Events In The Trailers And Questions


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Events In The Trailers And Questions

  1. 1. The Trailers<br />I will look at the events shown in the trailers, the style of narrative and what they convey. <br />
  2. 2. OutpostThe Events and Questions Raised<br />Event 1 - Army move in- This raises the questions of what they are doing there, is there a war going on? What are they fighting.<br />Event 2– Find a Empty building (underground)- what are the empty coffins for, What was the purpose of the building, why did it get abandoned? Did something go wrong?<br />Event 3– old footage of testing on people- This answers the question of what the building was used for, But makes the audience wonder what they are doing? Why are they doing it? Was the testing successful or not. <br />Event 4 – Running and Shooting at something – What are they shooting at? Why are the electronics suddenly faltering. Is it the expected enemy? Is it to do with the testing. Is it human or not, can they survive or not. <br />Event 5 – Zombie Germans seem to be attacking. – Are they actually alive or dead? What happened to them? What do they do? Are they from the coffins, and the previous footage. <br />
  3. 3. InsanitariumThe Events and Questions Raised<br />Event 1 – Man becomes insane and destroys things to get into the asylum- why does he have to go in to get her out? Why is his sister in the asylum? Will he be able to get in? <br />Event 2 - brought to the asylum, told he cant get out – Why Cant he get out? Why does no one get out? Were do they go? What happens to them?<br />Event 3 – people are being tested on – What's happening to them? What does it do to them? Is it legal or not? <br />Event 4 – Others break out and start killing one another- What happened to them? How did they break out or were they let out? Are they sane or insane? Will the others be able to survive? <br />Event 5 – they are running from them- Where can they go? wIll they escape in time? Will they change to? <br />
  4. 4. 28 Days LaterEvents And Questions Raised<br />Event 1 – Shows all the days before – What happened to cause it, did many survive? <br />Event 2 – Every ones gone – Were is every one, what happened to people, Why is he still alive, What was his job before? Were is he going?<br />Event 3 – Sees zombies – Is this what happened to every one? How will he survive it? Is there a future if this is what happened to every one?<br />Event 4 – running while tied up – Why is he tied up? Are other Survivors Fighting against one another? Did they want to kill him? Will he be able to survive against zombies and survivors.<br />Event 5 – Everything goes quiet – What will happen next? Were does this story go? Will he survive in the end and who are these survivors are they nice or bad? <br />
  5. 5. Resident Evil : AfterlifeEvents and Questions raised<br />Event 1 – Flying across the destroyed empty world- What happened to the world? Were is every one? Who is in the plane? How long has it been like this? <br />Event 2- Sees man With two dogs – Who is he? Why is she aiming a gun at him? What is the history between them? How did he survive?<br />Event 3 – running from zombies – Were did the all come from? Is that what happened to every one? Are they trying to kill her? Will she survive? How many are there? <br />Event 4 - Fighting massive monster – what is it? Is it human? How can she survive or defeat it? How can she fight like that? How will she escape?<br />Event 5 – Two people jump out a high window- Who Is the other person? Why are they shooting while jumping out of a window? Who are they shooting at? Is it the zombies, monster or the man? Will they survive the fall? <br />
  6. 6. Resident Evil: ApocalypseEvents and Questions Raised.<br />Event 1 – Advert of a chemical by a company- what is this chemical? What does it do? Why does the pretty women become old quickly?<br />Event 2 – Company all gets killed and seem to come back to live – What killed them? Why is it shown through a computer screen/camera? Can they escape? What did the company do? Were they linked to the chemical?<br />Event 3 – Panic crowds of people get locked in – What are they locked in with? Why aren't they allowed to leave? Who is in charge? What is happening? Are people dying? Why are they panicking?<br />Event 4 – Main character finds survivors and fights zombies – Who is she? Who are the survivors, will they be able to escape? What are they fighting? Were did these monsters and zombies come from?<br />Event 5 – Missile fired – were was the missile fired at? Will it save them or kill them? Is it a race against time? Can they escape? Who is still alive?<br />
  7. 7. Diary of the DeadEvents and Questions Raised<br />Event 1 – People dying news report – Whats going on? What's happened to the world? Have people seen this report? Is it real?<br />Event 2 – Man Crawls out of fire and they see he is dead? – what happened? How did he survive? Is he alive or dead? Why is he quiet? <br />Event 3 – Shooting them but there not dying – How are they not dying? What's happened to them? How will they be defeated. <br />Event 4 – Find a video, telling them how to kill them – what happened to the people? How do they know this? Why is she crying? <br />Event 5 – trying to survive zombies – Will they survive? How can this end? Will they find a safe place? Who will be left?<br />
  8. 8. With the events it seems to mostly be in chronological order with the odd scene being added to keep it scary or jumpy. But the Diary of the dead, Resident Evil: Afterlife and 28 days later, don’t show much as events to do with the storyline but concentrate more on showing the action or zombies. This is probably to make the audience want to watch the film in the cinema to see the storyline, rather then giving it away in the trailer. It does show some characters and who the enemy is. But with those that actually show particular events. They generally follow the pattern of showing the world either before the devastation, or just after when the world is destroyed and empty. Then shows the protagonist or survivors. Before then hinting towards something evil and scary with out actually showing it, most of the trailers only actually showed the zombies in the last halve of the trailer. I think this is to build tension and keep people interested in the advert and film. Then it shows them trying to survive the ungodly villains. Leaving it open as to whether they survive or not to make people want to watch the film. Some questions are left open to make people want to watch the film but others are answered in the trailer such as who are they fighting, then show a clip of the zombie. <br />