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Most recent android apps %281%29%281%29

  1. 1. Android AppsOfThis WeekResearched and Developed by Contus
  2. 2.  Zeebox.Second-screen TV appWhat is this all about?As the name stands for it enhancesTV; but how? It helps youconnect, share, and interact.You will be "live" ever, you can tweet yourthoughts on what youre watching.Researched and Developed by Contus
  3. 3.  Video camera- a solution to your problemsFixyaResearched and Developed by ContusInstead of describingyour problem you cancapture video by yourdevice, to communicateyour problem.Fixya is a community ofpeople that watches yourvideo and tries to provideyou a solution
  4. 4. AVG Memory & Cache CleanerKnown....! Now you can downloadit for free to save space and boostspeed.This monitors, erases and clearsyour devices internal and SD cardmemory.Stopping or removing suchprocesses can assist in improvingyour devices performance and actas a speed booster.Researched and Developed by Contus AVG Cleaner
  5. 5.  Theory Test-NEW 2013 EDITIONTheory Test UK 2013 DTSResearched and Developed by ContusTheory Test app is for learner cardrivers and motorcyclistsThis app includes the latest officialrevision questions & answers from theDriving Standards Agency (DSA), thepeople who set the tests.Download and Gain access.SUITABLE FOR: CAR DRIVERS ANDMOTORCYCLISTS IN UK and NorthernIreland.
  6. 6.  New Mail AppDextr Email BetaResearched and Developed by ContusDextr brings you closer topeople .Puts People first. Use Dextr tofocus solely on conversations inthe inbox.Feel the fastest browsing andeffortless follow up.
  7. 7.  Podcasts easy wayPlayer FMResearched and Developed by ContusPlayer FM helps you discoverand play talk shows onhundreds of topics.Stream or sync...its yourchoice. Make it convenient tostream from online sourcesjust like an internet radio, youcan also sync, so that you canplay offline, anytimeanywhere.
  8. 8.  Movie TrailersSooper TrailersResearched and Developed by ContusDelights viewers and helps themenjoy the most recent movietrailers.Provide them with perfect playlistsand easy-to-search options.Fan followers can easily track theup-to-the-minute movie trailerswith ease.
  9. 9.  Perfect for pre-schoolersDave DaringResearched and Developed by ContusA colorful illustrated puzzle andexploration app for kids aging 3and up.Using this app your child willlearn a lot of new objects andwork on his or hers vocabulary ina fun way.
  10. 10.  Widgets on demandBeautiful Widgets FreeResearched and Developed by ContusTons of widgets, tons ofthemes, just for you.Beautiful Widgets is your bestfriend for customizing yourhome screen. Make itpersonal, be unique & expressyourself.Predict weather on yourdedicated screen usingAccuweather data.
  11. 11. Hope the information provided isbeneficialThank YouResearched and Developed by Contus