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Microsoft Matching Gifts Program


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Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

  1. 1. MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE GIVING PROGRAM MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE GIVING PROGRAM PROGRAM GUIDELINES KEY POINTS ABOUT MICROSOFT’S EMPLOYEE GIVING PROGRAMS • The easiest way to donate to the nonprofit organization of your choice is by visiting http://give and using the online Employee Giving Tool • All US based Microsoft employees who have been employed full time for at least 6 months are eligible to make donations through the employee giving programs and have their gifts matched by Microsoft • Donations of full packaged product purchased at the company store or company store online can only be matched with cash • Employees can ensure that the nonprofit of their choice has the most up to date software and licenses by donating cash and having it matched through Microsoft’s Open License software licensing program ABOUT THE MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE GIVING PROGRAM Microsoft believes in supporting our employees’ acts of giving and the organizations that inspire them by matching dollar-for-dollar up to $12,000 per year per employee donations of cash, stock and/or product to eligible organizations. Eligible Employees All U.S.-based Microsoft employees who have worked for Microsoft for at least 6 months are eligible to participate in the Microsoft Employee Giving Program. Interns, co-ops, temporaries, vendors, contractors and international employees are not eligible to participate in this program. Matching Limits Microsoft will match up to $12,000 per calendar year in contributions you make to eligible charitable organizations or educational institutions. The $12,000 limit encompasses both the Employee Giving Campaign and the Matching Gifts Program. Gifts must have been made by the employee within the last 12 months in order to qualify for a matching gift. Microsoft will match donations of cash, personal checks, credit cards, stock, or Microsoft products (software, hardware, games or MS Press titles). Contributions by eligible employees must be made as personal gifts of $25 or more, and the contributions must be actually paid, not merely pledged before they are matched. Matching Gift requests which are less than $25 will be returned to the employee. Eligible Organizations and Institutions Microsoft’s Employee Giving Program is designed to honor the diversity of employee giving at Microsoft by supporting a broad spectrum of organizations and institutions. Microsoft will process and match employee gifts to all eligible domestic charitable organizations with a U.S. Department of Treasury 501(c)(3) public charity status and educational institutions. In addition, public libraries and governmental programs will be considered. Educational institutions that qualify to receive a matching gift from Microsoft are private and public degree-granting colleges and universities, two-year colleges, graduate and professional schools, technical and specialized schools, seminaries and theological schools, publicly and privately supported primary and secondary schools. Microsoft will also match gifts to tax-exempt alumni funds, foundations, and associations whose exclusive purpose is the support of one of these educational institutions. Parent Teacher Associations (PTA), recognized by the IRS as tax exempt under section 501(c)(3), are also eligible. Please note: Only charitable contributions to these institutions are eligible for matching gift. Tuition payments cannot be matched through this program. The Matching Gift Program will verify with the institution that your donation was not for tuition purposes. Community Affairs • 5/01/02 1
  2. 2. MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE GIVING PROGRAM Funding Federations with a 501(c)(3) public charity status, such as United Way, that provides financial support and advocacy for a group of member non-profit organizations are also eligible to receive a matching gift from Microsoft. Community Foundations with a 501(c)(3) public charity status must provide a mission statement, as well as a letter indicating that Microsoft matching funds will be distributed according to Microsoft guidelines, to be considered for matching. Please contact for specific instructions. Microsoft does not match gifts to private foundations, charitable gift funds, political organizations, or religious organizations. Microsoft will only process and match employee gifts to religious organizations when the gift is designated to an ongoing secular community service program sponsored by these organizations which is open to all persons and does not propagate a belief in a specific faith. These programs must have a formal mission and separate program budget. Further, the benefits of this gift must not be limited exclusively to the organization’s members. Some examples of these types of programs are homelessness projects, food banks, shelters, and literacy programs which may be operated by a religious institution. DESIGNATING A MICROSOFT MATCHING GIFT Giving Campaign: All eligible gifts made through the annual Giving Campaign at http://give are automatically matched to the organization(s) the employee chooses, unless the employee requests that the gift not be matched. No employee action is needed to activate the Microsoft Matching Gift portion. During the giving campaign, employees can make gifts via cash, check, credit card, payroll deduction and stock. Product donations are not eligible for this program. All eligible employee donations are matched with cash. All gifts are matched at the end of the quarter in which they were received. Cash and stock gifts must be received by the dates indicated below. Matching Gifts Program: The easiest way to match a gift is by going to the website and using the web-based tool located at http://give. Your donation can be made with cash, check, credit card, stock or product and matched by either cash or Microsoft Open License software licensing program. Your matching gift request must include the recipient agencies name and contact information (shipping address, email address and phone number) as well as your complete request. Partial requests cannot be accepted, so please be prepared with all appropriate information. Employees may choose of the following gift scenarios via the website: Giving Option Microsoft Employee Donates: Microsoft Matches With: #1 Cash (cash, check or credit card) Cash #2 Cash (cash, check or credit card) Open License software licensing #3 Product (fully packaged software, hardware, MS Cash Press or games) purchased at the company store in person or online. #4 Stock Cash Once the request for a match is made via the web, our fiscal agent – the JK Group – will contact your recipient agency to verify receipt of your donation. Once confirmed, the Microsoft matching portion of your gift will be activated. Cash and stock matches are distributed at the end of each quarter - January, April, July, and October. Product matches are submitted through an internal order tool which will notify you and your recipient agency of their gift within one week of approval. The recipient agency should receive their license information and appropriate media within 2-4 weeks initially, with this time being reduced as we work through bugs in our new system. Additional information and a tutorial for this program is available by visiting http://give. ELIGIBLE GIFT TYPES Community Affairs • 5/01/02 2
  3. 3. MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE GIVING PROGRAM Gifts of Stock Giving Campaign: If you wish to donate stock through the Giving Campaign, you are requested to read instructions about this process at http://givingcampaign/GiveOptions.asp . Microsoft will match gifts of all securities having a quoted market value and will match the dollar value of the stock at its fair market price on the date that the actual transfer of stock from you to the organization or institution occurs. When you donate stock through the campaign, the employee must transfer shares to the Community Foundation of New Jersey’s (CFNJ) Fidelity account which is then liquidated, transferred to the JK Group and then distributed according to your Giving Campaign pledge instructions.. The CFNJ acts as the legal non-profit recipient of the donation for your tax benefit and only acts as a conduit for the transfer of funds. The CFNK does not receive any portion of your gift and does not charge the donor any fee for this transaction. However, because they are the legal 501(c)3 non-profit organization, you will receive any tax substantiation communications (if needed) from them. Matching Gifts Program: To donate stock through the Matching Gifts Program, please visit our website at http://give. Microsoft will match gifts of all securities having a quoted market value and will match the dollar value of the stock at its fair market price on the date that the actual transfer of stock from you to the organization or institution occurs. When you donate stock through the Matching Gifts Program, the employee must transfer the stock gift directly to the recipient agency of the employee’s choice – unlike the Giving Campaign. Please contact Employee Stock Services or your broker for stock transfer procedures and to determine the fair market value on the date of transfer. Please indicate on the matching form the number of shares donated, the date of transfer, and the fair market value of the stock. If this information is missing, the request is not able to be processed, resulting in a delay in matching. Microsoft will match your gift of stock with cash. Gifts of Product Giving Campaign: The Giving Campaign accepts gifts of cash via check, credit card, and payroll deduction gifts, but does not accommodate gifts of product or matches of product. Matching Gifts Program: If you choose to donate Microsoft products, you can utilize of the following product scenarios: 1) Donate cash and match with product (Microsoft Open License software) 2) Purchase product at the company store in person or online (Fully Packaged Product, Hardware, MS Press and Games) and match with cash Scenario #1: Donate cash and match with Microsoft Open Licenses Employees can donate cash to the nonprofit of their choice and have their donation matched with product through Microsoft’s Open License program. Community Affairs has moved their software donation program from the old system of Corporate Giving Licenses (CGL’s) to the new, worldwide licensing program to make donations easier for employees to make and nonprofits to use and track. Employees can match their cash donations with the desired product licenses at $5 per license. Software media (disks) will accompany licenses that require media, and will be designated on the donation tool if media accompanies the licenses. If a nonprofit requires replacement media for damaged disks, they can contact Microsoft’s World Wide Fulfillment by calling 1-800-248-0655. Each set of replacement media is $27.00. Please visit our website at http://give for a tutorial on how this process works and to make a donation and have it matched with Open License. Scenario #2: Donate product (Fully Packaged Product, Hardware, MS Press and Games); Match with Cash Employees can purchase software, Xbox games, MS Press title and hardware from the company store (on-line or in person) for donations purposes and request Microsoft to match their gift with cash (no product matching). The Community Affairs • 5/01/02 3
  4. 4. MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE GIVING PROGRAM value of your product donation is based solely on the employee prices and does not include sales tax or shipping costs. All product purchased for donation purposes will not be counted towards your personal company store limit of $1000 per year, once the donation has been verified but company store limits as to the number of products purchased at one time will apply. Additional information about this donation option is available at http://give. If you wish to purchase product for donation, the following requirements must be met: • Recipient is an eligible 501(c)3 non-profit agency • You are a regular Microsoft employee with a Microsoft employee history of at least 6 months • Software is intended for the sole use by the recipient non-profit and cannot be resold, with the exception of auction donations. If you want Microsoft to match your donation (with cash as stated above), the following requirements must be met: • Recipient is an eligible 501(c)3 non profit agency • You are a regular Microsoft employee with a Microsoft employee history of at least 6 months • You have not exceeded your annual $12,000 matching gift limit • Proof of purchase (receipt) is required if purchased in the Microsoft store • Employee product donation is at least $25.00 (if the product value is less than $25.00, please write an additional check bringing the total gift to $25.00) ***Please base the value of the product on the employee price and do not include sales tax or shipping when determining the total value of the products. If you donate product and would like Microsoft to match with a check, please donate a product with an employee price of $25 or more, or add a check to bring the total gift to the $25 minimum. Please use separate forms when making product and cash donations. Product information can be found at http://infoweb/MSProducts/default.htm?s=12 • Employee Price can be found:  Browsing the On-Line Company Store Application  By e-mailing MS-Store  In person at the Company Store To have a product donation matched, purchase the products you are donating from the Company Store. Visit http://give and follow the instructions on requesting a cash match for a product donation. You will be asked to either email or fax a copy of your Company Store receipt to the JK Group at or . The Company Store will ship your personal purchase of product directly to the recipient agency, if you wish to pay the freight. Your cash match should be equal to or less than the sub-total of your purchase and $25 or more; tax and freight are not included in the match. If your purchase included product that was not donated please indicate the products that were donated by highlighting them on the receipt. Microsoft can only match in-kind gifts of Microsoft product and MS Press books. All other items (clothing, DK books, computers, etc.) for sale at the Company Store cannot be matched. In addition, foreign language products are neither eligible nor available through the Matching Gifts Program. Other in-kind donations that do not qualify include office supplies, postage, furniture, land, vehicles, etc. or any services such as printing supplied by the employee to the organization. Special Approvals After consultations with the Company Store and Microsoft Security, Community Affairs will no longer make exceptions to Microsoft’s policies regarding purchase of Microsoft products, including exceeding purchasing and matching gifts limits. $1,000 Employee Purchase Limit – Community Affairs will not make exceptions to exceed the Microsoft Employee Purchase limit for software. With the new Open License matching options, your product purchasing limit will not be affected by matching your cash gifts with Open Licenses. As before, when you purchase a full packaged product at Community Affairs • 5/01/02 4
  5. 5. MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE GIVING PROGRAM the Company Store, your limit will be reset once the match has been approved, but we will no longer make exceptions for exceeding the software purchase limit set by Microsoft. Company Store Limit – Community Affairs respects the limits that the Company Store and Security have placed on purchasing a set number of products per day. Exceptions will no longer be made to the Company Store policy of purchasing more than 6 copies of any single product in a 24 hour period. Community Affairs is unable to make exceptions to match donations above $12,000 if you have exceeded your $12,000 matching gift limit. Limits are reset each July 1. GROUP DONATIONS AND SPECIAL PROGRAMS Walk-A-Thons and Group Fund-Raisers If you are a participant in a walk-a-thon, dance-a-thon, bike trek, etc., Microsoft will match pledges received from Microsoft employees only. Please use the Group Fundraising form to submit Microsoft employee gifts (http://give Do not include non-Microsoft employees or Microsoft contractors on this form – those gifts cannot be matched. You may request that the total amount of employee gifts be processed under your name and your $12,000 matching limit. In that case, there is no $25 minimum gift per employee, however, the sum of all gifts must be over $25. You may also request that the gifts apply to the individual employee’s limit. If matching the individual employee’s limit, the amount must be for $25 or more for each employee. Adopt-A-Family Programs during the Holiday Season Microsoft will match the cost of gifts (less sales tax) that you or your group purchases and donates to a holiday adopt- a-family program sponsored by a non-profit organization. This is the only time of year that we allow this type of matching, and the receipts (or legible photocopies of the receipts) for the items purchased must accompany the matching gift form. Microsoft cannot reimburse employees for items purchased and donated and the matching check cannot be made payable to an individual. The matching check will be sent to the non-profit organization in the next quarterly matching check distribution after the matching form is received for processing. If the matching form is returned for processing by December 24, the matching check will be disbursed to the organization in January. For all other Group Donations including those for disaster relief & response, memorial funds, etc, please send email to Give to ask about the best way to proceed. For group gifts, please use the Group Fundraising form (see above) to track the individual employee gifts and have the entire amount matched with one check to the organization. We require that the employee who acts as the donor will have the amount deducted from their $12,000 matching limit. Remember that only Microsoft employee gifts are eligible for the Matching Gift Program. COMPANY STORE LIMITS AND RECEIPTS Company Store Personal Limit Only product donations made to qualified organizations and processed by the Matching Gifts Program will be credited to the employee’s personal account. After your gift is matched, your product donation will appear on a weekly report that Community Affairs sends to the Company Store. The Company Store will credit your personal account with the amount that you spent on the donated products. MS Press titles, do not affect your limit, therefore will not be credited to your account. In order to ensure that the correct amount is credited to your personal account; please send a copy of your store receipt to the JK Group when requesting a matching gift for a product donation. If a copy of your store receipt does not accompany your matching gift request, the request will be returned to you requesting a copy of the store receipt. If the product gift is made at the end of the fiscal year, but the paperwork for matching is not received until the next fiscal year, it will not be necessary to adjust your limit. Your personal limit will reset on July 1st. Community Affairs • 5/01/02 5
  6. 6. MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE GIVING PROGRAM Printing a Copy of Your Store Receipt • You must send a copy of your store receipt via email to or via fax to the JK Group at (609) 799-8019 when donating product. If you need a copy of your receipt you can request a copy by please email ms-store. Please include the Sales Id if known to expedite the request. FOR MORE INFORMATION If you have questions about the matching gifts program, please e-mail or call (800) 480-4438. If you would like additional information regarding all of Microsoft’s corporate giving programs, please connect to the internal Community Affairs web site at http://lcaweb , e-mail give, or dial 425-706-8185. Community Affairs • 5/01/02 6