Zonista fin mar 2011


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Zonista Fin.. March Edition.

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Zonista fin mar 2011

  1. 1. ZonistaFin<br />Monthly Initiative<br />www.zonista.blogspot.com<br />
  2. 2. Market Watch: March <br />Sensex<br />Minimum Level : 17839<br />Maximum Level : 19445 <br />PE : 20.04<br />1 Month Sensex Returns: 5.41%<br />NIFTY<br />Minimum Level : 5364<br />Maximum Level : 5833 <br />1 Month Nifty Returns : 5.3%<br />Average Turnover: 6085.53(Rs. Crs)<br />
  3. 3. Market Watch: Feb <br />Sensex<br />Minimum Level : 17463.04 <br />Maximum Level : 18506.82<br />PE : 19.70<br />1 Month Sensex Returns: -2.169%<br />NIFTY<br />Minimum Level : 5225.8 <br />Maximum Level : 5546.45 <br />1 Month Nifty Returns : -2.09<br />Average Turnover: 7335.791 (Rs. Crs)<br />
  4. 4. Fin Gyan<br />Types of Bonds: Zero Coupon Bond<br />A bond which pays no coupon during the tenor and issued at discount (e.g bond of facevalue 100 , issued at Rs 87 for 5 years. No coupon will be paid inbetween and it will mature at 100)<br />Opportunity to enjoy the change in market rate is lost. <br />Do not give opportunity to reinvest, so not suggested to invest when interest are expected to increase. <br />Market volatility of zero coupon bond is high and Inflation can erode the value of Bond<br />Eg: 10-year zero was purchased with a yield to maturity (YTM) of 7%.  The current value of this zero would be approximately $503.  In 10 years, at 7% compounded semiannually, the value of this zero at maturity will be the face value of $1,000.  So $503 is the present value of $1,000 (face value) which matures in 10 years at a rate of 7%. <br />** For detailed 2-3 pager with example, please mail us : zonista@gmail.com<br />
  5. 5. Fin Gyan<br />Zero Coupon Bond : Types<br />Zero-coupon convertibles is convertible into common stock which provides growth potential. The other, usually a municipal bond, converts into an interest-paying security. This allows the bondholder to lock in a rate of accruing interest for 15 years, and then afterwards begin to receive interest payments.<br />Corporate zero-coupon bonds are issued by corporations and are generally not recommended for individual investors because of the risk of default private companies and because the yield tends not to be very competitive in relation to the risk of the instrument.<br />Municipal zero coupon bonds are issued by state and local governments and are usually exempt from federal and state taxes in their state of issue. They provide a convenient way to meet the goals of high tax bracket investors who get an after-tax benefit from the lower interest rates of tax-free municipals.<br />
  6. 6. New of Month… Japan Crisis<br />Earthquake , Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster… All together make things worse in Japan. <br />Death toll expected to be more than 10K<br />Earthquake of 9 Richter approx and blast in Fukushima reactors <br />Japan market NIKKIE fall by 11% and worst fall of `two day fall since 1987.<br />
  7. 7. Japan Crisis…. Impact on Indian Stock Market<br />Negative effect on India in export terms and GDP will be minimal. <br /> - India's trade with Japan is just 2% of India's total foreign trade.  - Exports to Japan are half of imports from Japan.<br /> Main sectors having exposure to Japan is Auto and IT. But the impact will be minimal. May see temporary small downfall<br />Japan being third largest user of oil and many Japan refineries is shut down , then this may lead temporary fall in demand of crude oil hence softening of oil prices. <br />
  8. 8. Japan Crisis…. Market Response<br />Market fall by 153 points, that may also be because of lower factory output beacause of increase of RBI interest rate and current global trends<br />More movements in market may be due to psychological barrier. <br />In long term, India may seek benefit from the opportunities arising from Japan during restructuring<br />Auto sector fall by 2% and Maruti being biggest looser. Impact can be seen on supply chain. If subtitute source for the components will not be found then it will have –ve impact. <br />
  9. 9. Japan Crisis…. Market Response<br />Volatility in Indian market is expected to be high because of Japan and Libya crisis. Short term ripples may lead to market fall. But direct impact of crisis on Indian market will be less. As less dependency in market. The Auto sector may seen some falls, as many companies parts supply is from Japan. <br />Long term rising opportunities from Japan , may help Indian stock market and companies to strengthen. <br />But still after-effects are difficult to predict as there can be many indirect impacts. <br />India can attract more investments also. <br />Long term prices of crude and commodities may increase because of increase in demand of same, as shift from nuclear & restructuring is required. <br />……. Still too early to comment, but in whole long term impact seems to be positive on India. <br />
  10. 10. Investment Opportunity<br />Bonds<br />NASDAQ ETF by MotilalOswal<br />Mahindra and Mahindra FD<br />Shriram Transport FD <br />1 Month CD -8.20%, 3 Month CD – 10.00%1 year CD- 10.20%<br />Reliance Gold Saving Fund NFO: MF route for investing in Gold Asset class.<br />** All these bonds are available on high coupon. For more details and understanding contact us Zonista@gmail.com<br />** To product listed in this section, please mail us at zonista@gmail.com, with product details and brochure<br />
  11. 11. Information 4 Use:<br />NASDAQ ETF: First in its kind, by MotilalOswal<br /> If you require complete evaluation of same, please mail us. We will let you know for you if product make sense to invest. <br />** On request complete analysis report for fund,by one of our co-partners.<br />** Please note if there is opening in your company, please mail us your details, so that Zonista users will be benefited.<br />** Any information which you think can help our users, please mail us. <br />
  12. 12. On-tab Products<br />Jai Mata Di ( Darshan of 9 Devi)<br />Ayodhya Saga<br />CWG Winners ( Bronze, Silver, Gold)<br />Top 10 Destinations in India <br />League of 10: Top 10 Bschools in India <br />Top 10 Business Deals of 2010<br />Learning ABC and 123 ( On payment)<br />SachinTendulkar… Best of Sachin<br />Top 5 News in Mind Year 2010<br />Zonista Fin: Monthly Initiative<br />www.zonista.blogspot.com<br />
  13. 13. www.zonista.blogspot.com<br />Presented by Zonista Creative work!!!…ur Presentation partner.http://groups.google.com/group/zonista123( join the group for other benefits)www.zonista.blogspot.comzonista@gmail.com<br />