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  1. 1. Ben Lackey +1 720 933 9852 +44 (0) 7771 690553 Summary Presales representative with a strong technical background and successful experience selling across verticals, building relationships from the CxO level to the developer level. 12+ years of experience in IT presales, evangelism and development. Specialties Ultra Low Latency Messaging, Complex Event Processing (CEP), Event Driven Architecture (EDA), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business Process Management (BPM) Experience TIBCO Software Ltd. Solutions Consultant February 2008 – Present London  Promoted TIBCO’s value proposition to a variety of hedge funds and finance ISVs resulting in sales of TIBCO’s ultra high performance messaging products such as RV IPM as well as recurring OEM revenue from trading platform embedding.  Led POC at top 5 London investment bank. Demonstrated how TIBCO CEP can provide complex trade transformation and routing across the entire bank at 40,000msg/sec resulting in ongoing service revenue.  Built value proposition and use case for top 3 Contract Research Organization (CRO) using TIBCO tools, resulting in multiple sales as well as recurring OEM revenue.  Led POC and built relationships with a partner resulting in the selection of TIBCO as both BPM and ESB vendor across an agency handling over £2 billion in claims annually. Lackey, J., etal. (2009). Predictive Customer Management (PCM) in Investment Banking Trading Services. Whitepaper. Broadway Market Trading Founding Principal May 2009 – March 2010 London  Worked with a team of fixed income traders to build strategies based on the analysis of order book dynamics and time and sales data.  Architected and built black box framework using Trading Technologies XTrader, Trading Technologies FIX Adapter, QuickFIX and OneTick CEP engine resulting in the creation of an extremely scalable platform for creating custom analytics.  Led evaluation process for both CEP engines and tick store technologies including OneTick, Progress Apama and Vhayu. TIBCO Software Inc. Consultant January 2007 – February 2008 New York  Led POC at top 5 London investment bank to integrate legacy batch transfer, IBM MQ and Java systems into a SOA using TIBCO’s ESB and SOA tools with TIBCO’s CEP engine, BusinessEvents for SLA compliance monitoring.  Worked with GFI Group to design a system to coordinate trades between
  2. 2. London, New York and Singapore using BusinessEvents and JMS, resulting in both license and service revenue.  Prototyped EAI infrastructure for Royal Bank of Scotland resulting in RBS choosing to use a TIBCO based solution.  Worked with Rand Merchant Bank to architect a credit application system using TIBCO’s iProcess BPM suite for counterparty management.  Demonstrated TIBCO’s ESB to London hedge fund, resulting in a sale after a 2 hour demo. TrakWell Medical Technologies Senior Architect July 2005 – October 2006 Seattle, WA  Architected and developed flagship .NET CF application to remotely gather medication compliance statistics and modify prescriptions in real time using smart phones.  Presented Prescription Management application to HMOs, clinics and investors.  Consulted with General Mills to develop an application for assessing employee health using Windows Mobile smart phones.  Successfully led a team of engineers developing the prescription management system’s JMS based communications infrastructure and .NET and SQL web application back end., LLC Founding Partner November 1999 - January 2002 Boulder, CO  Designed CGI, PHP and HTML for corporate web site enabling customers to submit papers for proofreading and automatically routing work to proof readers.  Administered UNIX Open BSD server DNS, Sendmail, Apache, etc. URAP Program at University of Colorado Intern September 1999 - June 2000 Boulder, CO  Developed a Java web application used by the L3D group for collaborative design.  Built Swing and AWT GUI to visualize network connections allowing the disparate groups to connect. Mountaintop Graphics Software Developer July 1997 - September 1999 Boulder, CO  Built VRML model of the Front Range with hyperlinks to major ski resorts for client demo.  Constructed a high resolution (120mb) Inventor model of San Francisco for trade exposition.  Automated VRML generation in C, C++ and Perl. These programs were used to automatically generate place names directly on terrain in a production system.  VRML interface design for the manipulation of a 3d globe used on corporate home page. Education Colorado School of Mines
  3. 3. MS in Computer Science and Mathematics August 2003 - May 2005 Golden, CO  Generalized support vector machines for polychotomous classification in Matlab, a Java package for WEKA and as a computationally efficient C library for MySVM on Windows.  Automated segmentation of Visible Human Database in C/C++ for Linux allowing hand segmentation work to be done five times more quickly. Lackey, J. (2005). A Kernel Method for Polychotomous Classification. Masters Thesis. Colorado School of Mines, Golden. Lackey, J. and Colagrosso, M (2004). Supervised Segmentation of Visible Human Data with Image Analogies. Proceedings of the MLMTA 04, Vol. 2. http:// University of Colorado, Boulder BS in Computer Science BA in Mathematics August 1999 - August 2003 Boulder, CO  Designed a spiking neural network for time series prediction of self- organized critical systems in Java showing that spiking nets have practical applications.  Found information theoretic evidence for unifying theory of attractor nets, Bayesian nets and spiking nets using Mathematica neural networks and Java. Lackey, J. (2003). Computational Dynamics of a Spiking Neural Network. Honors Thesis. University of Colorado, Boulder.