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  1. 1. 6th Expert Meeting Business Process Management (BPM) Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Complex Event Processing (CEP) Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Event Driven Architecture (EDA) January 14 – 15, 2008 Regensburg, Runtinger Säle, Kepler Str. 1 Draft Version 0.99 In cooperation with … Uni Toronto Stanford University Uni Regensburg
  2. 2. Business Process Management (BPM) Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Complex Event Processing (CEP) Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Event Driven Architecture (EDA) Monday, January 14, 2008 Morning session: EC Project Proposal 09.00 Welcome and News regarding the EC project proposal „Domain Specific Reference Models for Event Patterns“ – an example “The loss pattern, e.g. for online credit applications” – another example “Unkown event patterns, e.g. for fraud detection” Rainer v. Ammon (CITT) / Christian Silberbauer (CITT) / Alexander Widder (CITT/sfAG) 09.45 Fraud detection and the rule based CEP approach of Senactive Josef Schiefer, Peter Kühnberger (Senactive Vienna) 10.15 The 3rd call of the 7th Framework ICT: Probable date and topics / Placement of the work packages of the project proposal Joachim Schaper (SAP Research) / Andreas Paschke (TU Dresden) / Rainer v. Ammon (CITT) 10.45 Coffee break 11.00 Panel: - The current consortium partners and their positioning to the work packages - IP instead of STREP - Enhanced consortium partners - Project leadership So far: Audi, Betfair (UK), CACEIS, Deutsche Post/DHL CZ, TeamBank, T-Mobile NL, IBM Haifa, SAP Research, Systar France, Tibco London, TU Dresden, Uni/ Uni of Applied Sc. Regensburg/CITT, Uni of Applied Sc. Graz, Uni Skövde, TÜV Rheinland, Digital Part- ners Portugal… 11.30 Steering committee - Its potential role and potential members: David Luckham (Uni Stanford), Mani Chandy (Caltech Uni), Roy Schulte (Gartner), ??? (Technion University Haifa) (tbd.) 11.45 Associated consortium partners: Hans-Arno Jacobson (University of Toronto), Sharma Chakravarthy (University of Texas Arlington) (tbd.) 12.00 Lunch Afternoon session: BPM relevant modelling standards 13.30 Modelling standards and quasi standards: BPDM/BPMN2.0 Q3/2008, UML, eEPK – What does Q3/2008 mean for our hitherto existing and future BP models? Martin Bartonitz (Saperion AG), Ronald Zankl, Christian Oelschlegel, Hannes Obermay- er, Robert Gottanka (Audi project team), Michael Schüler, Manuel Karg, Peter Keidler, Florian Roesch, Andreas Spangler (Haspa project team) 14.15 Panel: Quo vadis - BPM-relevant modelling standards and tools? Martin Bartonitz (Saperion), Rüdiger Molle (ITAB), Elke Jung (HVB/UniCredit), Anton Kramm (Audi), Andreas Hehmann (Haspa), Bernd Schulze (EDS/Itellium), Holger Teuchert (CACEIS), Hans Viehmann (Oracle), Roland Peisl (IBM), ??? (IDS Scheer), Al- bert Fleischmann (jCOM1), ??? (microTool), ??? (BOC) …, 15.15 Coffee break
  3. 3. Afternoon session: BPM relevant execution standards: BPEL2.x, XPDL 15.30 Some hypotheses about the quality of BPA-models and BPEL-import into BPMS Rainer v. Ammon, Sascha Scheiblhuber, Simon Schwarz (Haspa project team) 15.45 The concrete experiences at Audi and Haspa with importing BPA models (eEPK, BPMN, UML activity diagrams…) in BPEL or XPDL Erwin Buda, Kuno Grün (Audi project) / Ulrike Stumvoll, Alexej Jukkert, Mi- chael Reisp, Bülent Billurcu, Simon Isenberg (Audi project) / Timon Birk, Stefan Pflaum, Holger Schmidt (Haspa project) 16.15 SOA appropriate remodelling of the business processes – experi- ences with IBM WID at Audi and Haspa Katharina Faustmann, Manuela Weiß (Audi project) / Armin Eigenstetter, Matthias Multerer (Haspa project), Katja Borschert, Florian Priller, Martin Schober (Haspa pro- ject), Michael Preu / Roland Peisl (IBM) 17.00 Experiences with Eclipse Open Source SOA framework of Sopera/Deutsche Post and Oracle Fusion live skype video with diploma students Christoph Emmersberger/Florian Springer as well as Dieter Gawlick/Shailendra Mishra from Redwood Shores/Oracle Head Quarters, Hans Viehmann (Oracle, Head of CC SOA+Integration Hamburg) and Jerry Preissler/Bernd Trops/Dietmar Wolz (Post/Sopera Bonn) 18.00 End of the first day / evening event with the “Stadtmaus” 19:30 Dinner in „Leerer Beutel“ Tuesday, January 15, 2008 Morning session: BPM relevant execution standards: BPEL2.x, XPDL – continued 09.00 Welcome/Wrap Up of the first day Rainer v. Ammon 09.05 Panel: BPM relevant execution standards: BPEL, XPDL – Experi- ences, expectations, deficits BPMS-platforms: Wolfgang Weigend (BEA Systems), Roland Peisl (IBM), Hans Viehmann (Oracle), ??? (SAP (Galaxi)), ??? (Tibco), Stefan Ried, Uwe Hartmann (Webmethods/Software AG) BPEL-exporters: Albert Fleischmann (jCOM1), ??? (microTool), ??? (BOC), ??? (IDS Scheer) (Potential) adopters: Elke Jung (HVB/UniCredit), Anton Kramm (Audi), Andreas Hehmann (Haspa), Bernd Schulze (EDS/Itellium), Holger Teuchert (CACEIS), Tors- ten Greiner/Juraj Lenharcik (TeamBank), Rolf Kintscher (Senacor) Authors/Critics: Martin Bartonitz (Saperion), Rüdiger Molle (ITAB), Tom Bruck- böck, Frederick Lange (Haspa Team) 10.30 Coffee break Morning and afternoon sessions: Key Performance Indicators / Busi- ness Activity Monitoring / CEP 10.45 Keynote: EDA as part of current and future enterprise architectures Opher Etzion (IBM Haifa)
  4. 4. 11.15 Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) – typical examples from differ- ent domains like automotive, finance, telco, logistics, pharma… Anton Kramm (Audi), Andreas Hehmann (Haspa), Holger Teuchert (CACEIS), Elke Jung (HVB/UniCredit), Torsten Greiner/Juraj Dollinger-Lenharcik (TeamBank), Rolf Kintscher (Senacor), Thomas Grimm (Telecom/T-Mobile), ??? (Deutsche Post/DHL), …, Josef Schiefer (Senactive), Bernard Charbonnier (Systar) 11.45 Keynote: SOX and KPI’s: process oriented approach or different? Elke Jung (HVB/UniCredit) 12.15 Lunch 13.30 Experiences with inserting and flexibly modifying KPI-sensors in busi- ness processes at Audi and Haspa and experiences with real-time dashboards/enterprise cockpits Christian Panzer, Andreas Schindlbeck, Peter Singer, Andreas Goppel, Markus Hofer (Audi project) / Matthias Gerl, Tom Bruckböck, Ralf Tremmel, Ben Lange, Frederick Lange (Haspa project), Kossi Tamakloe, Akouavi Djomatin, Joseph Dormeier, Carolin Vogl 14.15 Real-time BAM views and real-time dashboards/enterprise cockpits – the presence and future plans of Oracle Hans Viehmann (Oracle) 15.00 Panel: KPI’s, real-time BAM views, real-time dashboards/enterprise cockpits - Experiences, expectations, deficits BPM/BAM-platforms: Wolfgang Weigend (BEA Systems), Roland Peisl (IBM (Cognos)), ??? (IDS Scheer), Hans Viehmann (Oracle (Hyperion)), ??? (SAP (BO)), Josef Schiefer (Senactive), Bernard Charbonnier (Systar), ??? (Tibco) (Potential) adopters: Elke Jung (HVB/UniCredit), Anton Kramm (Audi), Andreas Hehmann (Haspa), Bernd Schulze (EDS/Itellium), Holger Teuchert (CACEIS), Thomas Grimm (Telecom/T-Mobile), Torsten Greiner/Juraj Dollinger-Lenharcik (TeamBank), Rolf Kintscher (Senacor) Authors/Critics: Martin Bartonitz (Saperion), student-haspa project, student-audi- project 16.00 Neue EU-Dienstleistungsrichtlinie: Auswirkungen auf Geschäftspro- zesse und potentielle BPM/BAM-Projekte aus Sicht der Stadt Nürn- berg Frank Thyroff (Stadt Nürnberg) 17.00 End of the Expert Meeting Registration Please send an email or call. Attendance is free of charge. Contact: Phone: +49 941 8 97 94 72 E-Mail: