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  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY . . . . . . . 1 II. INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . 2 III. MARKET OVERVIEW . . . . . . . 4 IV. SITE DESIGN . . . . . . . . 5 V. BUSINESS STRATEGY . . . . . . . 7 VI. MARKETING STRATEGY . . . . . . 8 VII. WEB METRICS . . . . . . . . 11 VIII. FINANCIAL SECTION . . . . . . . 13
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the world of financial decisions there is one factor that will remain constant. Involvement in the market, using a strong and diversified portfolio, has the potential to bring long-term economic gains to anyone. Simple enough, and yet we find that many people abstain from using this vehicle of ultimate wealth to their great advantage. We at realize that wealth acquisition is not a zero-sum game; therefore, we are striving to give confidence to those non-investors that lack the time, money, or skills to participate in the free market. Not only do we provide access to the best stock information available, we also give our customers the tools to analyze the data like experienced brokers. The market revolves around the news, thus we avidly search out any issues that will affect the financing of our customers, whether it be a tariff in Japan or a regulation in France. With a staff of diverse professionals, we at are committed to tearing down the walls of asymmetric information and providing the tools to participate in anything from mutual funds to venture capitalism.
  4. 4. MISSION STATEMENT To provide skilled and unskilled investors with both economic and financial tools and information to participate in the market with greater success than any stock consulting firm in the world. INTRODUCTION is admittedly in the infant stage, whereas the market becomes progressively saturated each day. Despite our late start, we feel that there has been a lack of addressing the masses as to the workings of the market. All concepts revolve around the minds of four students based out of Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama (One of the top 237 Business Schools in the world). This elite team consists of; Brooke Chandler Head of Accounting: Manages accounting to assure that all records conform to GAAP standards, as well along with all legal matters according to Sarbanes-Oxley Benjamin Faircloth Head of Finance: Econ/Math major with specialty in the actuarial sciences. As Head of our Finance Department overlooks all financial consulting while personally mining for data that will be useful to customers as well as analyzing risk. Marsha Mitchell Human Resource Specialist: Heads up all pension, salary, benefits, overtime, paid-time- off, and all other aspects of keeping the employees at pleased with their job situations. Elizabeth Rhodes
  5. 5. Head of Marketing: Performs market research to ensure that we reach all target demographics, as well as negotiating prices and Affiliate Programs. While each of these students are new to the world of e-Commerce, superior training has been the ultimate source of their successes. Through the use of the best stock information available, both instructional resources and current trends, and a continuous stream of news, the employees of provide their consumers with the tools to decide where to invest, how to invest, and how to continuously make profits. While our team proceeds with great strides, we are constantly recruiting the brightest minds in all fields, be it finance or psychology, to improve our methods.’s main goal is to provide information to the masses, and in the long-term they expect to spread the word that the market is not the zero-sum game that many think it to be.
  6. 6. MARKET OVERVIEW enters into a highly prestigious dinner party, and yet we are prepared to take any measures necessary to assume a seat at the head of the table. Alas, the people of the world finally have a resource at their finger tips that will lead them to ultimate success in a field they once believed to have so many barriers. We feel that it is our calling to spread information to the tip of the long tail that is our market. Young, old, male, female, any demographic you please. Will this be a difficult task? ABSOLUTELY! Which is why will be known as the consumer oriented e-Commerce company of the century. Given the statistics below, it is apparent that the majority of web users are English speaking males. We have also found that most companies take this into account by marketing towards the majority. Thanks to all of these other companies we are given the opportunity to market towards web minorities such as females and non- English speaking users. Gender Not only will we feature a company each week that has Female: 38.5% proven their commitment to ensure excellent working Male: 61.5% conditions for women and minorities, we will also Language promote an international attitude by providing English 44% translations of our site into 20 different languages. German 12% Dutch 11%
  7. 7. These are only a few of the many ways in which plans to capture an audience that many other companies have simply felt weren’t beneficial to them. Along with this strategy, we boast a site that is easy to use with content that is easily understandable. SITE DESIGN The site design of is literally the pride and joy of the company. We feel that while it allows for easy navigation, consumers will find that it is pleasing to the eye as well. We consider our site’s focus color to be that of “Power Blue.” While it is difficult to miss the eye popping cash placed in the background. We believe that this color/picture combo illustrates a strong company that is financially sound to increase your wealth as well. In viewing the site one can easily locate their “Portfolio” (which is their user account), Stock Quotes, Company Information, as well as many resources to analyze this information (with a $99.95 annual subscription). Along with stock information, the consumer is provided a constant stream of news that will affect the financial markets both directly and indirectly. has taken part in the Affiliate Programs of some of the leading market specialists which can be easily located at the bottom of the page. Among other benefits of their partnership with Google, offers Google Ads on the right side of the site. The website is also “powered by Trust-e,” so consumers will never have to worry about us leaking confidential information. Overall, the web site, which is being hosted by for only $29.95/mo, is designed to offer the best web
  8. 8. experience for any that should be lucky enough to come upon the site. Should any problems arise with our site content, or if consumers find themselves unhappy with our layout, we provide a “Feedback” section that will be read daily. Friday, December 1, 2006 #1 Source of Stocks Abs by Google And Analysis Stock market quote Access Schwab's industry- Market Info Why Choose Products & Featured Contact anrecognized stock Up Sign & Research Services Company Associate research. Go $99.95 now. PORTFOLIO LOGIN IN THE NEWS! Scottrade: Make Your Move Buy & sell stock online Username: FINANCIAL for $7 a trade. Free research, Password: Oil Futures Rally-on trading tools Crude-oil futures rallied for a third straight session, climbing above $62 on the New York Mercantile Exchange on…(full article) Stock Quotes New Account User Admin Real-Time Stock Market Heinz’s Net Profit Drops 6% Updates, H.J. Heinz Co. reported a 6% drop in earnings for it fiscal News, Quotes, Tips & MARKETS second quarter Thursday, blaming a higher tax rate, but More—MSN Money raised its outlook for full-year earnings, citing "strong Nasdaq 2,424.8 -7.37 business momentum”…(full article) Stock market 6 Subscribe to The HFD S&P 500 1,395.8 -3.64 Home Prices Continue To Appreciate and receive a U.S. house prices continued to appreciate in the third Free 30-Day Trial. By 4 quarter but at a slower rate, an Ofheo report said…. (full Mark Hulbert TSX 2,798.5 +37.28 article) 9 Pfizer Raises Earnings Outlook Real-Time Stock Quotes Pfizer raised its 2006 earnings forecast, citing higher- Get Real-Time, Accurate QUOTES CO./DATA than-expected revenue and lower costs. The drug maker Market Data also said it plans to seek approval of an experimental Free Charting & Analysis. cholesterol drug…(full article) Search: Ticker Symbol Name Winning Stock Alert More Headlines… Stock Ready To Run, Record Profits POLITICAL Currently $1, Rapidly Headed To $7 Bush, Maliki Hold Talks Bush said he and Maliki agreed to speed a turnover of Stock Quotes - Free RESOURCES security responsibility to Iraqi forces but pledged U.S. Live Quotes & Charts. By troops…(full article) your Clock Click here to sign up for Always on. Free Report Finds Rules Structure Hurting Download! Affiliates Markets Wall Street is losing its competitive edge because of Charles SCHWAB excessive regulation, a blue-ribbon panel said. The Market Watch closely watched report called for better protection for Analyse historical stock auditors, company staff…(full article) quotes Scottrade for over 12000 US CyberTrader companies More Headlines… ForexOut Contact Us Feedback Privacy Terms of Use Careers Languages Log © 2006
  9. 9. BUSINESS STRATEGY is dedicated to evolving into a major market player. We set our goals high and have no intention of falling short. By introducing a site revolving around the market we enter into a crowded domain, thus we must stand out amongst a room of giants. Luckily, we are aware of our situation as stated below; Strengths:  boasts a relaxed corporate culture that facilitates creativity and uninhibited flow of ideas.  Partnership with Google Analytics allows to analyze web metrics with precise accuracy.  Broad target market that encourages new advances in marketing strategy.  Affiliates with top of the line brand names that will enhance the brand.  Low overhead due to internet based company, as opposed to brick and mortar.  Broad base of keywords that bring a large market to  A strategy of bringing the market to non-investors in a way in which they can comprehend. Weaknesses:  has experienced a late arrival into the e-Commerce market.  Recruitment of employees remains a difficult task for an emerging company. Opportunities:  can capitalize in the market of reporting current events while explaining how they actually affect the market. As opposed to assuming their consumers will have the experience to analyze the situations themselves. Threats:  Competition is always a factor in any market, which will help to mold into a customer oriented machine. Although with strong
  10. 10. competitors like WSJ, CNNMoney, Bloomberg, and many others, it will take time to gain a large market share.  A lack of customers can easily plague any e-Commerce company if they do not possess superior marketing. We look forward to unmasking future threats and weaknesses each day, so that we will epitomize the e-Commerce model for those to come. MARKETING STRATEGY Advertisers with larger keyword lists win more traffic at a lower cost per visitor than their competition. Because search engine users tend to type in specific, 2-4 word phrases to find what they’re looking for. When your targeted terms match what they’re looking for, your ads are shown more prominently and receive a higher click-through rate than the ads targeted to more general terms. This results in a lower cost-per-click. We chose eleven keywords that we decided would be most beneficial for our company. Which include: • Quotes: $1.94 pay-per-click, we chose this word because our website is geared towards the stock market, financial planning and helping people learn more about the market in general. • Financing: $5.44 pay-per-click, finance is the foundation of our business so we need to make sure that every potential customer that needs to research finance will visit our site. • Trust funds: $2.75 pay-per-click, our business can also help you with management of your assets, reduce estate taxes and provide liquid assets to help pay for them. • Market: $1.12 pay-per-click, our business is focused on financial standing and financial markets whether it is the stock market or money market. • Stock trading: $9.47 pay-per-click, we are affiliates with stock trading companies so it benefits our business to offer stock trading to our customers as well as visitors of our site • Stock market day trading: $4.91 pay-per-click, as we mentioned before, 2-4 word phrases win more traffic at lower costs; stock trading is a big part of our revenue • Earn money: $7.13 pay-per-click, we offer benefits of earning money to our customers
  11. 11. • Make money: $6.04 pay-per-click, we offer a variety of ways to make money whether it be investing your assets into mutual funds or simply chancing it in the stock market • Money: $2.32 pay-per-click, our company offers personal finance advice and investing advice • Investment portfolio: $1.44 pay-per-click, portfolios are wonderful tools to help you organize your investments and our company can help create a portfolio as well as financial planning • Business news: $1.71 pay-per-click, personal, financial, and investing news is posted on our home page for more information for our visitors Affiliate marketing is a method of promoting web businesses for which an affiliate is rewarded for each visitor. Affiliate marketing is an example of a, “pay for performance model", meaning the merchant does not incur a marketing expense unless results are realized. Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest and most creative ways to make money and have a career on the Internet. It is also one of the fastest growth industry on the internet. Our company partners with Google. Our company invested in the Ad words programs which allow us to add our affiliates and choose our own keywords. Our affiliates are as follows: • identify the demographic or registration targeting, premium content, and content ownership, cost of running the site for MarketWatch is $35 for a standard package, the annual spending the rate is lowered. • You will be compensated $0.50 for every application that is submitted as a trader. It is free to join and creates great revenues for your web site. • They have three different programs that you select that best suits your business. We chose the CPA-T program or track. Under this track you get a flat commission amount for each trader you refer, however, such commission varies,
  12. 12. depending on the type of the trading account of your referred trader: Mini; Gold; or Platinum. This best qualifies because it allows us to offer variety. • our affiliate trade officers can take advantage of our override structure that increases your income. Cybertrader will pay 5% on all commissionable income generated from a trade officer introduced by us to for the trading of bonds. • Schwab active trader: helps your customers improve their trading results and we can earn up to $50 every time a visitor that we prefer to Schwab active trader becomes a member of Schwab active In the wired world of the Internet and high mobility, a huge number of people depend on the World Wide Web for their information needs. Therefore, to have an edge over competitors and to build a faithful flock of visitors/ subscribers, every intensive website needs to provide relevant, updated content on a daily basis. Our corporation has every intention of succeeding in task difficult task. Everyone looks for the highest quality content and that’s what the team at Getstocky is all about. We provide high quality and current content on our site and that’s what we believe will drive users to our site.
  13. 13. WEB METRICS In an effort to suit our customers’ tastes, we feel that it is important to collect data on the usage of As a company, we are lucky to have recruited the services of Google Analytics in a hope to obtain accurate web metrics that will be put to use in serving our customers. The main benefits of this partnership include; • Keyword Campaign Comparison- “Google Analytics tracks all of your marketing initiatives, Google-based or otherwise. All of your ads, email newsletters, affiliate campaigns, referrals, paid links, search engines, and keywords. So you can compare performance across the artificial boundaries of search engine, campaign, and medium.” • Executive Summaries- “Get executive summaries of traffic, e-commerce, and conversion trends without hunting through reports. Quickly identify problem areas. Compare revenue, conversions, campaigns, and keywords at a glance. Google Analytics Executive, Marketer, and Webmaster dashboards give you clear answers, fast, in an easy-to-digest visual format.” • AdWords Integration- “Access Google Analytics directly from your AdWords interface. Google Analytics also saves you time by automatically importing all your keyword data from AdWords. So you see ROI and other key metrics for every keyword you buy on AdWords, with no extra effort on your part, just by using Google Analytics.” • Trend Reporting- “Interactive trend reporting is built right into Google Analytics reports. Which means that you can tell where you stand on any metric - in seconds.”
  14. 14. • e-Commerce Reporting- “Trace transactions to campaigns and keywords, get loyalty and latency metrics, and identify your revenue sources.” • Funnel Visualization- “Visitors are excited about what you're offering, race through the first few steps in the conversion process, and then abruptly exit your site. It's baffling, but it doesn't have to be. The Google Analytics Funnel Visualization feature shows you the bottlenecks in your conversion and checkout processes - attributable to such factors as confusing content or maze-like navigation - so you can eliminate or work around them, and start funneling visitors through the steps you want them to take, all the way through to conversion.” • Site Overlay- “Google Analytics displays your website pages superimposed with click and conversion data for each link. Site Overlay doesn't require any downloads, and allows you to easily see which links lead to conversions, just by browsing your site.” • Advanced Visitor Segmentation- “Comes with over 80 predefined reports. Advanced Visitor Segmentation adds eighteen predefined segments for further drill-down into any of these reports, such as geographic location and new versus returning visitors. Instantly compare traffic, key conversion metrics and trends by segment. You don't have to wait for data to be reprocessed or schedule reports. In addition, a custom segmentation feature allows you to segment based upon user actions or on information that visitors give you about themselves.” • GeoTargeting- “Maps, reports, and cross-segmentation allow you to find out where your visitors come from, and which markets have the greatest profit potential.” • Analysis Options- “Compare one date range against another from almost any report.” With features such as these provided by Google Analytics, we at believe that there is a tremendous opportunity to witness consumer phenomena and use it to our ultimate advantage. We will be able to become a true consumer oriented company that will experience long-run economic profitability as we evolve with our customers, as opposed to becoming stagnant and outdated. While in the midst of a paradigm shift,
  15. 15. will not relent in any efforts to follow the market trends, or better yet, become one of the major forces in driving the market itself. FINANCIAL STATEMENTS The following financial data has been projected for the upcoming year and will be utilized for all budgetary purposes.
  16. 16. Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2007 Assets Current Assets Cash 842,874 A/R 499,750 Supplies 2,000 Fixed Assets Building 2,000 Equipment 30,000 Total Assets 1,376,624 Liabilities Short-Term Liabilities A/P 15,000 Long-Term Liabilities Wages Payable 450,000 Equity Retained Earnings 911,624 Total Liabilities + Equity 1,376,674 Income Statement for year ended 12/31/07 Sales 979,700 Click-throughs 500,000 less: Goods Solds 386,000 Gross Profit 1,093,700 less: Supplies Exp 700 Wages Exp 450,000 Utilities Exp 2,000 EBIT 641,000 less: Taxes 54,376 Net Income 586,624 Statement of Retained Earnings for year ended 12/31/07 Beg. Retained Earnings 325,000 Net Income 586,624 Ending Retained Earnings 911,624