Evaluation 4


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Evaluation 4

  1. 1. Evaluation 4How did you use media technologies in theconstruction, research ,planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Research… The main website I used was Google to get the research that I needed to create our music video and Ancillary Tasks. This is the most popular and reliable search engine that I always use, so for this it was no different. I used this to find out information about music videos- for example different types of transitions, and then also to get The other programme I used for images of bands, albums and my research was Youtube. This artists for research into digipaks was very useful for researching and magazine adverts.into music videos, as you can view them, pause them and play themback as often as you like. This was very beneficial when looking atdifferent music videos to see whattypes of transitions, colours, mise- en-scene and storylines that they use.
  3. 3. Making The Music Video…To create our music video, we used the Canon fs406 camera, which allowed us too not only film our music video , but to also takephotographs of what we are doing. It was not the best quality, but it was small and very easy to use and in the end did give us a solid music video. Along with this we had the tripod, which was compatible with the camera and was very valuable when we needed to film for 5 minutes straight and when we needed to stop the camera from moving when filming.
  4. 4. Ancillary Tasks…The main piece of technology we used toconstruct our ancillary tasks was the CanonEOS 7D camera, which was provided to usby Sarah’s Dad. We decided to use thiscamera for our photo shoots, as it provideda very professional, clear and unpixelatedimage. When using this camera I learnthow to adjust different settings, such asthe: exposure time, sensitivity ISO and theflash settings. Changing the flash settingswas quite complicated, as there was adifferent piece of equipment you attachedto the top of the camera which could beused from different angles along with thecamera flash to prevent shadowing on themodel. To go along with this in thephotoshoot, we had two large lightsprovided by our school, which guaranteedthat the model would be clear in thephotos, and that the amount of editing wewould have to do was minimal.
  5. 5. Ancillary Tasks Continued… To construct the Ancillary Tasks, me and my group used photoshop, as we were very familiar with this programme from AS Media, so it meant we would know what tools to use and how to use them. Both the Digipak and the Magazine Advert was created using this software, as we could insert and also edit the images, then add additional things to this, such as text, barcodes and certain icons like “Vevo.” One of the problems we had with this programme was the “Layers” as we struggled to ensure that everything was individual, so that if we needed to change or delete it, it would not affect any other aspects of the product. We had to make sure every time we inserted something new, we made it into its own layer, which proved quite time consuming.
  6. 6. Editing the Film… To edit our film together, we had to use the programme that was provided by our school- which happened to be Adobe Premiere Elements. This programme allowed us too insert the clips we needed, with the song we had chosen- then edit, cut and add transitions to make it appear like a music video. It was a good programme to use, as it made is easy for us to cut our clips up into tiny sections repeatedly and put them all in a different order- which we had to do regularly to get clips that went along with the beat of the music.
  7. 7. Presenting Coursework… The most important programme for presenting my coursework was blogger. This is the programme we had to use for AS and A2 to show all the processes we went through to create our products. On here we presented our research, ideas, construction and final products. However, to make my blog more interesting and attractive I used additional programmes to present my coursework and then put them on blogger. Slideshare is probably the most frequent additionally programme I used to present my coursework and evaluation. This allowed me to create PowerPoint presentations or WordDocuments and then put them on my blog. All Slideshare does is convert the PowerPoint file so that it can go on your blog in a quick and easy way, so this was very useful. I also used Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to create my work and put on Slideshare or blogger. Three other programmes I used for blogging and evaluation were: • Picasion: This website is used to put a variety of images together, so that it becomes an animation. Instead of having loads of photos underneath each other, they all appear in the same place, which made my blog more interesting and less busy. • Prezi: This was another website I found which allows you to make a different type of presentation, which has an alternative layout and is also interactive so you can move around it. • Glogster: The last programme I used to present my coursework was Glogster. On here I could create posters, pinboards of videos that were interactive. It provided different images and text to make it more interesting and creative.