’s academic microcomputer clusters. •Make available a coordinated and systematic approach to the procurement, installation and support of software and hardware on faculty and staff desktop computers.