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  1. 1. Z o y a -A l e a h A b r a m s My contact information: Email: My name:
  2. 2. Who am I ? oI am current student at Centennial College. oStudying Business Administration-Human Resources. oI am a highly determined and dedicated person who takes pride in their work. oMy aspirations are to complete my education beyond my diploma that I will receive at Centennial and move towards a degree in Commerce.
  3. 3. This is my Education o My education is my number one priority in my life right now. Studying has become more than just a task in life that I must complete to fulfill my qualifications but my goal for my self improvement. Over the past couple of months I have taken in many things from the courses that I have engaged in so far. I have learned to manage my work load and also enjoy what I am learning and take from it. Studying at Centennial I believe has and will help me excel and develop my career goal.
  4. 4. My Work Experiences o During the last year of high school I chose to get a portion of my credits by doing a co operative credit. This included a five month period, five days a week for three hours. This co operative placement was at the Bank of Montreal. o Throughout the five months period I was assigned to do task such as; filing, appointment booking, labeling, faxing and other clerical work. This photo represents a daily activity that took place at my placement, labeling. It involved the filing/labeling of documents for the bank which takes place in the labeling room on a program called TabQuick. My time at BMO taught me many skills and helped me develop my overall communication, multitasking, and customer service skills.
  5. 5. My Volunteering o For three years during my time at high school I volunteered for The Inside Ride. This is a in door cycling fundraiser that travels across the country to different participating schools that raises money in support of those families and children that have been impacted by cancer. This was something I looked forward to every year and I really enjoyed being involved with something that makes such a important impact on lives. As a volunteer I was involved in setting up the fundraiser and also being a reoccurring volunteer I helped with educating new volunteers. During the activities of the fundraiser I was in charge of managing the teams time records which would in turn determine the prizes they receive as contributors. As result of this volunteering I learned that experiences not only come with doing something that relates to your career but participating in something that is socially responsible which can also lead to expanding your work or career skills.
  6. 6. Gaining the Skills o As apart of my volunteering credits I decided to do a week long workshop at my town’s youth centre. This workshop was based on gaining a leadership certificate. The week long teachings included activities to help build my leadership with other participants and at the end of the workshop we spent a day at our community centre managing a function that was about spreading awareness of healthy eating. This activity pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me become more open and sure of my abilities to interact and communicate with new people. This workshop truly was a benefit to me as a person and has helped me become a more confident person in my surroundings and self.
  7. 7. LinkedIn Presentation o Being a student is about more than just gaining the grades or the GPA. As a successful student I need to step out of my educational comfort zone and go beyond the typical experience. The LinkedIn presentation was a educational presentation that focused on what is LinkedIn and how LinkedIn can advance our professional portfolios. This presentation allowed me to understand the importance of social media today and it’s importance to our personal branding. With the beginning of this social media education, it has made me a advocate for presenting yourself as a brand and going beyond the traditional resume or coverletter.
  8. 8. What Did You Get From This…About Me o I hope to improve myself continuously. o I am always willing to learn using different techniques. o I have skills such as; customer service, multi tasking, inventory control and administrative. o I want to be apart of something that is important not only to me but to others. o And my education is my number ONE priority.