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Zonista Creative Works... Your Presentation Partner!!!

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Zonista Creative Works - Brochure

  1. 1. Z Zonista Creative Works Your Presentation Partner… Are you an institute in need of creative presentations…. Are you a student who wants to finish assignments on time…. Or you are a corporate who would like to impress his clients with crisp & professional presentations… We are here to help you!!! Who are We Zonista Creative Works was established with a vision to help customers with our world class presentations which can be customised to their needs. We provide custom made presentations and anyone from a student to a corporate can avail our services. We make presentations for: 1. Assignments 2. Lectures 3. Research articles 4. Client meetings 5. Conferences and any other purpose Testimonials Zonista has awesome customer service. They just provided me the exact presentation I wanted and my clients were impressed… -----Mr.XYZ, Executive Manager, Company X My students love Zonista Presentations as they are very interactive and creative. I am happy that I choose Zonista Creative Works as my presentation partner… ---------Mrs XYZ, Principal, School Y I love the way they respond to urgent requirements. Zonista team is very friendly and agile. ------Manager, Company Y Our Customers Customer First!!! Is our motto… and you will feel it once you start working with us. Zonista has a gamut of customers including  High School Students  UG Students  Doctors  College Professors  Corporate Houses 2010, Zonista Creative Works. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. 2010, Zonista Creative Works. All Rights Reserved Creativity at its Best… Zonista has a proven record of best in class presentations and customer service. Know More About Us www.zonista.blogspot.com Contact Us If you are interested in availing our service.. you can contact us on: Email: Zonista@gmail.com Facebook: Zonista or just leave a comment on our blog " www.zonista.blogspot.com" with your number and the kind of presentation you want us to make... we will contact you within 2 working days Zonista Creative Team constitutes best in class designers and business professionals to help you with presentations which are best suited to your needs. We do not believe in One-Formula for all.. our each piece of work is unique and custom made for our clients. We have the passion to exceed expectations. Zonista does not have employees, each team member is a partner with equal stake in the company and this is the secret to our passion and enthusiasm. Our charges for a presentation will depend on the number of slides that you want us to make. **Rs.5/- per slides + A fixed charge of Rs.100/- will be levied per presentation. We will send you a rough draft and seek your approval. In case of changes to presentations, the first 3 iterations are free. Additional charges will be taken in case you want us to do the ground research for the presentation. We would love to be your Presentation Partner. For Samples of our work, please contact us. **Charges are negotiable. Discounts on bulk deals offered