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The Value of a Social Media Event Display


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The Value of a Social Media Event Display

  1. 1. Growing Value From Social Media Event Displays
  2. 2. Your attendees are already on social media • Twitter – Posting quotes and reactions from your events • Facebook – RSVPing on your event page, sharing status updates with their friends • Instagram – Posting photos from your events
  3. 3. What is an Event Display? • Streaming social media content on large, highly-visible screens • Often based on specific hashtag or identifier, promoted by hosts (Example: #EventDisplayValue2013) • Makes real-time, live Q&A sessions possible…and easy • Widgets provide remote audiences with that engaged, ‘live’ experience Creates an interactive, 360-degree experience for attendees at conferences, tradeshows, and events.
  4. 4. Why Go For a Social Media Event Display? Conferences are a great place for people to interact, but the brunt of today’s meaningful conversations occurs over social media • Improved User Engagement– encourages people to Tweet more, increasing event Twitter traffic (marketing) • Creates new and modern networking opportunities– between attendees and remote users alike • Gives guests the fun they’re looking for, while indicating modern and savvy social media skills
  5. 5. Not Just for Guests. Even afterwards, Event Display technology will still power sales leads, marketing strategies, and analytics. • Compiles information about who attended and participated • • Highlights which discussions provoked the most conversations • • Attendees, journalists, VIPs, stakeholders, etc. Deeper insight into conference’s strengths/participant reactions Strong analytics • Measure influence/engagement and use that data for future events, fundraising, and marketing initiatives.
  6. 6. In a Nutshell. Event Displays build and strengthen relationships. • Fosters buzz about your event • Gamification can turn a ‘strictly business’ conference into a fun competition • Facilitates networking among attendees; Q&A features promote interaction among remote audiences • Takes your event’s engagement to the next level • Provides feedback to conference organizers—in real-time
  7. 7. Easy, Effective Deployment. Deploying something so technical can seem complex. But actually, all you need is: • Laptop • Internet connection • TV screen
  8. 8. More than just tweets. An Event Display can be about much more than just social media content… • Website widgets • Polls • Q&A on Twitter
  9. 9. Choosing the Right Event Display
  10. 10. There are a lot of tools out there.  TwitterFall  Performs a basic search where you can view content organized like a feed.  TweetWally  Similar to TwitterFall; generates URL or embed code to share  Visible  Displays only one relevant post at a time  Curation, Analytic, and Visualizations work together—valuable before, during, and after event Tweets Zoomph
  11. 11. How to sift through your choices. When searching for the right Event Display, make sure to ask these questions: 1. Does the curation stage draw from multiple social media sites, or just one? Make sure it streams from Twitter, Facebook AND Instagram—today’s three most-used sites 2. Am I just paying for a pre-packaged Event Display? Or will I have the ability to curate before, moderate during, and analyze after? 3. How is the ranking system scored? Does it truly showcase the most influential content/people? 4. Do I have the option of customizing to my unique needs?
  12. 12. For BEST Results. Event Displays can be so much more than a second screen! Look for applications that: • Pulls content from multiple sites—it’s a multi-channel world and people will be doing more than Tweeting! • Moderates content before it’s displayed, so inspiring and meaningful content gets the most views. • Provides strong analytics after the event, giving organizers insight for next time. • Truly engages attendees and remote users in a way that sparks excitement and brand loyalty for years to come (Q&A, Polls, etc.)
  13. 13. Get in touch! Amir Zonozi Social Media Strategist Leonard Hyman 1856 Old Reston Avenue, Suite 100 Reston VA, 20190 - 3330 Phone: 703.481.9581 Fax: 703.481.9511 Acc. Exec. Government
  14. 14. About ZoomphTM Zoomph™ is the nation’s leading Influencer Engagement Platform for collecting and ranking influential social media content in realtime via its ZPoints algorithm. Seamlessly streamlining content from today’s major social media networks, Zoomph empowers businesses of all sizes to connect across new and influential consumer bases, while reaching their real-time marketing potential. Delivered through one powerful platform, Zoomph provides curation, search, analytics, and social visualizations for a multi-channel world. Discover why Real-Time Influence Matters at