Small Business Ideas India


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59 pieces of great advice for small businesses in India looking for inspiration, tips, ideas and help for running, managing and growing their business.

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Small Business Ideas India

  1. Pieces ofSmall BusinessWisdom
  2. Perception RealityRunning A Small Business
  3. Be Fast. Be Different.Give Awesome Customer Service.
  4. “We just didn’t quit. We kept convincingourselves to keep going for another 3 months,and another 3 months.”Kailash Katkar | CEO Quickheal
  5. Vishal GondalFounder India Games10 Commandments of Being AnEntrepreneur1. Thou shall have balls not business plans2. Thou shall develop relationships not transactions3. Thou shall focus on real pain points4. Thou shall be number 1 or 25. Thou shall focus on the 20%6. Thou shall avoid MBA’s and spreadsheet makers7. Thou shall celebrate failures and enjoy the journey8. Thou shall not want to sell9. Thou shall be fit (look after yourself)10.Thou shall win with passion
  6. “You will always overcome allbarriers with passion.”Rajan Anandan | Google India MD
  7. “Courage is being afraidbut doing it anyway.“Spencer WaldronZoostr Co-Founder
  8. If you think your businessis too small to have animpact,try going to bed with amosquito in the room!
  9. "The fastest wayto change yourselfis to hang out with peoplewho are alreadythe way you want to be.“Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-Founder
  10. Make your own living.Make your own opportunities.Don’t wait for the opportunities tocome to you - Get up and make them!
  11. “You never know how faryou can rununless you try”Spencer Waldron, CMO @ Zoostr
  12. Nobodywho evergave their bestregretted it
  13. Success =Hard work + Passion x Time
  14. SmileMorePeople buy from youbecause they like you!
  15. “Success Is 20% What Happens &80% how you deal with it”Spencer WaldronCMO @ Zoostr
  16. “Running a businessis like a marathon.You got to work hardif you’re going tolast the distance”Spencer WaldronCMO @ Zoostr
  17. “Live quietly in the moment and seethe beauty of all before you. Thefuture will take care of itself......”Paramahansa YoganandaAutobiography of a Yogi
  18. It takes most people at least 18 – 24 monthsto build a sustainable business.People who do it quicker tend to havehistorical, social, or financialresources behind them.Small Business Blog
  19. People Want To BuyFrom People Who CareLove Your Customers!It’s the only way 
  20. “I find out what the world needs,then I proceed to invent it”Thomas Edison
  21. “If you are absent during my STRUGGLE,dont expect to be present during my SUCCESS”Thanks toAamir Mulla (Zoostr Fan)For Finding & Sharing
  22. “I’ve built my successful customerservice system around three things1. Promotion of Services2. Consistency of Service3. Reliable Delivery ”Father Christmas
  23. “Great things are doneby a series of small thingsbrought together”Vincent van Gogh
  24. “Possession of anythingbegins in the mind.”Bruce Lee
  25. “Success Is A Journey,Not A Destination”Spencer WaldronCMO @ Zoostr
  26. “Strategy without tactics is theslowest route to victory.Tactics without strategy is thenoise before defeat.”Sun Tzu, The Art of War
  27. SenecaRoman Philosopher - ca. 4 BC – AD 65Small Business Blog Is What HappensWhen Preparation Meets Opportunity!
  28. Richard Reed, | CEO, Innocent DrinksWhat makes people successful?One is that they get started.The other is that they don’t stop”
  29. Carol Bartz,Former Yahoo CEOSmall Business Blog you think you can’t do it…then you’re right!
  30. Greet every customer as if they are the most important oneRespect every customer and make business decisions based on thisExpress how important each customer is to youAdjust your approach to match your customers needsThank your customers for their customSmall Business Blog
  31. The 6 P’sProper Prior PlanningPrevents Poor PerformanceSmall Business Blog
  32. "Tell me and I forget.Show me and I remember.Let me do and I understand."Boost Your BusinessConfucius
  33. “Start with solving a probleminstead of having a technologyand then searching forproblems it might solve.”Kevin Systrom, InstagramBoost Your Business
  34. “Imagination is everything.It is the preview of lifescoming attractions.”-Albert EinsteinBoost Your Business
  35. “It Doesn’t MatterHow AwesomeYour Product Or Service IsUnless The Right People Know About ItAnd What It Can Do For Them”Boost Your Business
  36. I am a small business ownerI am business mindedI am optimisticI am determined to succeedI treat my customers like familyI am an EntrepreneurI am an InnovatorI am a risk takerI am the heart of the Indian EconomyI am a small business ownerBoost Your Business
  37. “There are no magic wands,no hidden tricks, and no secrethandshakes that can bring youimmediate success, but with time,energy, and determinationyou can get there...”Boost Your BusinessDarren RowseFounder, Problogger
  38. “India is not simplyemerging; India hasalready emerged..”Boost Your BusinessBarack Obama
  39. “People don’t buy WHATyou do but WHY you do it.”Boost Your BusinessSimon SinekSo focus on the people who believewhat you believe.These will be you best customers
  40. “It takes years ofdedicationto become anovernight success..”Boost Your BusinessVishal Gondal
  41. “Focus on something your customerwants, and then deliver it.”Boost Your Business
  42. The Three C’sOf MarketingIn 2012ContentCommunicationCustomer Service
  43. “Ive missed more than 9000 shots inmy career. Ive lost almost 300 games.26 times, Ive been trusted to take thegame winning shot and missed.Ive failed over and over and overagain in my life.And that is why I succeed”Michael Jordan
  44. “Dream more than others think practical.Expect more than others think possible.Care more than others think wise.”Howard SchultzCEOStarbucks
  45. “The people who arecrazy enough to thinkthey can change the worldare the ones who do”Apples‘Think Different’commercial from 1997
  46. I AM ASMALL BUSINESSOWNERI am determinedI am optimisticI am patientI am creativeI have courage
  47. “It should be understood thattechnology does not dictatebusiness, business dictatestechnology. A business should beable to leverage technology”Adi GodrejCEO, the Godrej group
  48. Seven Deadly SinsWealth without workPleasure without conscienceScience without humanityKnowledge without characterPolitics without principleCommerce without moralityWorship without sacrificeMahatma Gandhi
  49. "It takes 20 yearsto build a reputationand five minutesto ruin it.”CEO & Stock Market LegendWarren Buffett
  50. “There are two mistakesone can make alongthe road to truth.Not going all the way,and not starting.”Siddhartha Gautama
  51. “Business opportunitiesare like buses,there’s alwaysanother one coming.”Richard Branson
  52. “Success is the ability togo from one failure toanother with no loss ofenthusiasm.”Winston Churchill
  53. “I made 5127 prototypes Before I got it right. Therewere 5126 failures. But I learned from each one.That’s how I came up with a solution. So I don’t mindfailure. I’ve always thought that schoolchildrenshould be marked by the number of failures they’vehad. The child who tries strange things andexperiences failures to get there is more creative…We’re taught to do things the right way. But if youwant to discover something that other peoplehaven’t, you need to do things the wrong way.Initiate a failure by doing something that’s very silly,unthinkable, naughty, or dangerous.”James Dyson
  54. “If it’s important to you,you’ll find a way.If it isn’tyou’ll find an excuse.”
  55. “Promote what you loveinstead of bashingwhat you hate”
  56. Forgive all mistakesthe first time they happen.Never let the same mistakehappen twice.
  57. "If you dont drive yourbusiness, you will bedriven out of business."Al RiesThe man who coined “Positioning” as a Marketing termIt’s what your Small Business has been waiting for
  58. “Your business is like plasticine,what you make of it is up to YOU."It’s what your Small Businesshas been waiting for
  59. The internet has fundamentally changedthe way people find, discover, share,shop & communicate – are you ready?www. .in
  60. “Sometimes you just cant wait.Sometimes, the perfect time never comes along.Sometimes you just need to dare yourself to jump”
  61. Everything you need to boost your business from A-ZFree Business Software for IndiaCreate Quotations & InvoicesTrack PaymentsSchedule MeetingsSend SMS Campaigns