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Optimizing Performance of Latency-Sensitive Stock Market ...

  1. 1. AP P LI CAT I O N N OT E | I N V E S T M E N T I N D U S T RY Optimizing Performance of Latency-Sensitive Market Trading/Exchange Applications Identifying and analyzing response time, micro bursts and sequence gaps to ensure application availability Introduction In today’s world of electronic trading, “a millisecond advantage in trading applications can be worth $100 million a year to a major brokerage firm.” (“Wall Street’s Quest to Process Data at the Speed of Light,” Information Week, April 23, 2007) The ability to identify and monitor critical market trading applications and protocols, such as FIX, Multicast, TIBCO and others is essential to the day-to-day operation of financial exchanges, trading houses, hedge funds, investment banks and other global financial institutions and market exchanges with trading desks. Challenges All trading companies share a common need: to keep up with growing market data and Cases inin Point Cases Point transaction rates and to operate with near-zero latency. Increased competition, higher market data volume, the move to start quoting in penny increments, and new regulatory demands are some of the driving forces behind industry changes. Firms are trying to maintain their competitive edge by constantly adapting their trading strategies and n An East Coast financial increasing the speed of trading. To support this new era of electronic trading, many firms are institution was experiencing bolstering their IT infrastructures with bigger “pipes” capable of handling the forthcoming intermittent delay with one of its data influx, as well as providing better, more granular visibility into those larger pipes. market data applications. Using Meeting the Need the nGenius System’s response time analysis capabilities, they NetScout’s Sniffer and nGenius solutions work in combination with strategically deployed monitoring devices and continuous capture appliances to provide a cost-effective approach were quickly able to determine to managing the performance of key business applications that end users and customers delay was attributable to the rely on. The NetScout solutions support the most complex network configurations, including server, not the network. converged and MPLS networks, to deliver comprehensive, real-time network monitoring, application profiling, troubleshooting, capacity planning and user experience assurance n SIAC, which runs the networks capabilities to the network professional. and computer systems used by NYSE and AMEX, uses Sniffer The flexibility of the NetScout Sniffer and nGenius systems enables visibility into the core, distribution and access layers of the network and across both LAN and high-speed WAN distributed monitoring devices environments, including their associated virtual network segments (i.e., VLANs, PVCs and to centrally monitor and manage DLCIs). To meet the challenges associated with converged networks, NetScout displays remote network locations. virtual circuits and their associated QoS simultaneously, ensuring that data, voice and video When a customer experience applications are properly mapped to the right QoS class and that the network is properly difficulty they use Sniffer filters configured to meet business needs. In addition, by utilizing site monitoring capabilities, to observe and troubleshoot the investment services firms can gain complete visibility into remote locations on the MPLS network from a WAN perspective, providing the much needed application-level visibility for data streams. capacity planning and troubleshooting that is commonly masked with MPLS. In short, NetScout Sniffer and nGenius solutions make it easy to maintain consistent real-time analysis and historical reporting of all traditional and market trading-specific applications, all conversations, link utilization and all hosts, regardless of the underlying transport technology in order to meet today’s tough network performance challenges.
  2. 2. APPLICAT ION NOTE | I NVESTMENT I NDUS TRY The nGenius Performance Manager Broadest Visibility into Optimize Performance of Critical provides global market trading Revenue-Impacting Market Market Trading Applications with companies and exchanges with Trading Applications Response Time Analysis n Real-time monitoring and historical NetScout’s Sniffer and nGenius Response time is a primary indicator of reporting analysis (utilization, solutions provide the most extensive network or application service quality response time, hosts and visibility into network resources usage and often the primary complaint of conversations) of market trading and in-depth application identification end users regarding the network. applications, such as FIX, OPRA, and analysis, recognizing, discovering, Tracking and isolating the sources of MDP, PGM, etc. and monitoring all the applications in application response time problems are your network, including well-known crucial because in trading transactions, n Ability to identify IP Multicast groups applications; complex applications that milliseconds are worth millions. The as unique business applications as use a range of ports, such as SAP, Citrix NetScout solution provides application well as view the interaction between or .NET; custom applications designed response time metrics specifically for publishers and groups specifically for your business; web- the market trading applications listed based applications identified by URLs; in Table 1. Response time analysis n Ability to view TIBCO statistics, and next-generation communication is provided with up to one-minute including error traffic and applications, such as VoIP, video, instant granularity to aid in establishing financial retransmissions. messaging, and peer to peer. network services at the appropriate quality levels. n Real-time microburst alarming Market trading/exchange applications monitored “out of the box” include Fix n Robust error detection, such as Order Single, FIX Other, MDP, PGM, monitoring out-of-sequence packets CTS, CQS, OPRA and Multicast Push /retransmissions in real time, and the and Monitoring. (See Figure 1 for a ability to generate an alarm when the complete list). gap exceeds a pre-defined value Figure 1 n Response time analysis which Market trading applications monitored “out distinguishes network flight times of the box” by the nGenius Solution include: verses application processing times n Integrated application-level monitoring and analysis with continuous packet capture for robust, post-event data mining n KPI-to-Flow-to-Packet approach to problem diagnosis for streamlined troubleshooting that lowers mean time to resolve (MTTR) 2
  3. 3. APPLICAT ION NOTE | I NVESTMENT I NDUS TRY Proactive Performance Conclusion associated hosts and conversations, Management with Sophisticated response time performance, packet Market trading and exchange Problem Detection and Alarming capture and decode, early warning applications are the lifeblood for alarming, and historical reporting and Studies show that in 50% to 75% of the investment services organizations, thus trending. Armed with real-time and cases, network problems are discovered their performance receives a great historical evidence from their own by users of the network. When dealing deal of attention. NetScout’s Sniffer network’s day-to-day operations, with an application where degradations and nGenius Solutions are uniquely IT organizations are better able to of milliseconds could severely impact positioned to provide comprehensive reduce MTTR as they troubleshoot the financial outcome, more effective visibility into a broad range of market degradations, respond to emerging approaches are necessary. Maintaining trading applications, as well as their utilization and performance problems, network performance for critical and plan for future bandwidth changes. trading applications means detecting, diagnosing and rectifying issues that may impede their delivery. In market trading firms, this means identifying problems with packet loss, out-of- sequence packets, latency or delay at the earliest possible moment. The NetScout Solution is well positioned to monitor all the traffic in the network to quickly recognize these network degradations: n Track and alert on packet loss n Detect gaps in the sequence numbers for such protocols as OPRA, MDP, and PGM, and generate an alarm when the gap exceeds a user-configurable value n Identify network microbursts when Microburst alarms are available in real-time, provide the application and conversation details for traffic rates exceed a millisecond the microburst contributors, and allow you to drill down into the specific packets for the alarm time threshold for specified length of window. time and send an alarm to nGenius Performance Manager and/or a third party management system, such as HP Network Node Manager (NNM), HP Operations Manager and HP Business Availability Center (BAC) or IBM Tivoli NetView, Tivoli Enterprise Console and Netcool/OMNIbus. 3
  4. 4. APPLICAT ION NOTE | I NVES TMENT I NDUS TRY Case Studies Some examples of how investment services firms are using the nGenius solution include: About NetScout Systems n Reliability and uptime are absolutely essential for SIAC, the subsidiary that runs the NetScout Systems provides advanced computer systems and communications networks that power the New York Stock network and application service Exchange (NYSE) and the American Stock Exchange (Amex). In addition to the assurance solutions that deliver complete visibility into real-time, packet/ massive quantity of trades SIAC settles – about 40 megabits of data per second flow-based operational intelligence. – much of SIAC’s volume is multicast traffic which is used to distribute real-time IT operators at the world’s largest stock market quotes to more than 200 parties, including news and wire services that enterprises, government agencies, and redistribute them to thousands of corporate clients. service providers use the Sniffer and nGenius solutions to troubleshoot service Using Sniffer distributed monitoring devices, SIAC is able to remotely monitor and degradations faster and more efficiently manage every line on its network from central monitoring locations, just as if they had a in order to reduce MTTR. team of technicians on site. If a customer is having a communication problem, they can focus all of their resources on that customer’s line to quickly pinpoint and resolve the Our world-renowned Sniffer and problem. In situations like this, they use Sniffer filters to observe individual data streams nGenius solutions include: coming in from a customer, with a very fine level of granularity, and monitor individual n Intelligent Data Sources for high conversations with SIAC’s application systems. capacity, deep-packet recording and monitoring n An East Coast financial institution was experiencing intermittent delay problems with n Analysis Software for real-time and one of its market data applications and users were starting to complain. Using the historical network and application nGenius Solution, they investigated the application response time and saw that the performance management, trouble- delay was attributable to the server, not the network. In a few short clicks, they were shooting, capacity planning, and able to determine that all the clients were pointed at one particular server. The server reporting was overwhelmed by the sheer number of the client connections and requests for data n Advanced Intelligence for early and became a bottleneck. Once network operations identified the problem, the support detection and in-depth analysis of team was able to redirected the clients to the correct source for production data. complex or specialized application services Corporate Headquarters 310 Littleton Road Westford, MA 01886-4105 Phone: 978-614-4000 Toll Free: 888-999-5946 www.netscout.com European Headquarters NetScout Systems (UK) Ltd. 100 Pall Mall London SW1Y 5HP United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0)20 7321 5660 Asia/Pacific Headquarters Room 105, 17F/B, No. 167 TunHwa N. Road Taipei, Taiwan Phone: +886 2 2717 1999 www.netscout.cn ©2008 NetScout Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. NetScout, the NetScout logo, Network General, the Network General logo, nGenius, Sniffer, InfiniStream, Business Container, Business Forensics, NetVigil and Quantiva are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetScout Systems, Inc. Other brands, product names and trademarks are property of their respective owners. NetScout reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to make changes at any time in its technical information and specifications, and service and support programs. AN0801-05revA 2008-02-05