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Planning my text

  1. 1. Planning My Text • Horror/Thriller film trailer
  2. 2. • A horror/thriller film trailer on the lines of Pandoras box or a special object, which links to demonic possession of a character. The main character being an innocent girl; a conventional character for horror/thriller films. This was the least popular option from the survey, but we may include some parts of this idea.OR…• Or a horror/thriller film trailer in the killers point of view, his perspective of why hes a killer, you see everything the way he sees it. The killer would be the hero and the villain, the victim of possession. This is unconventional of horror/thriller films and so makes the trailer different and more exciting for the audience. First Ideas
  3. 3. 1. Innocent girl walking her dog, her dog wonders into the church yard.2. The dog disappears around a corner, she hears a creaking inside the church that makes her investigate inside.3. A shadow/ cloaked figure moves down the side of the wall and disappears.4. Girl calls out but no answer.5. Shadow/figure possesses her (use cuts to black, like in Cloverfield film trailer).6. Starts going mad (shown in black and white and using mirror effects) and is unaware of this state. She can’t remember when normal.7. She starts killing family (not necessarily shown in trailer).8. Starts to realise (using flashbacks), she sets up a hand held camera to record what’s happening.9. Seeks help to fight demon10. Realises she can’t and kills herself (left as a mystery, if it was her or the demon inside her?) Narrative Ideas
  4. 4. • In Her Eyes • Through Her Eyes • Point Of View • Perspective We need a title that gives away the idea of a killer’s point of view; so these title ideas portray this. It’s also unconventional to do this in a horror film and will therefore attract more of an audience.Title Ideas
  5. 5. 1. Innocent Girl (the main character) - The Villain and the hero, the victim of possession (name: Madeleine Blackwell).Actress: Anna Self1. Sister/friend- Amy Blackwell, acts as the helper/friend (props theory), is killed by Madeleine.Actress: me1. Nerdy Character?/Friend (male)- Also acts as the helper or friend, helps Madeleine to figure out what’s happening to her.Actor: ??? Characters
  6. 6. Anna Self- Madeleine Zoe Self- AmyActors
  7. 7. • Church (In Burnett)- where demon possesses Madeleine. A setting the audience can relate to and is an iconic location associated with fear.• Ellie’s house (big and in rural area)- where family deaths occur (not necessarily shown), Madeleine and Amy’s home.• Surrounding woods- where she could wake up from a killing, with blood down her front, or a chase.• An urban setting, Bristol Cabot Circus (somewhere with houses, roads and people)- normality, to make it relatable and real. More interesting as there’s a wider range of settings.• School- scene where Madeleine is with friends, goes crazy. Locations/Settings
  8. 8. Wellsway School Cabot Circus, BristolLocations
  9. 9. Our local woods Ellie’s houseLocations
  10. 10. Locations The church, Burnett
  11. 11. • Simple, everyday wear (jeans and T-shirts), relevant for context. Makes it look real and believable which our research has shown to be important to horror/thriller and also conventional.• Props including something iconic, such as a piece of clothing, knife or a scar. An object which the audience can associate with, which makes it recognisable to be a horror. Costumes And Props
  12. 12. TitleProps Final Ideas (to be decided) Depends on what happens when filming, what we think will look best.
  13. 13. After chasing her dog into a church she should never have goneinto, Madeleine Blackwell’s life takes a turn for the strange. Shestarts having blackouts and terrifying, vivid nightmares that may notbe nightmares at all.Madeleine is lured into a church after her dog disappears, it’s theplace where the mysterious shadow will possess her. As her frenziesbegin, she has no memory of what happens when they finish. Sheends up destroying her family and friends. Her sister keeps hersecret, but when things get out of hand it ends up destroying her too.Her closest friend attempts to help as she begins to develop a memoryof what’s happening in her states of madness. When the penny dropsand she can’t fight it any more, she takes her own life… Or did thedemon inside her? Final Narrative