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CC Profile Ton van de Ven (EN).doc

  1. 1. PROFILE TON VAN DE VEN DOCUMENT DATE : 2th october 2008 CONTACT : van de Ven, Ton TELEPHONE : +31(0)6 30 277 845 This document is confidential. To guarantee the privacy of our employees, Corben Creatives would like to request you friendly to destroy this profile or return it after use.
  2. 2. PROFILE Ton van de Ven Table of Contents Personal Details.................................................................................................3 Summary............................................................................................................4 Training..............................................................................................................6 Overview of assignments..................................................................................7 Experience summary.......................................................................................22 Confidential 2 of 24
  3. 3. PROFILE Ton van de Ven Personal Details NAME : A.H.A.M. van de Ven, Ton DATE OF BIRTH : 7th october 1963 CITY : Vleuten COUNTRY : Netherlands ROLE : J2EE Developer/Architect LANGUAGES : Dutch, English, German Confidential 3 of 24
  4. 4. PROFILE Ton van de Ven Summary PROFILE Ton van de Ven is a proactive, experienced J2EE developer/architect, teamleader/coach with a track record of delivering quality solutions quickly in the ICT industries. During his 11 years in the IT industry he has had roles in architecture, integration issues, analysis & design, development and team coaching. He started in 2005 with giving J2EE related training to employees of Atos Origin. Ton has a large experience within the area of development of distributed, heterogeneous architectures on Windows and Unix platforms and is experienced in technologies like C/C++, Java/J2EE, XML, Messaging, Workflow and several other integration techniques on a number of large and complex projects. Originally he has a financial background and started of his career as a financial accountant. He holds diplomas in Economic and Administrative Business Management as well as several J2EE and Architecture related Certifications. Ton has extensive experience in J2EE technologies ranging from the design and development of complex J2EE design pattern architectures to the integration of business processes and legacy mainframe architectures. He is familiar with the common Enterprise integration Patterns and the typical IBM Patterns for E-Business. He has worked extensively in the banking and insurance industry providing transaction based solutions with the main focus of integrating (business) processes and legacy mainframe applications Ton currently holds the position of J2EE Developer/Architect in a project called ‘Nieuwe Media’ within the IT division of Rabobank Nederland and in his free time he participates in complex Open Source integration projects related to Business Integration, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and other integration challenges. Confidential 4 of 24
  5. 5. PROFILE Ton van de Ven ASSIGNMENT : J2EE Developer/Architect PERIOD : August 2007 - present CUSTOMER : Rabobank Nederland / Rabo Mobiel BUSINESS LINE : Banking TASK AREA : J2EE Developer/Architect APPLICATION AREA : Banking applications for new media channels BACKGROUND : Development of J2EE banking applications for new media channels like television set-top boxes and mobile phones, together with the disclosure of Rabobank services for Rabobank partners and vice versa. BUSINESS CONTEXT : Rabobank is known as a an innovative bank. They are pioneers in the area of offering services through mobile phone en television. To promote this, since 2007 Rabobank (Rabo Mobiel) even sells mobile phones. TASKS : System design and development of applications and infrastructure (security) related to banking applications for new media, like mobile phones and interactive TV through set-top boxes. Think e.g. of Rabo Mobiel Bankieren, Rabo TV- bankieren en Rabo Sport.TV. Improvement of Configuration Management like build en deployment processes in OTAP. TOOLING : IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM ClearQuest/ ClearCase, IBM WebSphere MQ, Struts, Spring Framework, Maven 2, Web Services, XML/XSL, Dozer, JAXB. Confidential 5 of 24
  6. 6. PROFILE Ton van de Ven Training NAME INSTITUTE YEAR OF COMPLETION IBM SOA Lifecycle Bootcamp IBM 2006 JavaOne 2005 - San Francisco Sun 2005 Masterclass Technical Architect Cibit 2005 IBM Certified Enterprise Developer - IBM 2003 IBM WebSphere Application Server WebSphere Application Server (IBM IBM 2003 test 158) Enterprise Connectivity (with J2EE, IBM 2002 V1.2) (IBM test 483) Object-Oriented Analysis and Design IBM 2002 with UML (IBM test 486) Sun Certified Java Programmer 2 Sun 2002 Communication training Kenneth Smit 2000 Internetworking Triple P 1996 Sybase DBA InfoSupport 1996 Unix system administration AT Computing 1996 Business economics SPD Praehep 1995 Oracle DBA Oracle 1995 Ambi modules HE.0, HE.1, HE.2 Novi 1994 Confidential 6 of 24
  7. 7. PROFILE Ton van de Ven Overview of assignments ASSIGNMENT : Integration Architect PERIOD : July 2006 – June 2007 CUSTOMER : Achmea BUSINESS LINE : Insurance TASK AREA : Technical Architect APPLICATION AREA : Business Process Automation BACKGROUND : United under the Achmea umbrella are labels like Centraal Beheer, Interpolis, Groene land, FBTO, Avero etc. Achmea wants wo migrate and further automate their processes with Business Process management and WebSphere Integration Tooling supported by a Service Oriented Architecture. BUSINESS CONTEXT : The processes have to be generic to integrate the existing and possible future labels. The existing tooling (ENGIN) must be replaced by the IBM WebSphere Integration Tool Suite and existing automated processes must be migrated. A mixture of existing Workflow implementations must be replaced by WebSphere Process Server. TASKS : Contribution to an IBM WebSphere showcase to support the strategic decisionmaking of the Achmea direction in the field of BPM. Realisation of a Proof of Implementation of critical Achmea processes. Design of the BPM architecture and infrastructure and review them against the Achmea Reference Architecture. Analysing and documenting the Best Practices for modeling and implementing the automated processes. Realisation of an initial SDMC to design and build the future processes. TOOLING : IBM WebSphere Business Modeler, IBM WebSphere Process Server, IBM WebSphere Integration Message broker, IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM WebSphere Portal Server, BPEL. Confidential 7 of 24
  8. 8. PROFILE Ton van de Ven ASSIGNMENT : EAI Consultant PERIOD : April 2006 CUSTOMER : Electrabel Nederland NV BUSINESS LINE : Energy & Utility Industry TASK AREA : Business Integration APPLICATION AREA : Partner Integration, Process Management, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Supply Chain BACKGROUND : Electrabel Nederland intends to integrate her systems with Tennet, ( a Dutch transmission system operator and regulator for electricity supplies). Tennet coördinates the messaging network related to electricity transmission in the Netherlands. BUSINESS CONTEXT : Electrabel wants to exchange messages with Tennet. Think e.g. of electricity transport capacity requests, compensation between electricity providers and registration of electricity usage data etc. The EDI mesaging traffic will be directed inbound as well as outbound. TASKS : Analysis and advise related to architecture, design and implementation of a system that can process the inbound and outbound messages. Transactional integrity and prioritised/time-critical messaging are the emphasised requirements. The inbound messages need to be processed in multiple back-office systems through message brokerage (especially transformation and routing) by an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). Business events in the back-office systems are the source of the outbound messages and are mediated (transformation) by the ESB and dispatched to Tennet. METHODOLOGIES & : Not applicable. TECHNIQUES TOOLING : WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker & Toolkit, WebSphere MQ, WebSphere WBI Adapters & Framework, WebSphere Integration Developer Confidential 8 of 24
  9. 9. PROFILE Ton van de Ven ASSIGNMENT : Research and comparison of a typiscal IBM Supply Chain Business implementation with IBM development tooling on the one hand and a solution based on purely lightweight Open Source components and Open Source development tooling on the other hand. PERIOD : September 2005 CUSTOMER : TheServerSide.COM (a prominent player in the Enterprise Java Community) BUSINESS LINE : Distributed System Development TASK AREA : Integration APPLICATION AREA : System integration BUSINESS CONTEXT : The research involves proving the ability of realising scalable, redundant and manageable integration solutions with solely lightweight Open Source components. The basis for the research consists of an existing IBM Supply Chain solution that is developed with IBM tooling and IBM components based on IBM's Patterns for E-Business. Some of the lightweight Open Source components involved were: - Spring Framework for configuration and scaling - Tomcat/Jetty for web-enablement - ActiveMQ for the reliable connectivity layer - Servicemix and Mule for brokerage and mediation - Apache Axis2 as a (web) service engine TASKS : Design, build and test the Open Source solution with the IBM implementation as a blue print. TOOLING : IBM WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) 6.0, IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker. Tomcat/Jetty, Spring framework, ActiveMQ, Servicemix/Mule, Axis2. Confidential 9 of 24
  10. 10. PROFILE Ton van de Ven ASSIGNMENT : J2EE Architect, Team leader PERIOD : January 2005 – June 2006 CUSTOMER : Fortis ASR BUSINESS LINE : Financials TASK AREA : Technical Architect APPLICATION AREA : Architecture, SOA, Design, ESB, Quality Assurance, SDMC improvement, Team coördination, Continues Integration BACKGROUND : Development and integration of typical insurance systems in a heterogeneous and service oriented environment. BUSINESS CONTEXT : After some failed attempts within the SDMC, Fortis ASR’s management wanted to form a multi- disciplinairily team based on seniority, self-direction and agile qualities to streamline the software development life-cycle. These failed attempts concerned the realisation of a web-based solution for internal employees and external intermediaries to offer corporate clients a collective pension insurance. With the concept described above we realised this challenging assignment within a year and were nominated the most succesful project of 2005. Realisation in 2006 of a system to generate Factor-A letters for participants in collective pension insurances in the form of a nightly batch job. TASKS : Architectural design of system infrastructure. Development of architecture strategy and roadmap to start developing the solutions. Streamlining the iterative and incremental development processes within the team and with external parties/stakeholders. Teamleader during iterative development. METHODOLOGIES & : RUP, PRINCE2 TECHNIQUES Web Services Enterprise Java Beans Java Connector Architecture Message transformation TOOLING : IBM Websphere 5.x (Windows, AIX, z/OS) IBM IMS Mainframe IMS Connect IBM WebSphere Application Developer 5.x Rational Application Developer 6.x Windows 2000 Server, AIX 5.2, z/OS 1.x Confidential 10 of 24
  11. 11. PROFILE Ton van de Ven VarEDocs document handling Confidential 11 of 24
  12. 12. PROFILE Ton van de Ven ASSIGNMENT : J2EE Architect PERIOD : July 2003 – December 2004 CUSTOMER : SVB Sociale Verzekeringsbank Amstelveen BUSINESS LINE : Social Security TASK AREA : Architecture, Performance Proof of Concept, Design, Team coördination APPLICATION AREA : Architecture, SOA, Design, Quality Assurance, SDMC improvement, Team coördination BACKGROUND : Modernising the AKW (Algemene Kinderbijslagwet) en AOW (Algemene Ouderdomswet) solutions. Creating web-based middleware solutions wrapping the existing backoffice applications through a messaging queueing layer. BUSINESS CONTEXT : SVB intends to offer its customer services through the Internet. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems need to be integrated in a new SOA based Architecture that meets the requirement of a distributed, expandable and highly available service network. This means integrating existing AKW and AOW applications with Customer Relationship and Document Management Systems. A quite ambitious job to be realised within the daily context of a traditional organisation (SVB is a former Government company). TASKS : Participation in the process of defining SVB’s Service Oriented Reference Architecture. Design (SAD), plan and build the migration of legacy and proprietary AKW and AOW solutions by J2EE technology. Integration of the Cobol driven Back Office systems (OS390 mainframe) through CICS via Web Services and web applicaties. Very innovative was the realisation of the presentation layer that was build by means of an XSLT engine. Improve the quality, productivity and stability of SDMC produce. Development of systems for PGB (Persoonsgebonden Budget) and Social Security of expats. METHODOLOGIES & : Prince2, DSDM, CICS, Java Messaging Systems, TECHNIQUES Struts, XML, XSL, Web Services TOOLING : IBM WebSphere Application Developer 5.x Confidential 12 of 24
  13. 13. PROFILE Ton van de Ven Rational Rose CruiseControl Ant Confidential 13 of 24
  14. 14. PROFILE Ton van de Ven ASSIGNMENT : Architect/J2EE developer PERIOD : July 2002 – July 2003 CUSTOMER : ING Bank BUSINESS LINE : Financials TASK AREA : Technical Architecture, Design APPLICATION AREA : Collaterals BACKGROUND : The Basel II Accord for IT systems also impacts the systems of ING Bank Nederland. Basel II has a Adequacy Framework that prescribes (amongst others) requirements that relate to Credit & Operational Risk and Reporting transparancy. BUSINESS CONTEXT : The design and implementation of a service layer named ICoS to manage financial collateral data conform the directives prescribed by the “Basel II Accord”, a capital adequacy framework for banks. This service layer must be integrated with a diversity of internal and external systems like a CRM- , Contract- and Credit application system and the ICoS user-interfaces. TASKS : The design and implementation of a service layer for administration of collaterals and secured transactions. The architecture is organised through Object Oriented design patterns. METHODOLOGIES & : RUP, EJB, Java/EJB design patterns, Persistency TECHNIQUES mapping, JUnit, Xml/Xsl TOOLING : WebSphere 3.5, WebGain Toplink 4.0, Select, Powerdesigner 8.0, VisualAge for java, Oracle 8i. Confidential 14 of 24
  15. 15. PROFILE Ton van de Ven ASSIGNMENT : Team leader & technical J2EE designer/developer PERIOD : September 2001 – June 2002 CUSTOMER : Nationale-Nederlanden BUSINESS LINE : Financials, Insurance TASK AREA : Design, Implementation, Refactoring, Documentation APPLICATION AREA : Insurance BACKGROUND : Replacement of the complete commercial business software assets by browser based web applications. The insurance intermediairies of Nationale- Nederlanden still work with DOS application written in Borland Pascal. Because of expected support problems in the near future, Nationale-Nederlanden decides to replace all commercial business software. BUSINESS CONTEXT : Design and development of web applications for: - selling insurance products - calculation of insurance premiums - comparison of insurance premiums - insurance offering and application processing TASKS : Design the main process engine of the applications. The application’s interfaces should consist mainly of xml to enable persistency and offer the business logic to third parties like Refactoring of the User Interface Engine and internet page navigation system. METHODOLOGIES & : Rational Unified Process, XML, XSL, JSP (Custom TECHNIQUES tags) TOOLING : WebSphere, Tomcat, VisualAge for Java, Continuus/CM, Continuus ChangeSynergy, Rational Rose, Rational RequisitePro Confidential 15 of 24
  16. 16. PROFILE Ton van de Ven ASSIGNMENT : Project leader PERIOD : January 2001 - August 2001 CUSTOMER : Sony Logistics Europe BUSINESS LINE : Logistics, Distribution, Elektronics TASK AREA : Project lead APPLICATION AREA : Warehouse management, Process control, Logistics, Quality Management, Decision support BACKGROUND : Sony Logistics Europe wants to lay the infrastructural basis for a Internet, Intranet and Extranet. BUSINESS CONTEXT : The Intranet initially must service Sony employees to support them with HRM related issues. The Extranet is part of the strategic plans to improve quality of business by offering partners, customers and employees applications related to logistic management and tracking & tracing of freight and stock etc. TASKS : Technical lead of a team with the mission to: - Select a new Internet Service Provider, - Technical construction of an Intranet. - Lay the basis of the application environment within the Extranet infrastructure. METHODOLOGIES & : SDM 2 TECHNIQUES TOOLING : HTMLserver, Internet, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM /netwerk-PC(LAN), TCP/IP, MS-Windows NT, Java, Java(script), MS-Frontpage 98, MS-Project, MS-Visio Confidential 16 of 24
  17. 17. PROFILE Ton van de Ven ASSIGNMENT : J2EE developer PERIOD : July 2000 - December 2000 CUSTOMER : Crisp BV/Foliquest NV BUSINESS LINE : IT, Financials TASK AREA : Programming, Technical design APPLICATION AREA : Decision Support, Simulation, Statistics, Legislation, Expert systems BACKGROUND : Crisp BV is a small Dutch startup company that is specialised in building innovative financial internet and intranet applications. Foliquest Internation NV is an international investor that supports cutting edge ICT projects. BUSINESS CONTEXT : Initially for Staal Bankiers a Financial Internet Suite was developed to support financial advisors in the generation of financial planning information for Staal’s customers. The system was based on the new tax system rules of 2001. TASKS : Development of an online reporting system to be able to generate and offer financial advice documents over the internet. METHODOLOGIES & : SDM 2 TECHNIQUES TOOLING : MS-Windows NT, Java/J2EE, EJB, XML, Xpath, Fop, Corba, VisualAge, WebSphere, Rational Rose Confidential 17 of 24
  18. 18. PROFILE Ton van de Ven ASSIGNMENT : J2EE developer PERIOD : March 1999 – September 1999 CUSTOMER : Equality BV BUSINESS LINE : IT-services TASK AREA : Programming, Functional and Technical design APPLICATION AREA : J2EE development BACKGROUND : The design and development of a tool suite to enhance productivity in J2EE application development. BUSINESS CONTEXT : Distributed application development with J2EE is actually a major leap back in time if 4GL is the common way of developing software. Equality has the idea to develop a range of tools to raise productivity in J2EE application development. TASKS : Design and develop a Servlet based framework based on the MVC paradigm to build J2EE application faster. Development of a online time tracking solution for employees, team managers and contractors. IBM connector architecture is used to integrate the application with IBM EIS systems. METHODOLOGIES & : Java/J2EE, XML, JSP TECHNIQUES TOOLING : VisualAge for Java, WebSphere, Jakarta Tomcat, TogetherJ Confidential 18 of 24
  19. 19. PROFILE Ton van de Ven ASSIGNMENT : Enterprise Resource Planning for Media and Publishing companies. PERIOD : 1997 - February 1999 CUSTOMER : VDA Informatiebeheersing BV - Hilversum BUSINESS LINE : Media, Publishing TASK AREA : Functional & technical design, Programming, Database design, Technical Writer, Re-engineering APPLICATION AREA : Decision Support, Inkoop-/Verkoopadministratie, Leden- en abonnementadministratie, Logistiek, Marketing/Verkoop, Voorraadadminstratie BACKGROUND : VDA is the largest national software house in the Media and Publisher field. BUSINESS CONTEXT : Design and development of ERP systems for Media and Publishing companies. TASKS : Design and development of modules related to finance and advertisement sales and billing. Integration with external financial systems. Several Internet projects (e.g. online subscription service at VNU). Give end user training related to financial modules. Organisation of Ambassador User workshops TOOLING : Omnis7, Oracle 7.x, PL/SQL, SQL Confidential 19 of 24
  20. 20. PROFILE Ton van de Ven ASSIGNMENT : European projects in development of Internet systems (for ISP's) and other internet related services. PERIOD : 1996 – 1997 CUSTOMER : Planet Internet Holding (later: the new planet) BUSINESS LINE : Internet Provider services TASK AREA : Programming, Technical design, Implementation and support,, Installation, System management, Database design APPLICATION AREA : Internet, Networking BACKGROUND : Planet Internet Holding is a small group of ICT high potentials, mainly consisting of part time students completed with experienced senior project leaders and sales people. They continue and improve the “Planet Internet” concepts with the intention to operate on the european market. BUSINESS CONTEXT : Planet Internet Holding realises Internet Service Provider systems. Systems that offer end users the the ability to surf the Internet based on the well known “Planet Internet” concepts. TASKS : Development, support and international implementations of advanced ISP systems. Design and development of a financial billing system for KPN’s 'Het Net'-project. Implementation project lead at customer’s site. Software distribution packaging. METHODOLOGIES & : SDM 1 TECHNIQUES TOOLING : Powerbuilder, SQL, Oracle 7.x, Silicon Graphics/Indigo, TCP/IP, Internet, X-Windows, Unix, MS-Windows NT, C, C++, Perl, Make, Software distribution packaging Confidential 20 of 24
  21. 21. PROFILE Ton van de Ven ASSIGNMENT : Financial Accountant PERIOD : 1990 – 1996 CUSTOMER : SIG Informatiecentrum vd Gezondheidszorg BUSINESS LINE : Health Care TASK AREA : Financial analysis and reporting, Administrative Organisation (AO), Data management, Programming, Advise, Software selection, Information analysis APPLICATION AREA : Financial analysis and reporting BACKGROUND : The financial accounting systems have become obsolete. Because of the very complex organisational structure the selection of new accounting systems is not easy. BUSINESS CONTEXT : The system eventually selected is implemented by the vendor but lacks some specific reporting functionality. The systems needs to be enhanced with extra reporting functionality. TASKS : Carry the responsibility for the financial- and project information provisioning within a complex organisational structure. Inventory the very specific internal financial information needs. Complete and enhance the reporting part of the new financial system. TOOLING : Oracle 7, HP/UX, MS-Excel, SQL Confidential 21 of 24
  22. 22. PROFILE Ton van de Ven Experience summary YEARS OF LAST YEAR OF EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE TASK AREAS Business Integration 4 2006 Architecture 4 2006 Detail design 19 2005 Architecture/Design 19 2005 Documentation Information analysis 7 2005 Programming 19 2005 Technical design 7 2005 Database design 6 2004 Administrative 7 1996 Organisation (AO) APPLICATION AREAS Insurance 5 2005 Sociale Insurance 1.5 2004 Collaterals & 2 2003 creditscoring Financial/project 19 2002 administration Decision support 19 2001 Procurement-/Sales 7 2001 administration Member- and 2 2000 subscription administration Taxes 1 2000 BUSINESS LINES Financials 19 2006 Publishing/Media/Publishi 2 2000 ng (Semi)-Government 1 2004 Insurance and pension 2 2003 funds IT 11 2007 Distribution/Logistics 1 2002 METHODOLOGIES & Agile/XP 2 2006 TECHNIQUES Rational Unified Process 4 2007 PRINCE2 1 2005 UML 4 2007 DSDM 2 2003 SDM 1 1 1999 TOOLS & UTILITIES IBM WebSphere Process 1 2007 Server Confidential 22 of 24
  23. 23. PROFILE Ton van de Ven IBM WebSphere ESB 1 2007 BizzDesign Architect 1 2007 (Archimate) IBM WebSphere 1 2007 Integration Developer IBM WebSphere Message 1 2007 Brokers Toolkit IBM WebSphere Business 1 2007 Integration Message Broker BPEL, Business Process 2 2007 Execution Language (IBM, Oracle, Pxe) IBM WebSphere Portal 2 2007 Server IBM WebSphere MQ 4 2007 WSAD 4/5, RAD 6, RSA 4 2006 Apache Jakarta Tomcat 4 2005 Rational Rose 4 2006 WebSphere 3.5/4.0/5.0 4 2004 IBM VisualAge for Java 2.5 2003 3.5/4.0 Rational XDE 1.5 2005 TogetherJ 3 2004 Sybase Powerdesigner 1 2002 Microsoft Visual Studio 0.5 2002 .Net Enterprise Architect IBM WebSphere 0.5 2002 Application Developer Continuus/CM 0.5 2002 Continuus 0.5 2002 ChangeSynergy Rational RequisitePro 1 2004 WebGain Toplink 0.5 2002 Ozone xml dbms 0.5 2002 Visual SourceSafe 1 2001 Visio FlowCharter 1 2001 ERwin 2 2000 PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES Java 7 2007 UML 5 2007 C# 3 2006 Java(script) 5 2006 C++ 13 2004 Visual C++ 5 2004 Delphi 1 2001 C 17 2000 TCL 1 2000 Perl 1 1997 4GL SQL 8 2006 Confidential 23 of 24
  24. 24. PROFILE Ton van de Ven PL/SQL 5 2003 Omnis7 2 2000 DBMS DB2 3 2007 Oracle 7.x, 8i 8 2007 Ozone XML Database 1 2002 Interbase 1 2001 Sybase 1 1999 SYSTEMS IBM AIX 2 2007 IBM /network-PC(LAN) 19 2007 Silicon Graphics/Indigo 2 1997 HewlettPackard 1 1996 OPERATING SYSTEMS Windows systems 11 2007 Unix/Linux 9 2007 MS-DOS 19 2001 NETWORK & PROTOCOLS Ethernet 5 2001 TCP/IP 5 2001 LAN Network 5 2001 Confidential 24 of 24