Professor Muhammad Yunus


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A Presentation to Mr Danish Jawed (My Teacher) on Professor Muhammad Yunus, A bangali Social Entrepreneur.
Hope you all like it!!

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Professor Muhammad Yunus

  1. 1. A Social Entrepreneur
  2. 2. Introduction:  Professor Muhammad Yunus is a Banker and Economist.  He provided the concept of Microcredit & Microfinance.  Nobel Peace Prize winner for their efforts in social development.
  3. 3. As a Social Entrepreneur:  Professor Muhammad Yunus is a Bengali Muslim who provide the new concept of microcredit. A small loan for the poor people who can not run their business because of there poor financial situation, he provide small loan without any collateral to able them to boost their business to get out of poverty and hence the social development took place.
  4. 4. Background:  Born on 28 June 1940 in a Muslim family at Bathua, Bangladesh.  His father was Hazi Dula Mia Shoudagar, a jeweler.  His mother was Sufia Khatun.  Third of fourteen children, five of whom had died at an early age.  An active Scout, in school ranked 16th out of 39,000.  BA and MA from Department of Economics at Dhaka University.  Married to Afroji Yunus, a professor of physics.  Has two daughters, Monica and Dina.
  5. 5. Achievements:  First Bengali person who wins the Noble price.  Won more than 77 awards in less than 35 years.  Member of 9 national and 35 international committees and commissions.  Member of 36 international boards of advisors.  Member of BOD in 31 national and 20 international projects.  Received 54 honorary degrees from 21 countries.  Got special honour 54 times by 51 countries.  Wrote many books.  Grameen Bank.
  6. 6. Grameen Bank:  An organization and community.  Funded by Professor Muhammad Yunus in 1983 at Dhaka, Bangladesh.  The name “Grameen” is derived from the word gram which means "rural" or "village" in the Bengali language.  Makes small loans to the poor people without any collateral, for income generation activities to get them out from the poverty.
  7. 7. Summary: • Banker, Economist, Noble Prize Winner.Who: • Provide the New Concept of Microcredit.What: • From 1983 to Present.When: • Initially in Bangladesh, but now all over the world.where: • He thinks “Credits are fundamental Human Right”Why: • Through Grameen Bank by providing small loansHow: