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BPM Tech Showcase Agenda.doc

  1. 1. Changing How We Do Business - A Technology Showcase II. Business Process Management Software Date and Venue: Date: December 9, 2005 Time: 8:00am-1:30pm Location: Microsoft Offices 2000 West Sam Houston Pkwy, suite 350 Houston, TX 77042 Program: 8:00 - 8:30 Continental breakfast and registration 8:30 - 8:45 Welcome and Introductions 8:45 - 9:15 Keynote address “Business Process Management-- Lessons Learned”, Kurt McCaslin, Kerr McGee 9:15 - 9:30 Q&A, explain rest of agenda 9:30 - 12:30 Concurrent sessions with 8 invited companies 1. OpenText 2. Microsoft 3. Fuego 4. K2.Net 5. IBM 6. File Net 7. SAP 8. Documentum 12:30 - 1:30 Lunch and wrap-up There will be four 40 minute vendor presentations in four demonstration rooms. Each vendor will repeat their presentation twice between 9:30 and 12:30 to allow attendees to self select into areas of interest. Altogether 8 presentations will be made. Presentations will include 1) description of vendor software and its capabilities, 2) examples of the kinds of problems that are good target applications and 3) case studies. Keynote: Kurt McCaslin, Director of Technology, Kerr-McGee, has agreed to give the keynote address. He will describe application of Business Process Management effort within Kerr McGee and discuss lessons learned. Fees: Members - $15 Non-members - $30 (fee will be waived for those who sign up as SPE members on the spot) Content of presentations:
  2. 2. Abstracts of presentations will be placed on the Gulf Coast Section website for future reference (See http://www.spegcs.org/en/cev/?859 .) Concurrent Session Schedule Room A Room B Room CLC Room EBR 3038 3024 9:30 – 10:10 SAP IBM FileNet Opentext 10:15 – 10:55 Microsoft Documentum Fuego SAP 11:00 – 11:40 OpenText FileNet IBM K-2 Net 11:45 – 12:25 K-2 Net Fuego Documentum Microsoft Program Details: 1. OpenText Title: “Content-centric process management using Livelink” Content: The presenters will demonstrate how Open Text’s Livelink, already a leading enterprise content management solution in the Oil and Gas space, can help an organization better manage the content-centric processes that are critical to success (AFE Approval, Management of Change, Invoices, Incidents, Safety, etc.). Many processes relevant to oil and gas companies involve various types of content. Livelink can obviously manage the content. Find out how Livelink’s workflow engine can be used to dynamically manage a wide variety of processes…some that can be solved with an “off-the-shelf” product approach. Presenters: Scott Hardin, Leo Sayavedra and Andy Counts, Open Text Corporation 2. Microsoft Title: Microsoft Enabling Energy Business Process Optimization Content: Within the next 5-7 years the energy industry will be facing the retirement of a significant portion of its technical staff. To help alleviate the problem of the loss of institutional capability from a loss of personal know-how of experienced staff, energy companies are focusing on ways to improve productivity, institutionalize knowledge, and capture and accelerate workflows. Increasingly these improvements stem from the enabling of interoperability of core technical and enterprise systems, the implementation of business work flow systems, and improved knowledge management systems. Microsoft will present an overview of the importance of the .net framework for building interoperability between core systems. Web services developed in service-oriented architecture facilitates the types of complex orchestrations of data and integration of application that is enabled by Microsoft technology. The introduction of the Vista operating system and Office 12 system for desktop productivity is a powerful platform for the development of workflow systems, which, along with complimentary applications developed by partners, will provide an easy and familiar interface for faster user adoption of these new ways of working. This presentation will highlight the business process management, and collaboration capabilities of the integrated Microsoft technology stack including:
  3. 3. • Vista and Office 12 • BizTalk • SharePoint Services • Sequel Data base services including Business Analytics and KPI development • Exchange • Groove Presenters: Bill Terry and Michael Sternesky 3. Fuego Title: “Using BPM to Manage Enterprise Processes in the Petroleum Industry” Content: This presentation discusses the usage of Business Process Management (BPM) technology as the primary mechanism for delivering automated, integrated and optimized business processes. The audience will develop an understanding of how BPM platforms such as FuegoBPM can be leveraged to rapidly integrate people, applications and systems into enterprise business processes to help reduce costs, improve service-levels and achieve process agility at an average of 1/10th the cost and effort of traditional integration and workflow solutions. Presenters: Wayne Snell and Chris Carter, Fuego Inc. 4. K2.Net Title: “Leveraging Technology to Automate Business Processes in the Oil & Gas Industry” Content: The presenters will share new opportunities to leverage automated business process management solutions to automate real world manual processes, and will introduce the audience to K2.net 2003 Workflow, a software solution that increases business productivity by integrating people into systematic processes and creating an integrated workflow environment. One example of K2.net Workflow integration will be in the form of an Electronic Field Ticketing System. It will demonstrate the automated collection and dissemination of field related data including field tickets, electronic customer signatures, with the integration of workflow processes to tie that data to invoicing and back-end systems for complete end-to-end solution. Presenters: Joe Bocardo, Chris Geier and Travis M. Parigi, K2.Net 5. IBM Title: “Competitive advantages utilizing BPM and SOA with IBM On Demand solutions” Content: On Demand is a business strategy from IBM to help organizations become more competitive by being more nimble and flexible. An On Demand business is an enterprise whose business processes are integrated end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers and customers, able to respond with speed to any customer demand, market opportunity or external threat. Effective Business Process Management (BPM) is essential to becoming an On Demand enterprise and a Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) is a key enabler for BPM. This presentation will describe how IBM software provides a flexible SOA platform to support Business Process Management with the competitive advantage of flexibility and rapid response. Various case studies,
  4. 4. including a look at British Petroleum, will be discussed to illustrate the business value of these IBM solutions. Presenters: Rochell McLain, Jeff McBride, IBM 6. FileNet Title: “Reducing cost and automating compliance with BPM” Content: In this presentation the presenters will explore current success with BPM along with the near term future of business process automation. The current state will be highlighting applications in production that have reduced the cost and cycle times of business processes at a local petrochemical company. As we move to the near term future the presentation will cover emerging areas for BPM by giving examples of how local Oil & Gas companies are implementing BPM technology for the automation of legal compliance. The near term future/legal compliance discussion will deal with issues surrounding records management, e-mail management, and simulation. Presenters: Mike Mahan - District Manager, FileNet Corporation, Ed Kveton - Senior Systems Consultant, FileNet Corporation 7. SAP Title: SAP NetWeaver for Business Process Management Content: SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management is introduced and the presenters will discuss the NetWeaver functionalities and some case studies. SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management encompasses the design, configuration, execution, and monitoring of business processes. These processes can be structured or unstructured business processes. Presenters: Robert Suprenant et al, SAP 8. Documentum Title: “BPM and EMC|Documentum” Content: The presenters will outline the options available for managing business processes in an EMC|Documentum context, identify the use cases which are appropriate for each of these options, and present several case studies in the energy industry related to BPM. Presenters: Darrell Delahoussaye, Bechtel and Mike Alsup, Gimmal Group