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Cisco ūmi and the NBA: The Power of Social Media Partnerships


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The primary goal of this campaign was to leverage the Cisco/NBA partnership to increase online awareness of Cisco’s home telepresence product, ūmi.
There were a variety of considerations to take into account when pulling together this online awareness campaign. The factors to consider for this activation were: knowing the target audience and channels to promote on, creating a message that ties into the overall product message, leveraging the assets that had been created, and working with cross-functional teams to amplify all assets.

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Cisco ūmi and the NBA: The Power of Social Media Partnerships

  1. 1. © 2010 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco ConfidentialPresentation_ID 1 Cisco ūmi and the NBA: The Power of Social Media Partnerships Jeffrey Marusak: Digital Marketing Manager Zoya Fallah: Social Media Manager
  2. 2. 2Revision Date (DD/MM/YY) Cisco Confidential Cisco ūmi / NBA Marketing Program Overview Cisco is the Official Technology Partner of the NBA. The Cisco Sports Marketing team and the Cisco ūmi Marketing team partnered with the NBA to capture four player/family pairs connecting over Cisco ūmi from their homes. We began cross-promoting this partnership with the NBA back in February 2011 beginning with the All-Star Jam Session. Since February, we have released the videos of NBA players using ūmi, along with correlating blog posts, on the “NBA at Home” website. This led into the “Meet an NBA Legend” sweepstakes which ran in June.
  3. 3. 3Revision Date (DD/MM/YY) Cisco Confidential Cisco ūmi Partnership with the NBA NBA All-Star Jam Session – Online Promotion Feb. 16 April 1 May 20 June 1 July 1 NBA at Home Videos – Online Promotion “Meet an NBA Legend” Sweepstakes – Online Promotion Timeline of Cisco/NBA Social Media Promotions 2011 Primary Goals To build Cisco ūmi‟s online community – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog To increase Cisco ūmi awareness through our partnership with the NBA Feb. 21 Successful Cisco ūmi/NBA online and physical marketing programs Extending physical experience online TV and traditional media experience Online and social media approach
  4. 4. 4Revision Date (DD/MM/YY) Cisco Confidential Cisco ūmi/NBA Marketing Programs (Feb-June 2011) Comparisons Facebook Twitter Video/Demos Blog NBA All-Star Jam Session 6 posts 117 “Likes” 20 comments Reached 62,000 Followers 4 videos 1,300 views *2,500 on-site demos 4 blogs 7000+ views NBA At Home Videos 7 posts 69 “Likes” 4 comments Reached 4,500,000 Followers 23 videos 149,000 views 4 blogs 10,000+ views “Meet an NBA Legend” Sweepstakes 11 posts 15,000+ “Likes” 2,000+ comments Reached 13,500,000 Followers 23 videos 165,000 views 3 blogs 11,500+ views
  5. 5. 5Revision Date (DD/MM/YY) Cisco Confidential Cisco ūmi/NBA “Meet an NBA Legend” Sweepstakes Overview Contest Launch Dates June 3-June 19, 2011  2 weeks Contest Details “Like” the NBA or Cisco ūmi FB page to enter-to-win Share on your „Wall‟ U.S. only Contest Location NBA Facebook Page (~9,200,000 Fans) and Cisco ūmi Facebook page (~25,000 Fans) Contest Focus To drive further engagement of the Cisco brand with NBA fans Contest Objectives • Generate awareness of videos of NBA players connecting over Cisco ūmi with friends and family • Create interaction with the Cisco brand • Learn more information about the product Prize Structure A conversation with NBA Legend Bill Russell on ūmi A pair of Cisco ūmis+ 1 year free service ($retail USD$1200)
  6. 6. 6Revision Date (DD/MM/YY) Cisco Confidential Details Introduction Method Social Unique Marketing Techniques used Geo targeting Facebook posts to U.S. audience only to get valid submissions Media outreach to traditional Cisco segments via PR Promoted Cisco ūmi/NBA videos and sweepstakes via Cisco ūmi and NBA Facebook and Twitter social channels Leveraged YouTube to create additional videos to create awareness Cisco ūmi/NBA “Meet an NBA Legend” Sweepstakes Overview
  7. 7. 7Revision Date (DD/MM/YY) Cisco Confidential Cisco ūmi/NBA “Meet an NBA Legend” Sweeps June 3-June 19 Campaign Awareness Results Extend the “At Home with Cisco umi and the NBA” partnership by rewarding a fan with a live umi call with NBA Legend Bill Russell Nearly 9MM impressions More than 14MM followers reached 2,300 Comments and 15,000 „Likes‟ 70% increase in umi mentions and 99.9% positive sentiment 16,000 video views and 26 comments More than 10,000 views on 3 blogs Article about umi sweeps in New England Sports viewed by up to 300K Bill Walton‟s wife, Lori Walton, tweeted with Bill Russell‟s daughter and Huffington Post journalist, Karen Russell:
  8. 8. 8Revision Date (DD/MM/YY) Cisco Confidential Cisco ūmi Twitter Campaign Comparison Dec. 2010-June 2010  Twitter exposure was higher than any other campaign due to the reach of the NBA‟s Twitter account. Name of Project Date of Project Twitter Exposure Meet an NBA Legend Sweepstakes / BOGO Offer June 1 -19 14,148,858 MomItForward #GNO Twitter Party April 26 9,060,914 Cisco Tweetup During CES January 6 1,536,813 Life Edited Contest November - January 27 10,624,236 (overlaps with R. Seacrest/LifeEdited Contest) Ryan Seacrest Contest November 26 – December 14 5,533,700 Home for the Holidays Contest November 20 – December 19 6,635,469 (overlaps with R. Seacrest/LifeEdited Contest)
  9. 9. 9Revision Date (DD/MM/YY) Cisco Confidential Sample Online Comments
  10. 10. 10Revision Date (DD/MM/YY) Cisco Confidential Ingredients for Sweepstakes Success Test: Test the front and back end of your sweepstakes to ensure all links work in all browsers. Metrics and Rules: Ensure that clear metrics are established before you begin your program. Collaboration: Collaborate and leverage the full extent of a partnership to promote and amplify activities online. Budget: Promotional spend is critical to the success of the campaign. Increase media spend to help drive submissions and awareness online. Timing of sweepstakes: Ensure timing of sweepstakes does not conflict with other promotions to sustain awareness and momentum. Prizes: Make sure the prizes are motivating & there is a “sharing” incentive for people who enter.
  11. 11. 11Revision Date (DD/MM/YY) Cisco Confidential Many Thanks to…. The Cisco ūmi Marketing team and the Cisco Sports Marketing team, especially Mindy Mutschelknaus and Cyndie Wang for driving the NBA partnership. Thank you to Chris Wiebke and Mark Bodenrader from the NBA for their partnership and support.
  12. 12. 12Revision Date (DD/MM/YY) Cisco Confidential