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Research into radio trailers


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Published in: Education
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Research into radio trailers

  1. 1. Research into Radio Trailers
  2. 2. BBC Radio1  Main target audience age is 16-30  Plays a wide variety of genres such as rock and indie and includes the chart hits throughout the day  Includes interviews with artists However, this radio channel does not have any adverts so will definitely not attract our target audience.
  3. 3. Heart Radio  Average viewer is aged 30 +  Includes a variety of different radio presenters  Includes both new tracks and older more classic songs  More discussions on topic I don’t think this will be our main choice as the target audience is of an older demographic as our target audience isn’t likely to listen to this particular radio station.
  4. 4. Capital  Age range is 16-30  Plays all the newest chart music  Often includes live performances from their Capital concerts  Includes interviews with artists and fun games Capital would be a good place to broadcast our radio trailer as its demographic matches our target audience age. Capital is a mixed sex radio station to attract as many of our target audience as possible.
  5. 5. Conclusion  To conclude, we have decided to use Capital to broadcast our Body Image: Plastic Surgery documentary. Capital matches our target audience age range which will be brilliant in terms of advertising to our target audience. Our advert will attract both sexes as it is a mixed sex radio station and our documentary will appeal to both male and females. Capital feature many adverts within their channel, so our advert will be played multiple times unlike the BBC which contains no adverts at all.