3 reasons you can no longer ignore social marketing


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Learn how social marketing can improve your company's search engine results and help you spread your message to a motivated audience.

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3 reasons you can no longer ignore social marketing

  1. 1. 3 reasons you can no longer ignore social marketing
  2. 2. Before, we get into why you can’t ignore social marketing, let’s look at some reasons why you might want to ignore it: “I don’t know where to start” “I don’t know which communities to focus on” “I don’t know who in my organization should be responsible for what” Plus…
  3. 3. One big problem with social media I’ve created profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and 7 other communities to generate awareness. And is it working?
  4. 4. One big problem with social media I don’t know. I’m too busy managing all my profiles
  5. 5. But can you afford to just pretend social media doesn’t exist?
  6. 6. 3 reasons you can no longer ignore social marketing Social media has become a key way to: 1. Improve your search engine results 2. Spread your message 3. Motivate your audience
  7. 7. 1. Better search results Increasing your social influence has become a key way to turn on the SEO juice. Better search results
  8. 8. Search results: How influential are you? Like it or not, you’re being graded. Your level of influence is now part of Google and Bings’ algorithms.
  9. 9. Movin’ on up the Search page Active communication on social media pushes you up the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ladder Search engine influencer ratings are based on factors like: • Ratio of response to amount of content shared • Recommendations • Retweets, Repins, Shares, etc. • Number of comments • Number of followers • Number of Likes
  10. 10. Stand out from the crowd on Google and Bing And your SERP results look a lot better, too Integrate the Google+ profiles of the influencers at your company with your company blog, website, YouTube channel, etc. to move up and stand out. Say Cheese Integrated G+ profiles stand out in SERPs with, among other things, photos
  11. 11. Social media makes business pages stand out on search engines too
  12. 12. 2. Your audience will help spread your message Community members are extremely active – Sharing, liking, favoriting, following, tagging, and so on Social communities have become part of people’s lives
  13. 13. It’s become really easy to share content From toddlers to teens and all in between, everyone is tweeting, pinning and posting • Instagram: 4000 comments per second • Twitter: Average of 5,700 tweetsper-second • Facebook: One billion+ pieces of content shared each month
  14. 14. So, will your audience spread your message for you? Maybe. People can be active on behalf of your brand. Did you know every one image top brands share on Pinterest is repinned an average of 45 times by users?
  15. 15. An emotionally-charged atmosphere But of course, just because it’s easy to share doesn’t necessarily mean people will share for you when their image and identity is at stake. People feel strongly about their social communities
  16. 16. What type of content does get shared? Studies indicate that if content is of immediate, practical value and both conveys and evokes emotion People will be more motivated to share it.
  17. 17. 3. You can reach a highly motivated audience And isn’t a highly motivated audience the stuff of every marketer’s dreams? But in order to motivate, you need to strike a chord with your audience.
  18. 18. Motivate people with the right content for the right community Site Predominant user type/interest Key usage Google+ Male technology-oriented Share and discover professional content Facebook Trend of teens leaving and older user groups growing Share social content that makes one respond in terms of personal identity Linkedin Career-aged professionals Ongoing communication with your professional network/job recruiting Twitter Savvy, educated professional Fast sharing/monitoring of latest industry/professional news Pinterest Predominantly female, rapidly growing network Show off brand/product aesthetics
  19. 19. Motivate people with the right toneof-voice Effective content matches the style of the type of content on the given community. Communicate in an honest, enthusiastic voice, and don’t be afraid to express a strong opinion. “People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad” Howard Gossage
  20. 20. Make the most of social 1. Better search engine results Turn on the SEO juice with social communities, and focus especially on the most relevant ones to your business 2. Spread your message Communicate in an honest tone of voice, and don’t be afraid let your opinions and emotions show 3. Motivate your audience Focus more on select communities that fit your brand/industry matching the tone-of-voice to the social community.
  21. 21. Learn more about social marketing Contact Oren Shafir, Creative director, concept and text Zoom Digital oren@zoomdigital.dk www.zoomdigital.dk Social media guide Making sense of social media for your business Overview of top communities • Hidden features you may not know about • xxxxx Download your free copy now