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Project Volunteers for school 2015-2016


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Project Volunteers for school 2015-2016

  1. 1. Project: Parental Responsibility Committee (FAU) in school 179 Bucharest 01.03.2015- 30.04.2016 Parental Responsibility Committee (FAU) in school 179 Bucharest, Romania has held the last 3 weekends a seminar for all parents in the school. The project"Volunteersforschool."ispartof a seriesof 4 events,twodayseachcollectionfrom1.03.2015 to 30.4.2016. The project was developed in collaboration with CAIES, CREAS and the Romanian Association of Bergen by manager and trainer Zoita Stamate. The projectisfundedunderthe program NGOFund inRomaniaas part of the Financial Mechanismof the EuropeanEconomicArea (EEA) 2009-2014. The project"Volunteersforschool"isdirectlyaimedatthe developmentof parentvolunteersfor school 179 in Bucharest,as boththe numberand ethnicdiversity,whilepromotingthe culture of voluntaryworkandparental involvementinvolunteeractivitiesinschool. As facilitator of the seminar, I have trained parents through various exercises. Focusingon the developmentof the relationshipbetweenschool - parentsandschool - children,parentsduringthe twodays had the opportunitytoworkinteams,and planprojectstobe implementedduringthe year, withtermof continuityyearafteryear. I have translatedintoRomanianandpresentedfilmsaboutorganizingparental responsibility committee inNorway(takenfromthe PTA'swebsite).Byseeinghow the Norwegianparentscanbe involvedinschool decisionsandbenefitsof involvingparentsinschool life, participantshave been inspiredandmotivatedtoparticipate more intheirchildren'sschool lives. In parallel,the childrenwere involvedinvariousactivitiestogetherwithvolunteersfromCREAS involvedinthe project.Volunteerstrainedtheirchildren inroboticsactivities,theaterandstrategy games.