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Contus is a Web and Mobile Application Development Company which outstands in delivering quality products. The company focuses on coming up with exemplary solutions for all your mobility and app-based requirements. Contus, through its successful venture named Apptha, provides ultimate extensions and themes for world’s top CMSs like WordPress, Magento and Joomla. Understanding the significance of mobile app development and mobile commerce in today’s world, the company has found out an absolute solution in the name of ‘mobecommerce’. Contus was launched in 2008 and is currently serving customer-base in more than 40 countries

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  1. 1. Contus Is First To Release Groupon Clone For Android OSThe most sought after Groupon Clone script from Contus which is available in the industry forMagento and iPhone is now available for the proficient Android OS too: This launch was preceded bythe launch of Group Clone app for iPhone, which has become a huge hit among both owners of groupbuying business as well as the users: in Java, the Group Clone application for Android has all the essential and advanced featuressuch as: SMS sharing, Facebook login, periodical deal notification, sharing through e-mail, promote bysharing the deal on Facebook and e-mail to friend, ability to place upcoming deals etc.In fact, the group buying concept has become the trend of the day and is set to dominate E-commercefor a longer tenure. Already it has seen an exponential explosion in terms to growth. But this is justthe beginning. The concept is slowly catching up to the rest of the world passing on from theAmerican Continent. Once it completes a full circle this concept would have revolutionized theentire globe. The win-win advantage of group buying is that an individual gets his purchase for a lowprice while the dealer sells in bulk amounts and saves the keeping costs.SMS sharing is one of the attractive new features those are included in the Group Clone for Android.Today the population which uses palm PC to access and use applications for everyday activities issignificantly increasing. The Products Team of Contus has been extensively researching on the scopeand issues of the Palm PC technology and has started to develop various applications for iPhone andAndroid.Before actually getting this Android mobile applications development from Contus users can go visitthe above mentioned link to get a preview of how the Group Clone app for Android looks like. Andthen they can buy and launch their unique group buying app for Android.Contus is a tech-savvy, futuristic software and mobile application development company based inChennai, India. The other famed products of Contus include HD FLV Player, HD Video Share, ContusVideo Gallery etc. Contus also provides ‘dedicated resources for IT services, especially in webdevelopment and mobile application development. To know more about Contus and its products:Phone:+1 718 487 9948, Web: e-mail –