To buy fans or not to buy fans that is the question


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Should you buy fans- from a social media purist point of view.

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To buy fans or not to buy fans that is the question

  1. 1. eTo Buy Fans or Not to Buy Fans that is the Question! You now have the option of beefing up your fan base by buying Facebook likes. But should you? Bottom line, the juice is not worth the squeeze and I’ll tell you why. First off, I know that increasing likes on a business page is a huge pain. At times you can feel defeated. Here’s the scenario: It’s like you threw a party and invested a lot of time and a little money into it. You made your famous guacamole; cleaned up the house. You stacked red cups on the kitchen counter, ready to be filled with your famous Jungle Juice. You are even wearing a crisp clean shirt. 7:00 pm rolls around no one is showing up…7:15…7:30 finally the doorbell rings. It’s your mom, a couple of people from work with and your sister. No one else shows up. And to top it off anyone in the neighborhood who wants to look, knows that you have no friends. Waaaa. So you sit in front of your computer and Google “buy friends for my cocktail party.” You purchase 1000 party people for 59 bucks, seems like a good deal. Saturday rolls around. Party time. The doorbell rings. The usual suspects show up; your mom, a couple of people you work with and your sister, she brings a friend who is very interested in your Jungle Juice, score! Behind your usual suspects is a long line of unusual ones: 300 people from India, 200 from Russia and 300 from Florida, you live in California. During the party none of the guests engage with you, no one is eating your guacamole and the only glasses that are full are your family and coworkers. Again, another bust. Are you kinda catching on? You want to sell to people, not buy people! The whole point of having a Facebook page is to engage with customers and to turn those engagements into sales. Marketing to the masses and gaining facebook likes is not an easy pursuit, it takes work. Facebook is not the holy grail of sales nor is it a machine pumping out brand loyalists. What it is, is a tool, one of many, to use to market and expand your target customer base. You Don’t Gotta Pay to Play! Like anything that brings results you have to work at it and mold it to maturity. As a small business it is especially hard because you may be comparing yourself to all of those big brands with millions of friends who are truly reaping the rewards that Facebook can bring. You are not Skittles, you are not Geiko and you are definitely not Lady Gaga. What you are or should be is a business who values transparency and customer service; you are selling a quality product whether it be hamburgers or real estate. One thing that is so amazing about Facebook is that you have the ability to market on the same platform as those big companies. You can have an awesome profile pic, kick A#$ tabs and content that keeps people engaged and entertained. The fact of the matter is, that you probably don’t deserve, maybe deserve is the wrong word, but really, to have 1,000s or millions of fans. You most likely didn’t spend millions of dollars in marketing year after year and you sure as hell didn’t spend 5 million plus on a Super Bowl
  2. 2. commercial. Unlike television, magazine, newspaper and radio advertising, Facebook does not require a big budget to succeed. But I Want More Fans! I know it’s tempting to purchase fans. What’s 60 bucks when you are talking about a marketing budget? Nothing and if you want to try it out I have included a list of places you can purchase fans. Let us know how it works. But keep this in mind, again, the success of Facebook and really any social platform is engagement not how many fans you have. You can have a hundred friends, but if none of them care about you or what you do or what you have to say then at the end of the day who cares, obviously none of them. You still fail. The key is to just do what you do and consistently put passion into each post, each video, each picture and each customer otherwise known as a fan. And for god’s sake stop checking your Facebook page with the same fear you had in grade school when you thought that you were going to get picked last for dodgeball. I promise, if you put in the time and effort, eventually people will come to your party, especially when they discover that you make a mean Jungle Juice. Buy Fans: 1. Usocial Facebook Marketing – starting with only $197, they bring you 1,000 brand new targeted Facebook fans. For $8997.30 as a limited time offer, they get you 250,000 brand new targeted and real Facebook fans to your existing account or new account, delivered within several months. They also have custom packages to deliver up to 20 million Facebook fans! 2. SocialKik - For non targeted fans – 1000 fans for $59, up to 50000 fans for $999. For targeted fans – 1000 fans for $79, up to 50000 fans for $1199. No bots nor spamming done and all orders are covered under a Money Back Guarantee. 3. FacebookFans – In starter Silver plan for $39.97, buy 1000 Facebook Fans wherein 1000 Targeted Real Human Visitors will be invited to your fanpage! A choice of US or UK fans. In Gold plan, buy 5000 Facebook fans for $99.97. 4. SocialPromotionz – Starting trial package for 500 targeted facebook for $40; you can buy up to 10000 Facebook fans for $740. All from USA. 5. Fanbullet – Starting $79.95, will deliver 1000 real and targeted Facebook Fans (Likes) direct to your Facebook fan page within 2-4 weeks. Get 5000 Followers for $329.95 on your business or personal page within 4-6 weeks! 6. Fanpage Hookup – For Non targeted fans – 500 fans for $74, and up to 25,000 fans for $1199. For targeted fans, 1,000 Facebook Fans for $174 and up to 25,000 Targeted Fans for $1699 7. Webtraffic2010 – Starting at 300 fans for $14.99, they will sell 10000 Facebook Fans for $409. 8. MyFBfans – Starting at $29 for 2000 real fans in a week. Up to 50000 fans for $399! 9. GetFansNow – Starter bronze plan with 1000 fans/likes for $97 and Gold plan of 5000 fans/likes for $247 10. GettyFans – 1,000 Facebook Fans / Friends / Likes for $117 and upto 15,000 Facebook Fans / Friends / Likes for $557
  3. 3. Don’t Buy Fans it.html