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Why zoolzreseller v3.0

  1. 1. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Become a Zoolz Reseller Open a Cloud business in minutes
  2. 2. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Introduction Zoolz reseller offers a competitive advantage by offering Secure Cloud Backup to Cold Storage Cold Storage Leverages Amazon Glacier’s Storage to offer reliable storage at an extremely low- cost Zoolz Cold Storage is the only easy and practical solution out there for backing up large amounts of data for centuries Instant storage is also available at an added cost To learn more about cold storage, visit: https://www.zoolz.com/coldstorage
  3. 3. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Why become a Zoolz reseller Tap on a $100 Billion+ market1 A system that does not require a Website nor Training Fully rebrandable that applies on the spot Build your own pricing model without any commitments unlimited users for home & business accounts Fully automated with API integration Dedicated Account Manager Start your own business for only $50/month Up to 10 X gross profit 1 http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/2352816
  4. 4. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com How to sell Zoolz You Bundle it with other services (Value Added Service) We provide reseller APIs for full integration to: Create Accounts Upgrade Accounts Suspend, activate, and delete accounts Managed Service Provider Extra profit from managing the users backups Set their data selections (Policies) Monitor backups Manage their usage Monitor their activity Deploy installations remotely Sell it Stand-alone Fully brand it Co Brand it Use Zoolz Branding (sell licenses)
  5. 5. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Bundle with other Value Added Services For complete API documentation, visit: http://wiki.zoolz.com/index.php/category/reseller/reseller-api/
  6. 6. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Managed Service Provider Sell an account to your customers Access the reseller system Add an Account and assign a plan Create users, assign policies and manage every account aspect remotely Monitor Backup Activity from Reports
  7. 7. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Sell it Stand-Alone (Zoolz Partner Program) Sign up for free at http://www.zoolz.com/resellers#partner You will get a detailed email on how to start and why to offer Zoolz Sell licenses to your customers and make profit.
  8. 8. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Zoolz covers all needs User Expectation #1: Finding a very affordable solution Current market 50 GB Home plans = $60-$600 1TB Business plans=$1,200-$6,000 Your price 50 GB of storage costs you $5/year. Sell for half the price; $30/year and earn 83% gross profit Zoolz Reseller offers you unlimited users and Servers for free per business account; 1 TB + 1 Business account costs you $150/year, sell 1TB for half the lowest competitor price $600/year and earn 75% of gross profit Users and Servers account as pure profit
  9. 9. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Zoolz covers all needs User Expectation #2: Robust and Reliable • Zoolz resides on the world renowned Amazon AWS Service • Trusted by 1000s of businesses and government agencies • Amazon ensures 99.95% uptime and 99.99999% data reliability • Zoolz is based on 10 years of backup experience For case studies, visit: http://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/ Amazon Datacenter Locations Companies who trust Amazon
  10. 10. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Zoolz covers all needs User Expectation #3: Security • 2014 upcoming Cloud trend is to secure data from the NSA • Cloud giants such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and more DO NOT adopt zero knowledge encryption • Zoolz adopts 3 Levels of encryption including Zero knowledge encryption • The CTO of the CIA says moving to the cloud costs less and is more secure1 Download our security whitepaper from: https://zoolz.com/resources 1. http://www.computerweekly.com/news/2240106599/CIA-technology-chief-says-cloud-is-more-secure-than-traditional-approaches Zero Knowledge Encryption keeps your data secure from everyone Zero knowledge Encryption
  11. 11. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Zoolz covers all needs User Expectation #4: Hassle Free/ Easy to use • 3 steps and you’re done • Every change will be monitored and protected automatically • Set it and forget it Step 1: Sign in Step 2: Select Data Step 3: Configure Settings
  12. 12. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Zoolz covers all needs User Expectation #5: 90% of SMBs want to keep a copy of backup on-premises1 • Hybrid+ doubles your backup protection by creating a copy of every backed up file to a local server, external or network drive • Faster recovery as Zoolz will prioritize restoring from the local storage first For more information about Hybrid+, visit: http://wiki.zoolz.com/index.php/category/zoolz-hybrid/ 1. http://www.microscope.co.uk/feature/Selling-the-cloud-to-SMEs All backed up files to the cloud will be also copied to a local storage with Hybrid+
  13. 13. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Zoolz covers all needs User Expectation #6: expedite moving TBs of data to by mailing the data to the Datacenters • Zoolz Copy, Encrypt & Ship service bypasses the Internet by copying and encrypting all your data to an external drive that you ship to our secure datacenters. • Use at anytime, not just initial seed For more information about Copy, Encrypt and Ship, visit: https://zoolz.com/Zoolz_CopyEncryptAndShip
  14. 14. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Zoolz covers all needs User Expectation #7: Do IT Yourself IT • Zoolz offers easy to use centralized from the web do it yourself IT Complete users management: Add users, suspend, limit storage usage and more Remotely select data for users and settings via policies
  15. 15. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Zoolz covers all needs User Expectation #8: And more • Users want the best value for money • Zoolz comes with a complete set of enterprise-level features: https://www.zoolz.com/features • And we’ll keep adding from our users feedback and yours Send us your feedback at: https://www.zoolz.com/feedback
  16. 16. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Pricing Zoolz flexible pricing scheme is flexible with multiple option to add as you grow Features Price Set up fee $99 with monthly subscription; waived with yearly subscription Subscription Fee (2 TB Cold Storage) $49.95/mo or $499.95/year Storage is shared between business and home accounts Business Account (Unlimited users and servers) $49.95/year Unlimited Home Accounts Free Additional 1 TB of Cold Storage $100/year Branding $199/year for Co-branding $749.99/year for full branding Instant Storage (1 TB) $400/year NAS and DAS Backup $50/year Enable Copy, Encrypt and Ship $99 one time fee Add own domain (with full branding) $250 one time fee
  17. 17. ©Genie9www.zoolz.com Start Selling today at: https://www.zoolz.com/resellers