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Managing Mobile Device Compliance in Connected Fleet Vehicles


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In January 2012, the FMCSA implemented new rules prohibiting interstate truck and bus drivers from using hand-held mobile phones.This presentation from ZoomSafer CEO Matt Howard offers insight on how to manage compliance with the new rules!

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Managing Mobile Device Compliance in Connected Fleet Vehicles

  1. 1. Managing Mobile Device Compliance in Connected Fleet Vehicles ALK Transportation Technology Summit May 2012Insert Your LogoHere on the Slide Master
  2. 2. 160 Characters of ContextInsert Your LogoHere on the Slide Master
  3. 3. Macro Fleet Perspective50% 50% of 23x More likely to 32% Employers 80% Employers employees crash. have known have admit to Increasing crashes written texting, claims, policies emailing or litigation, 8% Employers browsing insurance have been while driving premiums sued A policy that isnt enforced isnt a policy; its a liability!Insert Your Logo 1 – Career Builder. November 2009 SurveyHere on the Slide 2 – DOT/VTTI. $25k per crash, $150k per injury, $3.6m per fatality 3 – See Dyke Industries, Smith Barney, International Paper, Cooley Godward Master
  4. 4. Just Ask These Guys… Last week a Texas jury handed down a $21m verdict against Coke. Plaintiffs argued the company lacked a comprehensive cell phone policy for its delivery drivers.Insert Your LogoHere on the Slide Master
  5. 5. Truck Fleet Perspective Device based apps offer Balancing mobileMapping, routing, workflow effective and Yet, handheld use while productivityand compliance are critical inexpensive driving introduces risk and and safety isto trucking success. solutions. CSA compliance issues. complicated. So where are we going? How will we get there? Insert Your Logo Here on the Slide Master
  6. 6. Innovation Ecosystem Connected Connected Enterprise Enterprise Vehicles Devices 18m vehicles 150m smart devices 5m connected 1 43m CL 33m connected 2 $1.5B $1.5B 15% CAGR 35% CAGRInsert Your LogoHere on the Slide 1 – CJ Driscoll & Associates, 2011 Master 2 – MDM not including TEMS, ABI Research, Oct 2011
  7. 7. The Market /Channel Carrier (I+W) Channels Connected Device Channels = $1.5B 35% CAGR Connected Vehicle Channels = $1.5B 15% CAGR 18M Fleet Vehicles / Drivers 60% ECVs 25% ECVs 2% ECVsInsert Your Logo 10% ECDs 33% ECDs 37% ECDsHere on the Slide Master
  8. 8. Policies Proliferating…Insert Your LogoHere on the Slide Master
  9. 9. Confidence Decreasing… Very Confident - Current Enforcement Feb 2012 May 2012 35% 33% 33% 32% 30% 28% 26% 25% 20% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Total Respondents FMCSA Fleets Non FMCSA FleetsInsert Your LogoHere on the Slide Master
  10. 10. Interest Growing… As Important/More Important 87% Receiving speeding alerts and reports Giving drivers real-time, in-vehicle feedback 83% of poor driving behavior Receiving hard braking/turning/accelerating 81% alerts and reports 76% 78% 80% 82% 84% 86% 88%Insert Your LogoHere on the Slide Master
  11. 11. Interest Categories…Insert Your LogoHere on the Slide Master
  12. 12. Solution OptionsInsert Your LogoHere on the Slide Master
  13. 13. Active Policy Case Study $2B public company Sales/Service fleet 576 Sedans + Light Trucks Policy = no email, browsing Results per week (4/1–4/14) − 7049 hours in safe mode − 21132 emails averted Results per day per driver − 1.7 hours in safe mode − 5.4 emails avertedInsert Your LogoHere on the Slide Master
  14. 14. Passive Policy ResultsThe Customer… The Audit… The Results… Energy service  107 employee drivers  92% violate policy1 $200m in revenue  45 days driving data  Sample wide 1000 fleet vehicles derived from fleet system −595 distractions per day Company BlackBerry’s  45 days calling and text −160 per hour Zero tolerance policy data derived from AT&T −5.35 per mile CDRs  Per sample employee FMCSA regulated fleet  45 days email data derived −5.56 per day Strong safety culture from Blackberry Enterprise −1.5 per hour Self insured Server (BES) −.05 per mile  Highest risk −17.3 per day −2.3 per hourInsert Your Logo −.5 per mileHere on the Slide 1 – Make and receive calls / read and send emails Master
  15. 15. More on managing compliance with FMCSA cell phone use rules: Download free guideInsert Your LogoHere on the Slide Master