3 Reasons Big Brands Crowdsource Video


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Crowdsourced video help marketers remain "always on" and reach the right customers through all the noise in today's media.

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3 Reasons Big Brands Crowdsource Video

  1. 1. Original blog post hereWhy brands are tapping the crowd tokeep up with an “always on” audience
  2. 2. Marketers must remain “always on”to reach the right customers through the noise. Brands are turning to innovative digital and online approaches.
  3. 3. To rally a brand’s community offans, marketers are turning to creative crowdsourcing to generate content.
  4. 4. Video is cited to be the most effective type of content being crowdsourced.It establishes a personal connection between businesses and consumers.
  5. 5. Crowdsourced video offer today’smarketers a number of benefits:– Advocacy– Engagement– Awareness
  6. 6. Advocacy:– Encourages customers to submit videos about why they can’t live without the product– Resonates with target audience and builds trust among other consumers
  7. 7. Engagement: – Marketers can use catalog of campaign- themed videos across a range of consumer touchpoints, platforms, devices, and media – Triggers conversation by asking consumers to comment, rate, and share
  8. 8. Awareness:– Provides a forum to collaborate with highly engaged and valuable customers– Generates branded content “by the people, for the people”
  9. 9. Two examples of brands that have used crowdsourcedvideo to enhance their marketing campaign:
  10. 10. – Invited filmmakers and citizens to submit short films about how technological innovation can improve urban life through open video contest “Changing Your Life For The Better”– Result: Over 100 mini- documentaries, and winning video was nominated for a TED “Ads Worth Spreading” award Download full case study
  11. 11. – Buick teamed up with the NCAA inviting people to submit videos to the “Human Highlight Reel” showing how NCAA athletes are impacting communities across the country– Result: A series of stories reinforcing Buick’s commitment to athletes that have a positive impact See more case studies
  12. 12. Crowdsourced video ishttp://Zooppa.com/Diesel a powerful complement to traditional advertising campaigns.http://Zooppa.com/Zappos
  13. 13. Original blog post here 3 Reasons Big Brands Crowdsource VideoZooppa generates high quality video and graphic design contentfor top advertisers and brand marketers through crowdsourcing.Twitter: @CrowdCreativity Receive a demo of our platform that’s customized toBlog: http://info.zooppa.com your needs!Email: info@zooppa.com Contact us today
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