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ARIS Connect Configuration Toolset


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ARIS Connect Configuration Toolset is an IntelliJ plugin for creating or editing ARIS Connect XML configurations. It helps to reduce errors and accelerate the customization process.

The demo in slide:

It's currently still under developing, the first prototype version is just released. Welcome to join the community to download it, get news and request new feature:

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ARIS Connect Configuration Toolset

  1. 1. An IntelliJ Plugin ARIS Connect Configuration Toolset _ Free PowerPoint Templates, Diagrams and Charts
  2. 2. Topic Problems Target Prototype & Demo What‘s next
  3. 3. Problem ARIS Connect is highly configurable, more feature = more configuration But XML configuration is complex and error prone, XSD validation is not enough. Self Service Configuration is simple to use, but not as powerful as XML, slow for new feature. Slow down customization, a lot of support call Back compatible reason, XML schema hard to change
  4. 4. Targets Less error, less support call Early validation on the fly, auto fix Choose instead of typing (auto completion) Refactor Accelerate customize process, test early deploy faster Integrated document Navigate instead of search Auto deploy and reload config Connect SSC and XML Zip and unzip configuration file Apply SSC operations on XML Drag-drop Layouting
  5. 5. Why IntelliJ Powerful framework Base on IntelliJ Community version, Apache 2.0 license IntelliJ Plugin from other big players: Google, Microsoft, Facebook…
  6. 6. Prototype Focus on view configuration Validate and auto fix unused wires, incorrect file name, incorrect free layout children size Auto completion for internal view reference, wire instance name, slot name, layout properties Instance name refactor, wire and instance config changed automatically Show document about components and slots Navigate to related wires, related instance definition, internal view config file. Navigate to component instance config, create new instance config. Quick search and hierarchy tree of configuration elements
  7. 7. Demo Create a new home view in 2 minutes:
  8. 8. Next For other configurations Bridge between SSC and XML Layout UI Editor Java Plugin for Portal plugin developer Feature from community: