The curse of mummy’s tomb – Goosebumps


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This is a one page summary of famous and interesting story of Goosebumps series.

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The curse of mummy’s tomb – Goosebumps

  1. 1. The Curse of Mummy’s Tomb – Goosebumps Gabe came to spend his Christmas vacation in Egypt with his parent, who owns a refrigeration company. After arriving at hotel in Cairo they received a refrigeration emergency in Alexandria, but Gabe decide to stay in Cairo with Uncle Ben, an archaeologist and his cousin Sari, to explore the great pyramid. Uncle Ben and Sari came to Gabe at hotel and had dinner and took asleep. Early in next morning they drive to the four thousand year old pyramid, containing a maze of thousands tunnels. They walked along these tunnels, deeper in Earth. There they meet to the workers and an Egyptian scientist, Ahmed. Uncle Ben got busy with his work. Sari forced Gabe to go for exploring the pyramid, but Gabe refused because it was easy to get lost. Sari insisted that it is safe as she did it yesterday. Then they went to a narrow tunnel. Suddenly Sari disappeared, first Gabe tried to find her a lot, and then he continued to walk down the tunnel, assuming that she is playing a trick on him. After a few steps, He saw a mummy’s case inside a room and got excited to see what is inside it. He came closer to it and suddenly Sari came out from that case, laughing on him. Uncle Ben, arrived into the room and got angry on both of them, and declared that the visit is all over. Then they went to hotel and got asleep. In next morning Uncle Ben had to go hospital to see his workers. He directed, Sari and Gabe to don’t go out to the hotel, but they decided to go to Cairo Museum, near to the hotel. In Museum, they saw Ahmed is following them, the runaway to him, but he caught them. He told them, Uncle Ben had sent him to take them back to hotel. While driving they realized they are being kidnapped. On a signal they got out of car and runaway in a crowd, then back to hotel. There they told Uncle Ben what happened with them, he shocked. All of three move to pyramid, in a tunnel Gabe stopped to tie his shoelace and got separated to both of them. After running a little long Gabe felt the floor was cracking, he fallen down to an undiscovered vast chamber. He saw a line of mummies and array of equipments and tools. Gabe felt a hand on his shoulders and thought it is a mummy, but she was Sari, who also lost in the maze of tunnels. They can hear someone was coming in the chamber, they shout Uncle Ben but he was Ahmed. He confessed that he make all of these mummies because all of them come to this secret chamber, and now he was going to mummified both of them, but suddenly Uncle Ben arrived. Ahmed swung the touch on his head he fall down, the Ahmed took him in a mummy’s case and both of them to another case and started a flame and went out to the chamber, After a long while Uncle Ben come and take them out of that case. They tried to go out from the chamber but Ahmed arrived and forced them to push in the hot flame. Suddenly, Gabe unconsciously took the mummy’s hand from his jeans and high it from his head. Ahmed shouted “Mummy’s hand” and tried to runaway but it was too late all of the mummies came and take him to flame, then Gabe down the mummy’s hand to his pocket, all the mummies went back to their location, where they were before Gabe came. Uncle Ben and Sari thanked Gabe to save their lives and then they went back to hotel. Gabe’s parents are back.