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Automate IT Operations with Oracle 10g


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Automate IT Operations with Oracle 10g

  1. 1. Oracle Grid Control Complete Solution for Monitoring and Managing SOA Services and end-user Applications Deployed on Grid Tim Wu Sales Consultant Oracle Corporation
  2. 2. Key Pain Points For Managing SOA Environments Ensure end- user service levels Diagnose problems in the service layers Manage services lifecycle Manage the impact of change Existing Infrastructure and Management Framework
  3. 3. No alignment between business customers & IT on service levels Service Level Management Always reacting to end- user complaints. Taking too long to resolve problems Application Performance Management Not able to assess business impact of planned and unplanned changes Change & Configuration Management High cost of managing IT infrastructure Grid Automation Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Infrastructure Management Oracle Enterprise Manager
  4. 4. Service Level Management Align IT and business customers on service levels • Define & Model – SOA services – Set service level goals – Map business service to system resources – Visualize in topology views • Monitor – Measure service performance against goals – Availability, Performance and Usage • Report – Single view of status of each service – Out-of-box and custom reports
  5. 5. Application Performance Management Identify and resolve end-user problems quickly Application • Monitor from end-user perspective – Test application from representative geographies – Measure real user performance by domain, visitor, etc. – 10.1.2 Forms supported for real User monitoring • End-to-end system monitoring for complete application infrastructure – Comprehensive event management • Real-time and historical performance • Recommendation on metrics, thresholds • Automation of corrective actions – J2EE Application monitoring (top reports, performance analysis, workload distribution) • Diagnostics and Tuning for SOA – Support for SOAP protocol – Call stack analysis for web services – Rapid problem identification (Interactive Transaction Trace, Request Performance, Page performance) URL/JSPEJB JDBC/ SQLNetworkServlet
  6. 6. Grid Automation Cost effectively manage “many as one” Manage many as one – Virtualized resource views – System dashboards, topology views – Monitoring Templates – JMX and Web Services interface for all AS – Admin: Backup, Secure, Start/Stop, etc. Cloning, Imaging and Provisioning – Pre-tested software image libraries – Automated software image deployment – Intelligent cloning makes adjustments for IP address, host name, etc. – Provisioning of RAC/CRS and AS cluster – Provisioning of bare metal OS SOA Life-cycle automation – JSR 88 – Deployment plan editors – Configure audit, logging & security Web Cache Overview HTTP Server OC4J Visual ID of Root Cause Failure
  7. 7. Change & Configuration Mgmt Manage impact of all changes Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Software Installations SW and HW Configurations Resource Relationships Certified Configurations Best Practices • CMDB reports • CMDB Statistics • Policy standards • Audit Reports • Decision support for incident, problem, change, and release management • Discover – All hardware & software configurations – Oracle inventory, including patch history and updates • Analyze – Monitor and audit change – Configuration comparisons against reference, saved or live configurations • Model-based decision support – CMDB maintains inventory of all CI’s and their relationship – Impact analysis, updates, baseline, and verification of change • Foundation for compliance and change control – Map to ITIL and CoBIT frameworks – Policy Management – Security configuration policies
  8. 8. Configure Audit and Logging
  9. 9. Application Server Management Costs 70% less than BEA, 80% less than IBM -$400,000 -$300,000 -$200,000 -$100,000 $0 $100,000 $200,000 Installation & Softw are Maintenance Configuration & Deployment Administration Performance Monitoring & Tuning Vendor Management Cost Comparison to Industry Baseline IBM BEA Oracle Industry Baseline “Oracle environments up to 80 percent less costly to manage versus other vendor platforms…” • “The Oracle cost savings can be attributed to Oracle Enterprise Manager and its unification and centralization of management functionality for the entire environment, including the database. “ Source: Application Server Platform Management Cost Comparison Crimson Group Consulting Study
  10. 10. Oracle Enterprise Manager Release 2 Key Features
  11. 11. Service Level Management All new in 10g Release 2 SLA’s based on both system metrics and end user experience metrics Monitor services and SLA’s in real time – No waiting for end of month / quarter reports – Respond to service issues before SLA’s are breached Model business services – End-to-end view of services – Visualize topologies – Monitor using service level dashboards – Diagnose performance root-cause issue to IT component
  12. 12. Application Performance Mgmt System Tests: Rich Coverage for Service Protocols Supported ProtocolsRepresentative Client Related System Components NY Tokyo Paris SF Berlin Rio DNS, FTP, HTTP(s), Ping, ICMP Ping, IMAP, JDBC SQL Timing, LDAP, NNTP, Oracle SQL Timing, POP, Port Checker (includes SSL), SMTP, SOAP, TNS Ping, Web Transaction, WEBDAV Custom Script
  13. 13. Application Performance Mgmt Interactive Transaction Trace On Oracle AS • On-demand diagnosis of problems across tiers of J2EE Web application • Intuitive drill-downs of all invocation paths to the JSP, EJB, SQL call • Link to DB SQL Statement Analysis details
  14. 14. Application Performance Mgmt J2EE Application Monitoring Compare Performance and Workload Distribution across the Grid Flexible “top” diagnostic reports –Top Applications –Top Servlets –Top EJBs Based on real-time or historical data
  15. 15. D E M O Application Performance Monitoring and Management
  16. 16. Grid Automation JSR 77 Based MBean Browser – JMX interface Manage attributes defined by application or application component MBean Attributes MBean Statistics • View/Change MBean Attributes • Invoke Methods • View Statistics • Subscribe for MBean Notifications
  17. 17. Grid Automation AS Cluster Provisioning: Dynamically increase capacity to meet needs RAC AS Cluster App AS Cluster Instance* App Server + Patches Configuration Settings Linux OS + Patches Image Library DB1 Image DB2 Image AS1 Image AS2 Image OS1 Image OS2 Image Production Application Production Application with added AS Cluster
  18. 18. Change & Configuration Mgmt Discover and Analyze Sampling of Configuration Info Host 1. CPU (speed, type, cache etc) 2. Disk subsystem (Controller, raw diskspace etc) 3. Memory (RAM and SWAP) 4. Network interfaces (including all properties) 5. Disk layout and filesystems Operating System 1. Kernel parameters 2. Environment (shell) variables and parameters 3. Packages 4. Patches Application Server 1. Oracle_Homes (products and versions) 2. Components installed on each Oracle_Home 3. Patches installed for each Oracle_Home 4. Oracle Application Server settings and ports 5. OC4J deployed applications Automatic daily OR on- demand collection of configuration information – Host hardware specs – Operating system parameter settings – Fusion Middleware Installations Compare and Validate configurations against – Reference Configuration – Saved Configuration – Live Configuration
  19. 19. Change & Configuration Mgmt Security Assessment Sampling of Security Policies All Oracle Software 1. Security alerts 2. Critical security patches Host 1. Detect open ports 2. Detect insecure services 3. Ensure NTFS file system type (Windows) Application Server 1. HTTPD has minimal privileges 2. Use HTTP/S 3. Apache logging should be on 4. Demo applications disabled 5. Disable default banner page 6. Disable access to unused directories 7. Disable directory indexing 8. Forbid access to certain packages 9. Disable packages not used by DAD owner 10. Remove unused DAD configurations 11. Password complexity enabled Critical patch facility – Automated notifications – Customer advisories for remedial actions – Single-click application – Offline access (download/upload) for customers without direct connect to Metalink Infrastructure hardening – 100+ new AS, DB, and host security rules – Violation scoring
  20. 20. Management Plug-Ins Extend low TCO benefits for Oracle environments Extend end-to-end view for SLM and APM solutions Required for effective Grid Automation or Change and Configuration Management Can be developed by Oracle, Partners, Customers Available plug-ins: – Application Servers: BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere – Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 – Network: Checkpoint and Juniper Netscreen Firewalls, F5 Server Load Balancer – Storage: NetApp Filer
  21. 21. Support for WebSphere & WebLogic Centralized management for BEA WebLogic 7.0.x, 8.1.x & IBM WebSphere 5.1.x, 6.x Support for SLM solution, System Tests (beacons), real user monitoring (with Apache web servers), and J2EE application monitoring Virtualization of BEA/IBM deployments – Domain and Cell – Clusters – Deployed applications
  22. 22. What Do Customers Think?
  23. 23. Talk America • Cost and time spent on monitoring systems was too high • Moving to SOA resolve problems before they escalate into service issues Challenge • Service level monitoring, performance management, provisioning • Services dashboard for visibility into SLA’s of web services Solution Approach Benefit • Improved application performance • “An exciting new feature in Release 2 is the 'services dashboard' feature... Having a single view gives us a quick glance on the status of each of these processes. In addition, the reporting functionality lets us keep our CIO abreast of the overall health of the systems.” -- Larry Grant, Vice President of Enterprise Computing
  24. 24. Cerner • Mix of SOA and Non-SOA applications • Maintaining all deployments on standard configurations • Application availability. Resolve problems before they impact the business Challenge • Uses Grid Control for SOA and non-SOA application mgmt. • Configuration Management • Applications Availability and Performance Monitoring Solution Approach Benefit • Improved application availability. Faster problem isolation • “… very good support tools, including the Enterprise Manager … to know that the application is always available. And it is really critical when you're hosting hundreds of clients with thousands of users each, to be alerted of any problems and potentially correct the problem before there is any adverse impact.” -- Owen Straub, Vice President, Product Engineering
  25. 25. Student Loans Company (SLC) • £2 billion (US$3.7 billion) leant each year to 800,000 students • Online applications increasing from 25% to 100% in 5-7 years • Loan processing time too long Challenge • Monitoring of end user experiences • Tracing performance issues to Mid-tier • Complete system monitoring Solution Approach Benefit • Loan Application time cut by 50% • Faster problem resolution improved service levels • “Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control gives us a real- time appreciation of the end-user experience and enables us to focus on delivering service improvements where they count-- from the customer's perspective. " -- Ralph Seymour-Jackson, CEO
  26. 26. Deutsche Post • Application Performance issues resulting from dramatic fluctuations in load • Cost effectively managing 400 projects deployed on hundreds of servers Challenge • Oracle Grid Control for monitoring the end-to-end system • Applications Availability and Performance Monitoring • Configuration Management Solution Approach Benefit • Improved application performance, lower application downtime • Faster problem isolation through in-depth configuration analysis and cross-system comparisons • “Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g is taking us beyond managing just the database – it has taken us to managing the whole grid.” -- Robert Leaman, Director of System Architects at Deutsche Post IT Solutions