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  1. 1. STOCK MARKET STATISTICS Global Insight Stock Market Statistics data help financial analysts measure equity market movements, analyze trade activity, and monitor the number of stocks ticking up or down. With broad coverage, extensive history, and timely updates, the database helps clients identify the winners or losers, and gauge the breadth of a rally or retreat; something an index or price chart cannot do. KEY FEATURES STOCK MAREKT STATISTICS Broad Coverage: Over 90 equity exchanges and 80+ countries Extensive History: Coverage as early as 1980 Timely Updates: Data updated as Asian, European, and U.S. major markets close Attributed Data: Metadata including concept, CUSTOMIZED FEEDS THE geography, source, and frequency GLOBAL INSIGHT DATA BENEFITS DIFFERENCE Measure market breadth—the amount of force and the level of participation behind market moves FLEXIBLE Assess the scope of a rally or decline—the more DELIVERY companies taking part, the broader the move OPTIONS Portend possible turning points in the market when indicators diverge from the direction of the SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY overall market VALUE-ADDED HISTORY Combine with other asset classes, e.g., equity indices, exchange rates, money markets, derivatives, fixed income, commodities/futures, equity, and economic and industry data for an easy-to-manage, integrated approach to market analysis Run effective "what if" historical trend analysis with our rich historical data GLOBAL INSIGHT METHODOLOGY Five basic concepts are available per exchange, based on current and previous adjusted close price (accounting for currency changes and corporate actions). Advanced: If the trade adjusted price is greater than the previous adjusted close, then it is considered an advance. For each issue that is captured as an advance, the number of advances for that trading day is incremented by one. Decline: If the trade adjusted price is less than the previous adjusted close, then it is considered a decline. For each issue that is captured as a decline, the number of declines for that trading day is incremented by one. Unchanged: The number of unchanged for each trading day equals total issues less the sum of the number of advances and declines. Issue: The sum of advances, declines, and no changes is the total issues traded. Volume: Total volume is the sum of volumes of issues that traded that day. SOURCES Our data are derived using pricing data gathered from over 90 global equity exchanges and private sources. For a list of sources, please go to
  2. 2. MARKET COVERAGE Argentina — Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires Kuwait — Kuwait Stock Exchange Australia — Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Latvia — Riga Stock Exchange Austria — Wiener Borse AG (ATX) Lebanon — Beirut Stock Exchange Bahrain — Bahrain Stock Exchange Lithuania — National Stock Exchange of Lithuania Bangladesh — Dhaka Stock Exchange Malaysia — Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) Belgium — Euronext Brussels Malta — Malta Stock Exchange Botswana — Botswana Stock Exchange Mauritius — Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd. (SEM) Brazil — Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo Mexico — Bolsa Mexicana de Valores Canada — CDNX Morocco — Casablanca Stock Exchange Canada — TSX Namibia — Namibian Stock Exchange Chile — Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago New Zealand — New Zealand Stock Exchange China — Shanghai SE Nigeria — Nigerian Stock Exchange Columbia — Bolsa de Valores de Colombia Norway — Oslo Stock Exchange Croatia — Zagreb Stock Exchange Pakistan — Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) Cyprus — Cyprus Stock Exchange Peru — Bolsa de Valores de Lima Czech Republic — Prague Stock Exchange Philippines — Philippine Stock Exchange Denmark — Kobenhavns Fondsbors Poland — Warsaw Stock Exchange Ecuador — Bolsa de Valores de Gauyaqu Portugal — Euronext Lisbon Egypt — Cairo Stock Exchange Qatar — Doha Stock Exchange Estonia — Tallinn Stock Exchange Romania — Bucharest Stock Exchange Finland — Helsinki Stock Exchange Russia — RTS France — Euronext Bourse de Paris Saudi Arabia — Riyadh Stock Exchange Germany —Berlin Singapore — Singapore Stock Exchange Germany —Düsseldorf Slovakia — Slovakia Stock Exchange Germany —Frankfurt Slovenia — Ljubljana Stock Exchange Germany —Hamburg South Africa — JSE Securities Exchange South Africa Germany —Hanover South Korea — Korea Stock Exchange, Seoul Germany —Munich South Korea — KOSDAQ Germany — Stuttgart Spain — Bolsa de Barcelona Germany — Xetra Spain — Bolsa de Madrid Ghana — Ghana Stock Exchange Sri Lanka — Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) Great Britain — London Stock Exchange Sweden — Stockholmsborsen Greece — Athens Stock Exchange Switzerland — Swiss Stock Exchange, Berne Hong Kong — Hong Kong Stock Exchange Switzerland — Swiss Stock Exchange, SWX Hungary — Budapest Stock Exchange Switzerland — Virt—X Iceland — Iceland Stock Exchange, Reykjavik Taiwan — Taiwan Stock Exchange India — Mumbai Stock Exchange Thailand — Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), Bangkok Indonesia — Jakarta Stock Exchange Thailand — Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), Bangkok Iran — Tehran Stock Exchange Alien Market Ireland, Republic of — Irish Stock Exchange Trinidad & Tobago — Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange Israel — Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Tunisia — Tunis Stock Exchange Italy — La Borsa Valori Italiana MTA (Continuous Market) Turkey — Istanbul Stock Exchange Jamaica — Jamaica Stock Exchange United Arab Emirates (UAE) — OTC Japan — Fukuoka United Kingdom — See Great Britain Japan — JASDAQ United States of America — AMEX Japan — Nagoya United States of America — NASDAQ Japan — Osaka United States of America —- NYSE Japan — Sapporo Venezuela — Bolsa de Valores de Caracas Japan — Tokyo Stock Exchange Zambia — Lusaka Stock Exchange Jordan — Amman Financial Market Kenya — Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE)
  3. 3. OTHER RELATED DATA OPTIONS Bundled Packages Global Financial - Basic: Key financial indicator offering includes Global Insight Recommended (GIR) concepts: bond yields, current month commodity nearby, policy rates, and stock indices; approximately 800-1000 key financial series for 60+ industrialized and leading emerging markets countries. Global Financial - Expanded: In addition to the coverage provided by the basic package, this includes 200+ countries for the following concepts: comprehensive listing of index benchmarks for both equity and fixed income markets; key interest rates such as interbank and eurodeposit; government issues and constant maturities; mortgages; foreign exchange; and extensive commodity instruments including daily spot, open, high, low, and settlement prices, volumes, open interest, and multiple-month nearbys. U.S. and Canadian Equities: The coverage includes pricing data, traded volume, and dividend history for market analyses, along with current descriptive information for more than 90,000 U.S. and Canadian issues. Extensive dividend data, which includes payment dates are also provided. All U.S. and Canadian equities data are banked by CUSIP* number. *Purchasers of U.S. and Canadian equities must have licenses with the CUSIP Service Bureau. Add-On Databases CFTC Commitment of Traders Report: Provides a breakdown of each Tuesday’s open interest for commodity markets in which 20 or more traders hold positions equal to or above the reporting levels established by the CFTC. Commodities: Daily coverage of U.S., Canadian, European, and Pacific Rim markets trading futures and option contracts. Commodities include agricultural, foods and livestock, energy products, industrial materials, metals, exchange rate, fixed income instruments, and indices. Concepts include open, high, low, and settlement prices, open interest and volume, and value- added nearbys. Global Financial Indicators: One-month to 30-year government bonds (ask and bid closes), multiple-year Eurobonds and swaps (ask and bid closes) for over 15 major industrialized countries. Emerging Markets Equity Exchange Data: Stock market indicators and aggregate data for 27 developing countries. Data are provided by International Finance Corporation (IFC). Financial Market Indices: Daily indices for global equity, fixed income, and commodity markets, include Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI), Standard & Poor’s/Financial Times, and Dow Jones STOXX. Money Markets and Fixed Income: Daily global money market, fixed income, and currency exchange rates, including benchmark yield curves and derivative instruments, for developed and major emerging markets. Standard & Poor’s Emerging Markets: Indices of stock market activity in the emerging economies providing consistent benchmarks across countries. Data areis provided by Standard & Poor’s. Standard & Poor’s Financials: U.S. stock price indices and corporate fundamentals on a per-share basis by industry from Standard & Poor’s Analysts’ Handbook. Per-share income and balance sheet items for S&P industry groups. Data are provided by Standard & Poor’s.
  4. 4. ACCURATE AND FLEXIBLE DELIVERY Global Insight maintains one of the largest privately held data collections in the world. All databases are subject to rigorous quality-control procedures, ensuring that clients have the most reliable financial and economic information for decision making and analysis. Global Insight distributes data through several delivery options tailored to meet diverse analytical requirements. This combination of flexibility and accuracy allows clients to analyze and display market information with ease and confidence. Data Access Options Desktop application: DataInsight 3.0 ® Microsoft Excel Add-In: DataInsight 2.6 ® Global Insight’s time-series analytical software tool: AREMOS Direct data-feed options Internet access via Global Insight’s DataInsight-Web Also available on third-party platforms OTHER GLOBAL INSIGHT HISTORICAL DATA OFFERINGS BASIC DATA OFFERING Asia U.S. ECONOMIC Global Economic* CEIC Data Company Investment Company Institute—Mutual Fund Statistics U.S. Economic — Detailed* Nikkei University of Michigan—Consumer Sentiment Survey U.S. Regional* Nomura U.S. As Reported Data U.S. and Canadian Equities Europe and Other International ENERGY* Canadian Economic* Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union Argus France —Detailed Canadian Enerdata—Canadian Gas Price Reporter ADDITIONAL DATA OFFERINGS Germany—Detailed GLOBAL ECONOMIC Edison Electric Italy —Detailed Energy Intelligence Group—Oil Market Intelligence International Agencies/Organizations Latin America—Detailed Metal Bulletin Bank of International Settlements Russia Oil Daily Company—Natural Gas Week Statistical Office of the European Community (EUROSTAT) South Africa Platt’s International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spain INDUSTRY* NTC Purchasing Manager’s Survey United Kingdom—Detailed Global Iron and Steel Industry Supply and Demand Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Vienna Institute on Eastern Europe Global Agriculture World Bank United Nations *Forecast data also available for the Global Economic offering as well as over 70 industries ABOUT GLOBAL INSIGHT: Global Insight, Inc., formerly DRI-WEFA, provides the most comprehensive economic coverage of countries, regions, and industries available from any source. With its acquisition of World Markets Research Centre, Global Insight also provides the world’s first same-day analysis and risk assessment service covering over 200 countries and the energy, automotive, telecommunications, and health-care sectors, providing insightful analysis of market conditions and key events around the world. The company has over 3,800 clients in industry, finance, and government around the world, with 23 offices in 12 countries, covering North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. CONTACT US Web: E-mail: m NORTH AMERICA EUROPE MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA ASIA U.S./Canada 1.800.933.3374 Frankfurt +49 (0)69.20973.0 Pretoria +27 (0)12.665.5420 Beijing +86 10.6853.9875 Mexico 1.800.687.2565 London +44 (0)20.7452.5000 Shanghai +86 21.6122.1208 +44 (0)20.8544.7800 Singapore +65 6430.6621 Milan +39 02.86481.1 Tokyo +81 (0)3.5219.1314 Paris +33 (0) 01-07