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Call for Speakers forms.doc.doc

  1. 1. Code Camp Call for Speakers Greater PA (East) Code Camp April 23/24, 2005 April 23 – 9:00 AM – 9PM April 24 – 9:00 AM – 6PM Community College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA General Call for Speakers Code Camp is looking for speakers and session leaders. Code Camp is an event that started last year in New England, and is looking to be even bigger and better than anything that has been done in one single district. We liked the idea so much that we’re duplicating it in Pennsylvania, and other districts in the East Region are also planning to host them. This one is a Greater PA developer community based event that needs both speakers and attendees. The goal of the Code Camps series is to provide an intensive developer-to-developer learning experience that is fun and technically stimulating. The primary focus is on delivering programming information and sample code that can be used immediately. The event and all slides, CD’s and demo code are provided free! This two day camp is to be hosted at the Community College of Philadelphia. Since this is a community based event, we’re making a general call for speakers and session leaders to help make it a success. The Code Camp will contain two types of one hour sessions that are being held. Requested Session Format Code Focused Presentation – These are presentations that include both PowerPoint decks and code demos. Given the audience demographics it is important that a large amount of the presentation is focused on code and coding related techniques. Except for the Novice track, all sessions should be 200 level and above, 300 level preferred. • 100 level – mostly PowerPoint, non-technical • 200 level – 50% PowerPoint, 50% code • 300 level – 25% PowerPoint, 75% code • 400 level – 0-10% PowerPoint, 100-90% code Cabana Talks – Very popular at Tech-Ed, these sessions are designed to be focused on one particular developer topic. They are free form facilitated discussions that leverage the expertise of the presenter and the combined knowledge of the group to explore a specific topic. These can also include multiple subject matter experts for more of a roundtable feel. Additionally, based on feedback we are sponsoring the following tracks. All presentations must fall into these tracks to be considered. Tracks: • ASP.NET 2.0 Development
  2. 2. Code Camp Call for Speakers o Topics are around development of web sites, including Windows SharePoint Services sites. • WinForms and Smart Client development o Examples include Window forms applications, Microsoft Office 2003 applications, TabletPC and mobile device applications. • Patterns and practices and Enterprise Library o Strong focus on Enterprise Library, but can include other application blocks, such as Smart Client, or Updater, as well as community originated best practices • SOA and Architectures o Should include architecture, integration, WSE 2.0, and BizTalk presentations • Data Access and SQL Server o Examples are SQL Server 2005, ADO.NET, XML, etc. • Development tools and Lifecycle o All about VSTS We have volunteers that will be track leads who will coordinate with you to ensure that topics fit with tracks and presentations adhere to visual standards. We will have available LiveMeeting sessions on a scheduled basis for all tracks, and can include train-the-trainer sessions. We will supply a standard template for PowerPoint slides. All slide decks and demos must be redistributable to the attendees, so please don’t include any proprietary IP.
  3. 3. Code Camp Call for Speakers Session Submission Please complete the following and return it to by February 21, 2005. Once your outline is received the track owners will review and approve by March 7. All slides and code samples for the presentation must be delivered by April 16. We will make them available to the community after the event. If we are unable to fill all the time slots for the two days, the code camp will be shortened, and we certainly want to avoid that! Name: Title: Company: e-Mail: Phone (Main): Phone (Mobile): Bio: Presentation 1 Track (see above): Topic: Description: Presentation 2 Track (see above): Topic: Description:
  4. 4. Code Camp Call for Speakers The Code Camp Manifesto Originated by Thom Robbins, NED Community Developer Evangelist The original Code Camp was a conglomeration of ideas by many different people across the development community. The idea was simple – provide an off hour forum for the development community to speak and share ideas for them to come and enjoy. The results have been astounding. I am happy to report that they are being planned across many different cities. The question is what makes a Code Camp? The answer is actually simple. In order to use the official Code Camp name and banner follow these simple protocols. 1. By and For the Developer Community Code Camps are about the developer community at large. They are meant to be a place for developers to come and learn from their peers. Topics are always based on community interest and never determined by anyone other than the community. 2. Always Free Code Camps are always free for attendees. 3. Community Developed Material The success of the Code Camps is that they are based on community content. All content that is delivered is original. All presentation content must be provided completely (including code) without any restriction. If you have content you don’t want to share or provide to attendees then the Code Camp is not the place for you. 4. No Fluff – only Code Code Camps are about showing the code. Refer to rule #1 if you have any questions on this. 5. Community Ownership The most important element of the Code Camp is always the developer community. All are welcome to attend and speak and do so without expectation of payment or any other compensation other than their participation in the community. 6. Never occur during work hours We need to understand that many times people can’t leave work for a day or two to attend training or even seminars. The beauty of the Code Camp is that they always occur on weekends. Where can I find a Code Camp near me? All Official Code Camps dates and locations are available at If you would like to schedule one near you in Pennsylvania, Delaware, or New Jersey (south of Philadelphia), please contact and we’ll schedule it and have it added to the Code Camp web site.