Servis - Shoes for everyone..


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A presentation made by me and my group on Servis Shoes, A Pakistani Shoes company..

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Servis - Shoes for everyone..

  1. 1. Servis® - Shoes for Everyone P r e s e n t e d T o : Miss Ayesha Farooq S u b m i t t e d B y : Zuhaib Ali - Introduction, Promotion & Distribution Sanya Ali - Characteristics, Features & Price Asad Ali - SWOT Analysis & Customers M Faizan - Reasons for liking & Competitors
  2. 2. Acknowledgements The whole praise is to Almighty Allah, creator of this universe, He made us the super creature with great knowledge. Great thanks to our teacher Miss Ayesha Farooq, give us this golden opportunity. Thanks to the staff of Servis Mega Store, Bhadurabad for their guidance and cooperation. Thanks to our parents and friends who prayed for our success and encouraged us during this research period and for supporting us throughout our lives. Introduction Servis Group operates in two sectors,  Servis Sales Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. (Marketing)  Servis Industries Limited (SIL) (Manufacturing) Products of Servis are Shoes, Tires, Tubes and Rubber products. Today Servis is the largest footwear exporter of Pakistan and won FPCCI trophy for best export performance six times, Servis offers a new product range twice in a year at the start of summer and winter seasons.
  3. 3. Servis Sales Corporation SSC is Pakistan’s leading retailer that has set new record standards created new benchmarks in the retail industry. The Company is at present the largest footwear player in Pakistan by revenue. With its world class retail systems, dynamic approach to business and highly energetic team, SSC is today heading towards becoming a regional retail player. In addition, SSC has also developed brand partnerships with leading national and international footwear brands including Nike, Claks, CAT, Hus Puppies, Pierre Cardin, Urban Sole. Servis Industries Limited SIL is a public limited company of Pakistan. It is the largest manufacturer of footwear, tires & tubes, and has been the largest footwear exporter of the country for the last 10 years. The company employs are more than 6,000 in its facilities located in Gujrat, Muridke Karachi, Lahore & Faisalabad. SIL manufacture its products quality and innovation for both domestic and international clients. The visionary leadership and hardworking management team has led SIL to hold this top position in the business arena.
  4. 4. Vision Statement The Vision statement of Servis Group is  Be the fastest growing company in every market they entered. Objectives, Goals The Objectives and Goals of Servis Group are  Maximize value for its shareholders and business associates.  Ensure product innovation and a buying experience that consistently exceeds customer’s expectations  Leverage technology to gain competitive advantage.  Strive to provide an environment where employees will be developed, rewarded and provided with greater opportunities.  Continue to improve the quality of life of its employees and their families.
  5. 5. Brief History The history of Servis begins with a group of young and active friends, more than 72 years ago. These young men named: Ch. Nazar Muhammad (Late), Ch. Muhammad Hussain (Late) and Ch. Muhammad Saeed (Late), started business at a small scale in Lahore. In starting, they were only manufacture handbags and some other sports goods. As time go, their business flourish extraordinarily and they were supplying their products to every corner of India at the time of separation. In 1954, they installed a shoe manufacturing plant, the plant started production in the same year, later shifted to Gujrat. Servis Group is one of the most respected corporate citizens of the country and has a rich heritage spanning over half a century. Nowadays the SIL is Pakistan's largest footwear manufacturer and exporter with interests in wholesale and retail sectors, and exporter operating in the country.
  6. 6. Promotion Promotion is the set of marketing elements; selling, advertising, sales promotion, sale discounts and publicity. A promotional plan objectives are sales increases, new product acceptance, creation of brand equity. Therefore, Servis focus a lot on its promotion, to be on the frontline of footwear Industry of World, and gives new promotion schemes timely, occasionally. The recent commercial of Servis Shoes is “Eid for Everyone” the most famous and successful advertising activity. Servis use different ways to promote its products in different areas like internet advertisement, special events, newspapers to advertise their products. Many times with the purchase of a product they provide an incentive like discounts, free items, or a contest. This is to boost the sales of products.  Internet  Television  Newspaper  Gifts
  7. 7. Local Distribution Servis has 400+ stores and 33 factory outlets present in Pakistan. SSC is doing its business in retail. And has 5 sources from where it takes delivery of shoes in Gujrat, Muridke, Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. Servis shoes are also available at “Shoe planet” this is one of the biggest shoe stores in Pakistan, that showcase the top most brands of Shoes. It is the first multi-brand mega-shoe retail chain in Pakistan. Shoe Planet’s store houses renowned footwear brands that cater to all customer needs for the ultimate shopping experience. International Distribution Servis team of professionals is continuously accumulating marketing intelligence, leading towards establishing their retail brands in the global arena. They have started establishing their brand network in Dubai, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Italy, Germany, Belgiu m, France, United Kingdom. Their brands are also available at leading hyper marts like Carrefour and K.M. Stores. Their highly motivated team is exploring international frontiers aiming to make Servis a globally acclaimed brand.
  8. 8. Characteristics and Features  Highly Comfortable  Funky and fascinating look  Top Quality Leather  Brands for Sportspersons  Durable
  9. 9. Quality/ Characteristics for Attracting and Initiating the Customers to Purchase from Servis Servis shoes have lot of qualities and characteristics to attract and initialize the customer to purchase their products like Cost of product, styles, comfortable and flexibility and much more. The biggest quality of Servis shoes is that, it gives “Made for you” felling to every of its the customers. The following categories are designed attract the customers: Don Carlos For businessman Cheetah For sportspersons Calza Made for men Liza For all type of women Skooz For school going children’s Toz For children’s who love to be stylish and colourful
  10. 10. Price of Products The Servis Shoes focus on all type of its customers, local and international. Therefore, the price range of its products is starts from the economical price of Rs. 400 for low or middle class families, who cannot afford imported brands and costly shoes, and the price, goes higher to thousand for the high class and rich families. However, the price of Servis shoes depends on so many factors: Production & Demand Brand
  11. 11. SWOT Analysis Strengths Price: Servis group has given reasonable quality at reasonable price Variety of products: Servis group has a lots of veriety in every brands of its product Strong Share: They have lots of market share which is school shoes and also sports shoes Weaknesses Distribution: Servis group of distribution network as compare to bata is little bit weak from servis Inability Sizes: Servis group has not available all shoes sizes in stock No variety: They donot have fashionable veriety of shoes
  12. 12. SWOT Analysis Opportunities Advertisement: They should have to do advertise their product through print media, social media and Television Further segment: They should have to do further sport segment of shoes and also female segment New Market: Servis group should have tried to open new market where no other compititors exist Threats New tax: Government increase the taxes day by day Competitors: Servis group has not only local compititors but also such as aerosoft, urbansole, bata and many more Brand: Servis group has strong compitition in the market from local and chines brands
  13. 13. Customers  Eid Season Customers Target Customers Customer Relationship Management Permanent Customers
  14. 14. Reasons for Liking the Product The main reason for liking Servis is that the Servis Company is a local company and presenting Pakistan all over the world. When we choose Servis the economy of Pakistan will effected in good favour. Moreover the quality of Servis is outstanding and it has much variety in brands and design so that every person likes schoolboy, businessman, worker, sportsman, armed man, etc. Servis shoes for everyone.
  15. 15. Competitors In Pakistan, the Servis group competitors are not only the local small brands such as Aerosoft, Stylo, Bata etc the imported multi-national brands such as Clarks, puma, urban sole, kork-ease, Frye etc.
  16. 16. Recommendation  Competitor’s Analysis  Chinese and local companies  Promotional activities  Rewards and compensations to employees  Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  Foot Sizes  Training of sales persons  Backup of Electricity  Security
  17. 17. Thank you 