I Fund International Stock Index Investment Fund


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I Fund International Stock Index Investment Fund

  1. 1. I Fund International Stock Index Investment Fund Thrift Savings Plan Fund Information Key Features As of December 31, 2009 • The I Fund offers the opportunity to earn a potentially high investment return over the long term by investing in the stocks of companies in de- Net Assets veloped countries outside the United States. $23.6 billion • The objective of the I Fund is to match the performance of the Morgan Stanley Capital International EAFE (Europe, Australasia, Far East) Index. 2009 Administrative Expenses $0.28 per $1,000 • There is a risk of loss if the EAFE Index declines in response to changes account balance, in overall economic conditions (market risk) or in response to increases .028% (2.8 basis points) in the value of the U.S. dollar (currency risk). Benchmark Index • Earnings consist of gains (or losses) in the prices of stocks, currency Morgan Stanley Capital changes relative to the U.S. dollar, and dividend income. International EAFE Stock Index I Fund Returns* www.mscibarra.com 2000 – 2009 40 Asset Manager 30 BlackRock Institutional Trust 20 Company, N.A. Percent Return 10 0 Returns −10 EAFE −20 I Fund* Index −30 1-Year 30.04% 31.78% −40 3-Year −5.86% −6.04% −50 5-Year 3.67% 3.54% 2000 2009 10-Year N/A 1.17% EAFE Index I Fund Since Inception 4.03% 4.12% * For periods before the inception of the I Fund on May 1, 2001, the return shown is the return of the EAFE Index (without May 1, 2001 deductions for management fees, trading costs, or administrative expenses); the 2001 return is a blended return. *After expenses EAFE Top Ten Holdings as of December 31, 2009 Company Growth of $100 HSBC Holdings (GB) PLC Since Inception BP PLC 200 Nestlé S.A. I Fund Total S.A. $140.87 150 Banco Santander S.A. BHP Billiton Ltd. 100 Inflation Toyota Motor Corp. $122.39 Vodafone Group PLC 50 5/01 12/09 Roche Holding Genuss Telefonica S.A. 2/10
  2. 2. I Fund Facts By law, the I Fund must be invested in a portfolio designed to track the performance of an index of common stocks representing in- ternational stock markets outside of the United States. The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board has chosen as its benchmark the Morgan Stanley Capital International EAFE (Europe, Australasia, Far East) Index, which tracks the overall performance of the ma- jor companies and industries in the European, Australian, and Asian stock markets. A significant component of the return of the EAFE Index (and the I Fund) results from changes in the value of the U.S. dollar relative to the currencies of the countries represented in the index. For example, the EAFE Index returned 31.78% in 2009, but that return included a decrease in the value of the U.S. dollar which EAFE Index increased the return by 7.06%. The EAFE Index, published by Morgan Stanley Capital In- ternational (MSCI), is an index of the equity markets of the Country Composition developed world outside of the United States and Canada. December 31, 2009 It is the most widely used international stock index. As of December 31, 2009, the index covered the equity markets Percent Number of of 21 countries, as shown in the table. Country of Index* Companies The companies in the EAFE Index are large companies. Europe The index is weighted by float-adjusted market capitaliza- Austria 0.3 8 Belgium 1.0 13 tion, in which a company’s market value and its weighting Denmark 0.9 13 in the index are calculated using the number of shares Finland 1.1 17 that are freely traded, rather than all outstanding shares. France 11.1 76 Shares that are not freely traded, such as the holdings Germany 8.1 50 of controlling shareholders and their families, company Greece 0.5 12 Ireland 0.3 4 management, and other companies, are excluded from Italy 3.5 33 the calculation. Also excluded are shares subject to for- Netherlands 2.7 20 eign ownership limitations imposed by governments or Norway 0.8 8 companies. Within each country, a company’s weighting Portugal 0.3 9 is the float-adjusted market value of the company (that is, Spain 4.6 29 the share price multiplied by the number of freely traded Sweden 2.5 30 Switzerland 7.7 37 shares outstanding) as a percentage of the combined United Kingdom 21.6 104 float-adjusted market value of all companies in the index. Europe 67.0% 463 Similarly, a country’s weighting in the EAFE Index is the Australasia/Far East float-adjusted market value of its stock market as a per- Australia 8.4 73 centage of the combined float-adjusted market value of all Hong Kong 2.3 41 stock markets included in the EAFE Index. Japan 20.7 346 New Zealand 0.1 5 BlackRock’s EAFE Index Fund — The BlackRock Fund Singapore 1.5 29 holds common stocks of all the companies represented Australasia/Far East 33.0% 494 in the EAFE Index in virtually the same weights that they Total EAFE Index 100.0% 957 have in the index. The return on the BlackRock Fund (and on the I Fund) will differ from that of the EAFE Index on *Weight as a percentage of index (based on foreign inclusion factor, which reflects the free float available to foreign investors). days when BlackRock makes a “fair valuation” adjustment to reprice the securities held by the fund. Fair valuation Source: Morgan Stanley Capital International adjustments are made on days when there are large move- ments in either U.S. equity markets or currency exchange rates after the foreign markets have closed. Fair valuation prevents traders from exploiting “stale” prices, thus diluting the returns of other TSP participants who invest in the I Fund. The performance of the EAFE Equity Index Fund is evaluated on the basis of how closely its returns match those of the EAFE Index. A portion of EAFE Equity Index Fund assets is reserved to meet the needs of daily client activity. This liquidity reserve is invested in fu- tures contracts. The I Fund invests in the EAFE Equity Index Fund by purchasing shares of the EAFE Equity Index Fund “E,” which, in turn, holds a liquidity pool and shares of the EAFE Index Master Fund. As of December 31, 2009, I Fund holdings constituted $22.8 billion of the EAFE Equity Index Master Fund, which itself held $59.9 billion of securities. Note: Participants’ interfund transfer (IFT) requests redistribute their existing account balances among the TSP funds. For each cal- endar month, the first two IFTs can redistribute money among any or all of the TSP funds. After that, for the remainder of the month, IFTs can only move money into the G Fund. (For participants with both civilian and uniformed services accounts, this rule applies to each account separately.) Page 2 TSPLF14I